15 Best Narrow Coffee Tables


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5 months ago

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Coffee tables are the center of a room, literally. They tend to make living rooms feel more sophisticated, modern, or elegant, depending on their style. These pieces of furniture are also awesome because they keep our coffee and favorite books within reach. However, if you live in a small apartment or home, coffee tables can become space suckers that make moving around difficult.

Enter the narrow coffee table. 

These tables make it possible to enjoy all the benefits we want without taking up a lot of space. The best of both worlds!

Choosing the best narrow coffee table can be tricky, though, because not all of them are well-designed or durable. That’s why you’re here. We’ve made a list of some of the very best narrow coffee tables, so you don’t have to rush from one store to the next trying to find one that you love.

Best Narrow Coffee Tables

1. Kirk Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

kirk solid wood storage coffee table

This is an attractive narrow wooden coffee table with a convenient drawer that makes it easy to store any small items that would usually lie around, like remote controls and coasters. 

It is made of solid mango wood, and the sturdy legs have a golden finish that makes it a lovely addition, no matter what your preferred style. It offers enough surface space without taking up a lot of space itself.

2. Warren Coffee Table

warren coffee table

If you’re looking for a modern-looking narrow coffee table made of beautiful wood, you’ll appreciate this one. It is made of solid reclaimed teak and solid mango with an attractive knot and wood grain finish.

The two large drawers give you a lot of storage space, while the design of the steel legs gives this table a sleek feel. It comes with a one-year limited warranty for peace of mind as well.

3. LÖVBACKEN Side Table

lövbacken side table

Looking for simplicity at its finest? You get that with this unique narrow coffee table. The stunning grain pattern makes this table stand out, and it will look good in any living area.

The top is stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about messes ruining the beauty of your table. The three tapered legs have plastic feet to protect your floors. Thanks to the teardrop design, the table sits flush with sofas while being big enough for drinks and food. With that said, it’s still small enough to fit into snug spaces.

4. Clint Sled Coffee Table with Storage

clint sled coffee table with storage

The contemporary design of this table will make it the centerpiece of any living room, especially one that has a modern vibe. It is made from engineered wood, and the sleek black laminate finish adds to its beauty. 

Two metal sled legs ensure the table stays stable at all times while giving it a minimal appearance. The two open shelves offer more than enough storage space for books and décor.

5. Layton Coffee Table

layton coffee table

If an ultra-minimal look is what you’re going for, this smooth, narrow coffee table might just tick all the right boxes for you. It consists of an oval surface made from a single piece of black stone and a metal base with a gorgeous golden finish. 

The X-shaped legs ensure stability, and because it’s so long and narrow, you can enjoy the generous surface space it offers. This table will look especially good in a white room with plenty of natural light.

6. Kylo Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

kylo solid wood storage coffee table

With a nod to retro designs of days past, this solid mango wood narrow coffee table brings a certain lightness to a room. The light wood tone and the brass-finished iron base are quite contrasting, giving the table a unique look and feel.

It comes with a drawer that glides out smoothly and gives a nice place to store remotes and other small items. 

7. bonVIVO White Coffee Table

bonvivo white coffee table

Made from sturdy and high-quality bamboo, this small and attractive coffee table could be just what your living room needs. It doesn’t take up a lot of space but will still give you enough surface area to safely place your drinks and favorite flowers.

The simplistic style of the table makes it easy to fit into any room, regardless of the current dominant style and other furniture.

8. Albury Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage

albury floor shelf coffee table with storage

Moving away from wooden-looking narrow coffee tables, we present this unique and gorgeous option. It offers you a contemporary minimalist look that will complement a modern home.

Made from engineered wood with a white marble melamine finish, this table brings fresh beauty to your living room. The wide-open bottom shelf is great for storing books and photo albums, while the top has plenty of space for drinks, food, and décor pieces.

9. Furinno 2-Tier Coffee Table in Teak Oil

furinno 2-tier coffee table in teak oil

If you’re in the market for a narrow coffee table with a mix of bohemian and island style, you should check out this table. It is made from durable and water-resistant material and can even be used outside.

It won’t take up a lot of space, but it still offers nice open storage space and enough surface space for your drinks, books, and flowers.

10. Amethy Coffee Table with Storage

amethy coffee table with storage

This is one of the few narrow coffee tables that can actually serve as a little working space. The sturdy top can lift up and close, and there’s a hidden compartment as well as an adjustable storage shelf. 

The top can be used for working as it has enough space for a laptop. When the top is down, this table looks quite lovely with a shiny finish and durable, strong legs. 

11. Latitude Run Top Floor Shelf Coffee Table With Storage

latitude run top floor shelf coffee table with storage

This is a very attractive narrow coffee table with a unique design that offers you more storage than you’d expect. The left side is a drawer design that can be pulled out so you can store items.

On the right side of the table is an open storage shelf where you can place anything from a laptop to books, remote controls, game controllers, and more. Overall, the table has a beautiful, elegant look and is made from quality materials.

12. Ayres Storage Coffee Table

ayres storage coffee table

This is another narrow coffee table with hints of retro in its design. It is made from solid wood, and the drawers offer plenty of storage space. It is a truly beautiful table with solid construction.

The color of the table will make it a good fit no matter what kind of style you’ve chosen for your living room, despite the overall design being a bit retro.

13. Ebern Designs Lansing Coffee Table

ebern designs lansing coffee table

This narrow coffee table manages to be both sophisticated and luxurious at the same time. It comes with built-in shelves and cabinets that give you a lot of storage space to play with.

In the middle, you have an open shelf space that could work well for storing a game controller. The top offers good surface space in the form of two tiers. Made from durable and quality materials, this table is as sturdy as it is attractive.

14. wuudi Coffee Table with Storage

wuudi coffee table with storage

With a dark wooden and black look, this narrow coffee table has a modern feel with a touch of ‘old quality’. The contemporary design makes it an attractive and elegant addition to any living room.

The solid wood shelf and tabletop have a natural distressed finish and are easy to clean. You get plenty of surface space that can handle all your drinks and have some space open.

15. Latitude Run Lift Top Extendable Trestle Coffee Table with Storage

latitude run lift top extendable trestle coffee table with storage

Last on our list, but certainly not least, this narrow coffee table can transform into a working area with secret storage space. It has a minimalist, streamlined shape that looks great.

The steel frame of this table keeps it stable, and the black wood perfectly rounds off the sleek and modern feel of this table. There is a lot of surface area when the top isn’t set up for work, so you can place decorations and still have space for your drinks and food.

Tips for Finding the Best Narrow Coffee Table for Your Space

Before we introduce you to these lovely narrow coffee tables, let’s quickly discuss what you should look for when choosing the best one for your home.


One of the most important factors to keep an eye on when buying a new narrow coffee table is how balanced it is. You certainly don’t want a table that will wobble when you put down a drink. For an idea of how good a table is at maintaining balance, check what reviewers had to say. If there is a problem with balance, they will definitely complain.


The perfect coffee table (narrow or not) should be at the ideal height, so it’s easy to use when you’re sitting down. Generally, you should opt for a coffee table that is about two inches lower than the seat height of your couch or sofa.


This is something that will be entirely up to you, but keep in mind what kind of style you already have going on at home. Make sure the table you choose will fit in nicely or bring the room together. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your purchase.


Although most coffee tables are for putting down drinks and television remotes, many have more functions. Some offer extra storage, and others even turn into little workspaces where you can put your laptop on and be productive. This can also be true with narrow coffee tables.


Naturally, you don’t want to buy a narrow coffee table only for it to start chipping or break within a few months. Make sure the table you choose is made of quality materials and won’t become a regret later on.

Narrow Coffee Tables FAQs

If you still have a few questions regarding narrow coffee tables swirling around in your head, don’t worry. We have some of the most commonly asked questions here, along with their answers. For your convenience, of course.

Do I Really Need a Coffee Table?

Of course, you don’t have to have a coffee table, but they are so handy that you won’t be sorry once you start using them. It’s definitely better than having to put mugs and glasses on the floor or hold on to them while enjoying your beverages. Plus, they offer the perfect space for showing off with any beautiful plants or small decorations you have.

Are Narrow Coffee Tables Worth It? 

Yes, absolutely. They are especially worth it if your living room needs a bit of style or some extra surfaces. And if you choose one with storage space, even better.

Can I Check the Quality of the Table Before Buying It? 

If you’re buying a coffee table in a store, you can touch it to get a feel for what it’s made of. Doing that when shopping online is impossible, but fortunately, you can use reviews to find out what previous buyers think. Don’t hesitate to turn to reviews to get insight into how good a table is.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — some of the very best narrow coffee tables to take your small living room from average to stunning. A beautiful coffee table can really enhance any area, and just because you don’t have a lot of space to play with doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely living room.

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