The Best Mossberg 500 and 590 Upgrades


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September 20, 2022

The Mossberg 500 and the Mossberg 590 are popular shotguns used by people all over the country. If you own a Mossberg, you are probably aware of the amazing butt-stock design and the slender forearm that compose these guns. The sleek design is part of what makes it the best all-purpose shotgun. 

Although the Mossberg guns work flawlessly just out of the box, you might be wondering if there are some upgrades you can get to make the gun even better. The answer is yes! We will go over the top upgrades for both the Mossberg 500 and the Mossberg 590 in this article. 

Best Mossberg 500 and 590 Upgrades

Ready to upgrade your 500 models? Here are our top picks:

Magpul MOE Shotgun Forend

magpul moe shotgun forend

Magpul gear is known for being some of the most high-quality shotgun accessories on the market. You really can’t go wrong with buying anything from the Magpul brand, but this forend is incredible. 

The best part about the Magpul SGA Mossberg 500/590 MOE Pump is that it allows you to only add stuff where you really need it. You can leave the gun as is with the parts you don’t want to be changed. 

If you want to add rails to the shotgun to make it easier to add in the accessories, you can, but you don’t have to. All the MOE accessories can be put directly onto the pump without the need for Picatinny rails. If you add the rails though, it will be easier to add on more things later including chainsaw grips, lasers, and lights. 

One of the greatest parts about this pump is that it doesn’t overlap the receiver. If you have side saddles, this means there will not be any interference between the two upgrades. Whether you want to mount it as a firearm or a short barrel shotgun, there are two ways to add in the MOE. 

You can either buy a Hogue adapter or you can Dremel the pump. If you Dremel the pump, it will be able to fit a short action tube. This is the easiest method as long as you have the right tools and some free time to make it happen. 

The Hogue adapter will make the MOE shotgun pump compatible with shorter action tubs as well. 

XS Big Dot Front Sight

xs big dot front sight

If you like to hunt at night or you want a better upgrade to your gun in the case you need to defend your home at night, you should definitely look into the XS Big Dot Front Sight. It’s actually a combination night and day sight which makes it super easy to go from hunting during the day to hunting at night. 

The front sight is much easier to use than the bead that comes on top of the shotgun. The front sight gives you might higher visibility and confidence when shooting at night. It glows extremely bright during the night, so you should have no problem spotting your target and shooting it. 

If you have an optic on your gun, you can still use the XS Big Dot Front Sight. They can work together seamlessly. 

Holosun 507C

holosun 507c

If you are looking for one of the best shotgun optics on the market, you should for sure look into upgrading with the Holosun 507C. There are suburb qualities that make it the best optic on the market, but most people talk about the multi reticle system. The system uses three reticles. 

Reticles are important when it comes to making sure your shots land exactly where you want them to. Knowing where your shots will go makes you a more confident shooter and allows you to shoot with precision and ease. 

The most used reticle by users is the 32 MOA circle. This can be used for precision shooting at certain ranges. 

Tactaload Flash 5 Stock

tactaload flash 5 stock

If you usually hunt with extra ammo and you want a place to store in your shotgun without making it too heavy, the Flash 5 is a fantastic storage option. It’s a built-in magazine that allows you to store up to five rounds of 12 gauges. You can use various sizes as long as they are between 2.75 inches and 3.5 inches. 

The magazine has a spring and a follower. It keeps your shotgun shells in the stock with the spring-loaded nob. When you pull the shell from the shock, the spring-loaded nob will retract and you can draw your next shell and reload the gun quickly and effortlessly. 

If you currently have a standard side-saddle on your gun and are getting the Flash 5 for the first time, you will find it much more convenient and easier to use than the side saddle. It allows for much quicker tube reloads and it has an ambidextrous design for those who might be left-handed shooters. 

Your shells will also be securely in the magazine and protected from the outdoor environment in case you happen to be shooting in the rain or snow. 

Hornady RAPiD Safe Shotgun Safe

hornady rapid safe shotgun safe

If you want to secure your gun, you might be looking into getting a safe to put around the gun so you can lock it. Many people choose to do this with self-defense guns so that someone cannot take them or use them without your permission. This is also an excellent idea if you have small children in the house or you live in an area where guns are more likely to be stolen. 

The safe gives you three options for opening it depending on what you are most comfortable with. You can use a key and lock method or you can set a code on the safe that’s either 4 or 6 digits. 

You can set the code and still use the lock and key in case the batteries die on the safe and you need to manually open the safe to use the gun. The safe also comes with the option to use RFID keys. These keys don’t look like regular keys, but instead, they are small round chips that can be mounted to things with adhesive. 

If you use your gun for self-defense and sleep with it close by, you can use the wristband that comes with the safe that has a built-in RFID chip. You can quickly jump out of bed and use the chip to open the gun in case your house gets broken into. 

Keep in mind that while safes are a great way to protect your gun, they are not as safe as safes you can build into your closet or garage. The Hornady RAPiD should only be used for short-term storage. 

Opsol Mini Clip

This clip is just how the name suggests, small and easy to carry around. The Mini Clip is a tiny gadget that can be combined with mini shells of many different brands including the popular Aguila Mini Shells. 

Mot mini shells are not always reliable, but this mini clip can make them work almost every single time. In the Mossberg 155, you can load 9 rounds of mini shells with the Opsol Mini Clip. At only $15, it’s also extremely budget-friendly and can be a small upgrade even if your wallet is limited at the moment. 

What are Mossberg Shotguns Used For?

Like all shotguns, you can use a Mossberg to shoot at fast-moving targets in the air. The Mossberg guns are specifically made for waterfowl hunting, shooting upland birds, hunting deer, and informal sporting clays. 

The Mossberg 500 comes in two different designs and types. The field mode is better for hunting and has consistently been voted one of the top shotguns for hunting birds and deer. The special-purpose design is better for self-defense or home defense. It’s even used by law enforcement in some states. 

Mossberg shotguns are extremely versatile and are all-purpose weapons that can be used for home protection and for hunting your favorite animal. The best part is you can fully customize your Mossberg 500 or 590 with these choices. 

Final Thoughts 

The Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns have endless upgrades to choose from to make your gun easier and more fun to use. We hope this review gave you an idea of the 6 best upgrades you must have to customize your Mossberg.

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