5 Best Mini Microwaves


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4 months ago

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Don’t have enough space for a full-sized microwave in your kitchen? In such a case, buying a mini microwave can be a good idea. It will have all the great features you need, and it will be suitable for a small-sized kitchen. 

After comparing dozens of options, we have made a list of the best mini microwaves that are currently available on the market, and we are going to review them in this article. Also, we will discuss the important factors you should consider while buying a microwave. Let’s jump into the review section and help you find a suitable mini microwave to save electricity and space in your kitchen.

Best Mini Microwaves

COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM Countertop Microwave

comfee' em720cpl-pm countertop microwave

This 700-watt microwave is ideal for people who want to save space without compromising on the quality and performance of the unit. It comes in two different size variants. More specifically, 0.7 Cu. Ft. and 0.9 Cu. Ft. are the available options. Also, it’s available in multiple eye-catching color variants, and you can pick the option that you like.

The easy-to-read control panel and bright digital display make it easy to use. Auto-cook and one-touch express cooking functions are also available for users. You can press the desired pre-programmed button to make popcorn, pizza, and much more.

It also has two defrost settings and 11 power levels. You will get a 1-year limited warranty on it, and you can buy it without thinking twice.


ECO mode

This microwave has an ECO mode that can be used to save energy. You can minimize standby power by 50% by turning on this mode. You will see a difference in your electricity bills after bringing this model home.

Child safety lock and mute function

This model is ideal for parents, as it has a child safety lock. It also has a mute function, which means you can turn off the beeps by pressing the sound on/off button when your child is sleeping.

Toshiba ML2-EM09PA(BS) Microwave

toshiba ml2-em09pa(bs) microwave

Toshiba is a well-known brand, and its microwaves are known for their outstanding performance and durability. This model is available in the mid-range price segment, and it comes in two size variants (0.9 Cu. Ft. and 1.2 Cu. Ft.).

It’s not the cheapest option, but we can attest that it’s worth the investment.

This 900-watt microwave comes with several appealing features, including sound on/off, child lock, ECO mode, and rapid cooking. Six automatic preset menus are available for users, and the one-touch start feature makes things even more convenient. Five unique power levels are also available to offer more flexibility while cooking.

It weighs 28.7 pounds and is constructed of durable material. If you take care of the maintenance aspect, it will serve you for years.


Eye-catching design and color combination

If you want to buy a microwave that looks good and performs well, this is a great option to choose. Its design is amazing, and the color combination is also appealing.

Scratch and stain-resistant

You will have to clean the unit from time to time. The easy-to-clean coating makes the job easier, and you will be able to do it effortlessly. It’s scratch and stain-resistant, which is an added benefit.

Black+Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave

black+decker em720cb7 digital microwave

If you have a tight budget, this 700-watt microwave is perfect for you. Its design is simple; however, it can compete with any other model in the price range when it comes to performance. Pre-programmed buttons are available for pizza and other options, and the microwave will automatically adjust the cooking time and power level if you press them. It’s a lightweight unit, and you can easily change its position whenever you want.

You are unlikely to have any complaints about the noise levels while operating this model, as it runs smoothly. It offers 10 power settings, and features like child safety lock are also available. It has a removable 10-inch glass turntable, and it’s easy to operate, as the control panel is easy to read.


Push-button door

With the push-button available on the unit, you can easily open it. It’s also easy to clean.

Express cook

You can turn on the microwave for one to six minutes by touching the desired number. It will run at 100% power in such a case, and you can press the ‘Stop’ button anytime to stop it.

Amazon Basics Microwave

amazon basics microwave

This microwave comes with Echo Dot (3rd Gen), and it does an outstanding job in the field of performance. It has a compact design, and it’s perfect for small kitchens, as it saves counter space. It has a child lock, and you can use it to stop children and other people from using it.

This model is designed to last and offers a clean finish. It’s black in color, and it will look good in your kitchen irrespective of the color of other appliances. It offers 10 different power levels and it’s easy to operate, so you are unlikely to face any issues even if you haven’t used a microwave before.


Quick-cook voice presets

This microwave comes with quick-cook voice presets, and you can ask Alexa to start the microwave. New presets get added from time to time, and you can also use the keypad to operate the unit.

Reasonably priced

If we look at the features and overall performance of this model, it won’t be unfair to say that it’s reasonably priced. You are likely to find its price tag appealing. 

Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave

commercial chef countertop microwave

This microwave comes with rotary dial controls, which makes it easy to use and ideal for senior citizens. You can clean the removable glass turntable in a dishwasher, and the outer body can also be easily cleaned with a piece of cloth, as there are no electronic controls.

This model is available in multiple size and color variants (0.6-0.9 Cu. Ft.). It has an easy-to-grasp handle, and you can easily open the unit with it. Speed and weight defrost features are also available.

If you are looking for a value for money deal, you can buy this lightweight and compact unit.


Sturdy construction

This microwave is constructed of premium quality material, and it’s designed to serve the user for years. You won’t have to worry much about maintenance and repair costs if you buy this model.

Six power levels

This microwave offers six power levels and is suitable for various cooking tasks. You can use the low or middle power levels to heat food and defrost veggies, and high power levels can be used for heavy-duty cooking tasks.

Well, these are the best mini microwaves currently available out there. You can choose any product from our list depending upon your requirements.

If you don’t know what to consider while buying a microwave, make sure to read the following section carefully.

What To Consider While Buying A Microwave


Microwaves come in various sizes, and you should pick a size that suits your needs. It’s going to become a part of your kitchen, and it should physically fit in the space you have for it. If you want to replace a built-in microwave, you will have to find the exact same size; however, if you buy a countertop model, you will have more flexibility in this field.

Capacity will also play an important role while cooking. It’s measured in cubic feet (Cu. Ft.), and you can pick any option between the 0.5-1.5 Cu. Ft. range. If you are a bachelor or live alone, you can go for a small-sized microwave, but if you are married and have kids, you should look for a bigger option.

Brand and price

You will find many brands while looking for microwaves, and you should pick a well-known and trustworthy brand. You should also be clear about your budget while comparing the available options, but you shouldn’t compromise on the quality and features of the microwave to save money.

It’s going to be a long-term investment, and money won’t be a huge factor in the long run. However, if you pick an unreliable product, it may not do well in terms of durability.

If you buy a poor-quality microwave and it gets damaged or stops working after some time, you will have to get it repaired or buy a new unit. You will have to spend your hard-earned money in both cases. However, if you buy a durable microwave, it will serve you for 8-12 years.


When we talk about microwaves, wattage equals power. A 900-watt microwave will cook more efficiently and quickly than a 500-watt microwave.

If you are looking for a mini microwave, you can go for any model within the 500-1000 watt range, but you shouldn’t go below the 500-watt mark. You can get such a unit at a low price, but it will be slower and may not heat the food evenly.

After all, there is no point in spending money on a unit that doesn’t perform up to the mark.

Preprogrammed settings and other features

For some people, preprogrammed settings don’t matter a lot; however, some people find them useful and appealing, as they save time and effort. High-end microwaves usually come with a range of preset cooking options, and they also have a lot of amazing features to offer.

Some models have child lockout features, and such options are great for parents. Parents can set up a code, and kids won’t be able to mess with the microwave without entering it. It will make the product safe and minimize the risk of someone getting hurt.

Noise is another important factor to consider, as some microwaves are louder than others.

Microwaves are available in multiple color variants, and if aesthetics are important to you, it would be better to pick a model that looks good in your kitchen. You should keep the color of your walls and other appliances in mind while making a decision.

These are the important things that you should consider while buying a microwave. If you want your microwave to serve you for a long time, you should purchase a model that suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do mini microwaves cost?

The price of microwaves depends on several factors such as brand, size and features. Good quality models are available in every price range; however, you can find a decent option just above $100.

How long do microwaves last?

A good quality unit can last for 8-12 years; however, heavy usage and poor maintenance can affect durability. To keep your microwave running properly, you should use it carefully and take care of the maintenance part.

Is the 0.7 Cu. Ft. microwave too small?

If you own a large-sized microwave, you can heat several items at once. However, a 0.7 Cu. Ft. microwave can serve a small family, and you can save money by choosing the right size. Such a unit is ideal for cooking, heating, and baking.


We hope you liked our list of the best mini microwaves, and we were able to help you find a suitable option. All the models that we have reviewed in this article are reliable and do well in the field of performance.

However, some models may suit you better than others, so you should consider the factors that we have discussed while comparing the available options.

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