5 Best Online Gun Auctions and Classifieds


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September 20, 2022

If you are looking for a gun online, you can search them through gun auctions or classified listings. You might not find the gun you want locally. Therefore, your best options will often be found on these five websites listed below.

You might already know of the kind of gun you are looking for. There’s always a good chance that you’ll find it somewhere online. Still, the possibility of it not being found still exists.

But nevertheless, we present to you the best online gun auctions and classifieds so you know what’s available in your own area and beyond.

The 5 Best Gun Auction and Classifieds

Most of these gun auction and classified websites have been around for quite some time. The longer they’ve been around, the more reputable they are. Below is a list of the x best auction and classified sites that we’ve found to be very reliable and useful.

Before making a purchase, we suggest checking out each site to see what they have to offer. You also will need to spend time reading through customer reviews (where available). Better to look before you leap rather than purchase from a store you may know little about.

Let’s take a look at the following:



This is perhaps the firearms equivalent to eBay. If you are looking for a large catalog of guns to look through, this is the place to start off with. You’ll be able to find good deals on the gun you are looking for.

Gunbroker is an auction-only site. However, some of the guns on sale will have a ‘Buy Now’ option available. Otherwise, you place your bid and keep at it until the auction is completed.

Another interesting feature they have is ‘Take A Shot’. This feature allows you to offer a price that you are willing to pay. The seller will have the option to accept the offer or reject it. When using this site, be aware that not everything is verified like the buyers, sellers, and the items.

So you may risk running into a scam. Do your due diligence and always be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Key Features:

  • ‘Take A Shot’ for best offers
  • Large selection
  • ‘Buy Now’ option available on some items

Rock Island Auction Company

rock island auction company

The Rock Island Auction Company is another website worth checking out. It’s similar to Gunbroker and holds plenty of auctions both large and small every year. You may even find rare guns there, if that’s your thing.

Otherwise, you get a pretty good selection on the guns and accessories they have. Keep in mind that you may pay a fee that is a bit steep compared to other sites. Also, the shipping can be a bit pricey as well.

If you’ve got a bit of extra cash and don’t mind spending it with the shipping and fees, this can be a good site to use. The good news is that not everything is expensive, so no need to worry about whether or not you are paying top dollar for everything that you can get your hands on.

Key Features:

  • Multiple auctions per year
  • Rare guns and military accessories are sold on here
  • Affordable guns available

Morphy Auctions

morphy auctions

If you are looking for not just regular guns but antiques, then Morphy Auctions is worth a look. They will have auctions that take place regularly. But the one auction you want to check out are the Extraordinary Firearms Auctions.

These are held twice a year and they feature rare and higher-end firearms. The lowest price point for these will be no less than $2500 in value. If you’ve got plenty of cash lying around, you can take advantage of the opportunity and walk away with something really nice.

Key Features:

  • Plenty of regular options
  • Extraordinary Firearms Auctions features rare and higher end firearms
  • You can bid online or in person



Taking a look at the classifieds, GunsAmerica is one of the most trusted classifieds online for firearms. You’ll find plenty of options available nearest you or any place else in the country. What makes this site stand out is that you can get emails either hourly or daily on the best deals.

You also get a saved search feature so you can easily find what you are looking for. Remembering some of the exact details of a firearm can be a challenge, so the feature really comes in handy. Even better, most of the sellers are licensed dealers so the sales are legal every single time.

Key features:

  • Hourly or daily emails
  • Local and national listings
  • Feedback for sellers



If you live in California, it may be a challenge to find a website that accepts buyers from your state. While it’s not a classified website per se, you may be able to purchase guns that are being sold by members of the Calguns.net forum.

Plus, sellers will comply with the California firearm sales laws. You can also use the forum to find out any other information regarding gun sales and what firearms you can purchase as a resident of California.

Key Features:

  • Forum for residents of California citizens and gun owners
  • Classified sales listings available
  • Many types of firearms available

This is a question that gets asked all the time. It’s understandable knowing how many gun laws are in the books both at the state and federal level. Gun sellers will need to follow the restrictions and regulations of each sale. Thus, a gun buyer may be denied a sale due to living in a jurisdiction that may outlaw certain guns.

Even though purchasing a gun online will be legal, there are some precautions that are taken in order to follow the law. If you hold a Federal Firearms License (or FFL), the gun may be shipped directly to you. Otherwise, it will need to be shipped to a licensed dealer.

These dealers will serve as the middleman and to ensure that every purchase is legal. To find out which FFL licensed dealer is in your local area, you’ll want to find them through the FFL registry website.

Furthermore, you may be subject to an NICS background check (or other security measures depending on the laws of your state). These are required before every sale is finalized.

Why should you purchase a gun online?

As mentioned before, purchasing a gun online is a viable option. Your local gun stores may not have what you are looking for. Even if you find a good gun at a local store, you can also find a deal online.

The prices at your local gun store and online may not always be the same. Lastly, you’ll also have a large variety of options. Some gun stores will have a limited selection and they might not be to your satisfaction.

What to look for in a gun auction or classified website?

There are some important elements to take a look at before you buy a gun online. You’ll want to purchase one on a website that is safe and secure. This way, your personal information does not get compromised.

Furthermore, you also want to be aware of scam sites. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to steer clear of any gun auction or classified sites that accepts the following payment methods (but DOES NOT accept credit or debit cards):

  • Cryptocurrencies (i.e – Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Non-refundable payment gateways like Zelle or Venmo

NOTE ABOUT PAYPAL: Paypal has banned the use of its payment gateway on websites that sell firearms and accessories. Therefore, any gun auction or classifieds website that claims that they accept PayPal is a scam. Avoid those websites altogether.

To reiterate, it’s fine to purchase a gun online using cryptocurrencies or Venmo. However, the key thing to look out for is if they also accept credit or debit as well. If no such option is available, then look elsewhere.

Also, it helps if they are also following any regulations as well. If they are FFL licensed, odds are they are guaranteed to be a good reputable buyer. 

It also wouldn’t hurt to spend time reading through the terms and conditions as well. Because you do not want to deal with a sale gone bad. Not reading the terms and conditions can work against you and that can cause plenty of frustration.

Both the buyer and seller must be aware of the terms and conditions and what applies to them on either end. For example, the buyer must be aware of any additional charges, insurance policies, shipping options, and so on. The seller must be aware of the fixed costs of the sales price, what states to restrict sales from, and decide who is responsible for the shipping costs.


If you are looking for a firearm to buy online, these five auction and classified websites are a good starting point. You may find a gun that you can purchase at prices you can afford or even find the gun of your dreams online when your local gun shop might not.

Every product is hand selected by our editors. We may receive commissions on purchases from a link.

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