The Best Night Sights for Your Glock


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September 8, 2022

The Glock is the most popular semi-automatic centerfire pistol series in the world. It is favored by police and military forces, and private citizens, for its simple design, reliable operation, and versatility.

However, the stock, or OEM, sights on Glock pistols leave much to be desired. Many shooters find that the white U-shaped rear sight paired with a front white-dot is inadequate for their needs and often choose to substitute aftermarket sights. Others object to the factory sights being made from plastic and would prefer steel or aluminum.

Fortunately, the Glock-compatible replacement parts and accessories market is enormous, reflecting a significant demand for customization.

A set of night sights improves your ability to aim and fire accurately, especially in self-defense scenarios that occur at night or in a darker environment.

6 Best Night Sights for Your Glock

1. Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

trijicon hd xr night sight set

Trijicon, the well-known manufacturer of self-illuminating optical sights such as the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) and the Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR), also manufactures iron-sight upgrades for the Glock series. One example is the HD XR Night Sight Set, which is an improvement over the company’s previous HD sighting system.

The first notable upgrade is the width of the front sight. Trijicon has reduced the width to .122” to increase the field of view and maximize the light available. This helps you see your target more clearly, which is imperative in low light environments and defensive encounters.

The photoluminescent front sight outline contrasts sharply with the black-painted rear U-shaped notch, which naturally draws your eye to the front sight — the point that you need to focus on for greatest accuracy potential. However, it’s the tritium-phosphor glass lamps that provide illumination. Trijicon encloses these lamps in aluminum cylinders and adds silicone-rubber cushions as a buffer to protect the lamps against hard impacts and recoil.

Aside from sighting, the rear sight’s shape allows for 1-handed emergency charging.

2. TruGlo Brite-Site TFX Pro Sight Set

truglo brite-site tfx pro sight set

Another well-known name is TruGlo, a company founded in 1993 by archer and hunter Paul LoRocco. Initially specializing in high-visibility archery sights, the company’s success led to its branching out into sights for firearms, particularly handguns.

A good example of the company’s product lineup is the Brite-Site TFX Pro Sight Set. Combining tritium with fiber optics, the TFX Pro Sight Set is illuminated during the day and at night for a truly bright, high-visibility sighting solution.

TruGlo understands the importance of durability, especially when handling delicate sighting and illuminating components. As a result, the company encloses them in shock- and chemical-resistant capsules, ensuring that the tritium and fiber optics remain functional no matter the environment or situation. For another layer of durability, the company applies a nitride coating to the steel sight housing to protect it against corrosion.

3. Meprolight FT Bullseye Handgun Self-Illuminated Night Sight

meprolight ft bullseye handgun self-illuminated night sight

In conventional iron sights for handguns, you align a front sight, typically a blade or post, with a rear sight, often a U- or V-shaped notch. This alignment has to be both vertical and horizontal to ensure proper sight alignment. Many sight and firearms manufacturers opt for a 3-dot system. Meprolight broke with this age-old convention, introducing a system that eliminates the need for a separate front sight.

In some sights, fiber optics are used to maximize ambient light during the day. Others use tritium at night when ambient light is low to non-existent. The FT Bullseye combines fiber optics and tritium.

This sighting system isn’t merely an answer to the low- or no-light shooting scenario — it’s a fast option for any time of day. When you raise the weapon to eye level, you don’t have to worry about aligning the front sight with the rear and focusing on the front sight. Simply find the green dot and place it inside the illuminated outside ring. In some ways, this is comparable to traditional aperture or ghost-ring sights for rifles, except in this system, there is no front sight. The dot and ring are part of the same self-contained unit.

4. XS Sight Systems DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight

xs sight systems dxt2 big dot night sight

The XS Sight Systems DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight uses tritium for its illumination. This is the industry standard because it’s self-powered and doesn’t require an external power source. However, this system also harkens back to the express sights of big-game hunting rifles from past generations.

The Big Dot Sight uses a large, photoluminescent front sight dot and a shallow rear V-notch with a vertical bar. This is one of the fastest combinations on the market because you don’t align the front sight with a rear sight in the traditional sense. Instead, you simply place the large dot on top of the vertical bar in the center — i.e., “dotting the ‘i’” — and the rest of the rear sight is black. This draws your attention to the big dot, and allows for rapid sight acquisition, especially during close-range engagements.

As a tactical sight, the rear sight’s shape lends itself to emergency charging against surfaces of opportunity, such as the gun belt or holster mouth.

5. Trijicon Bright & Tough Suppressor Night Sight Set

trijicon bright & tough suppressor night sight set

Although illuminated, most night sights and day/night combination sights are fixed combat sights. As a result, they’re low-profile to avoid snagging on clothing or equipment.

However, if you’re thinking of attaching a sound suppressor to your Glock firearm, or already have, you may quickly realize that the outside diameter of the sound suppressor may exceed the height of the OEM combat sights. You need night sights sufficiently elevated to bypass the suppressor OD and allow you to achieve a correct sight picture.

The simplest solution is a set of suppressor-height, or elevated sights that also self-illuminate, so the suppressor and sights can be used effectively in low light environments.

Trijicon offers the Bright & Tough Suppressor Night Sight Set, which contains three lamps filled with tritium gas. As with the HD XR night sights, the tritium lamps are housed in aluminum cylinders with silicone-rubber cushioning for the ultimate in recoil and impact protection. For even light distribution, each gas lamp is paired with a sapphire jewel lens.

Since the front sight is .350” and the rear sight is .440”, the sight should elevate your sight picture enough to handle your new silencer.

6. Meprolight Tru-Dot Adjustable Night Sight Set

meprolight tru-dot adjustable night sight set

Another product from Meprolight is the Tru-Dot Adjustable Night Sight Set. If you’re principally a target or competition shooter, or you spend time handloading and experimenting with different ammunition loads, fixed combat sights may not provide you with sufficient versatility. This adjustable set helps you adjust for windage and elevation.

As you alter the bullet weight and muzzle velocity of cartridge loads, which may be especially relevant for those who engage in handgun hunting, the point of impact may shift markedly. To accommodate various loads, the ability to adjust the windage and elevation of the rear sight manually can be highly beneficial. Even if you don’t handload or hunt, the ability to adjust your sights can increase the precision of your shooting.

The front and rear sights are illuminated using tritium, but the front sight is brighter to help you focus your attention on it rather than the target or the rear sight. Meprolight has machined serrations into the rear sight’s face to cut down on glare, and the company uses a special bonding process to ensure the light tubes are immune to chemical solvents and lubricating oils.

Reasons to Upgrade Glock Sights

There are numerous reasons to upgrade OEM Glock sights, but some of the most important are:

  • Sight acquisition: The first reason to upgrade your sights is to increase visibility and speed.
  • Durability: The OEM plastic sights are the first parts of the Glock that are lost or damaged during torture tests. A set of aluminum or steel sights improves their longevity and durability.
  • Suppressor compatibility: When using a sound suppressor on a handgun, the suppressor body’s outside diameter can obscure low-profile fixed combat sights. To achieve a sight picture with a suppressor, many shooters and manufacturers install a set of elevated or suppressor-height iron sights, which are tall enough for you to align over the suppressor.
  • Adjustability: If you handload or are experimenting with different bullet weights, the point of impact of your bullets may shift. To accommodate different ammunition types, the ability to adjust the elevation and windage of your sights is a worthwhile upgrade.
  • Low light: One of the most important reasons to upgrade iron sights in a handgun is self-defense. Whether you’ve purchased a handgun for open or concealed carry, or home defense, you should be able to see your sights in low light or complete darkness. 

In Conclusion

Night sights won’t help you see in the dark — they’re no substitute for handheld or weapon lights. However, they can help you see your sights in the dark, which is vital to achieving accurate shots, especially under stressful conditions.

Whether you’re using your Glock firearm in your home at 3 AM or on a dimly lit range at dusk, having your front and rear sights illuminated for contrast is a worthwhile upgrade for self-defense and sporting purposes.

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