7 Best Outdoor Pedestal Fans


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3 months ago

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Whether you’re working in the shop, chilling in your she-shed, or just enjoying the porch, if you would like a little bit of relief from the heat, an outdoor pedestal fan can definitely make you more comfortable. If you’re the kind of person who needs to move fumes or smoke away from you while you work, then you could also benefit.

When looking for a pedestal fan that fits your needs, especially one that can survive and thrive in the outdoors, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on. Rust-resistant metal, watertight electrical connections, a heavy base, and of course, a strong current of air. 

On this list, the very best outdoor fans were chosen based on their features, their uniqueness, user reviews, and how well they fit the mold for the typical customer.

Best Outdoor Pedestal Fans

Maxx Air Extreme Power Industrial Pedestal Fan

maxx air extreme power industrial pedestal fan

This Texas-made industrial fan is made to work hard for those who work hard. With a 360 degrees vertical tilt, you can direct its powerful flow on three different power settings at any height. It stands at over five feet tall, making it the perfect height to cool you down while you’re on your feet. With its powder-coated metal construction and thermally protected PSC motor, it’s crazy durable and won’t quit on you when it’s too hot for other fans. The diameter of the base ensures it won’t fall over, but the best security feature is its three-prong plug, protecting you and your electronics in case of a surge. This fan is best for covered patios or other enclosed environments that need a lot of airflow at head height.

20 in. Pedestal Fan with Outdoor Rating

20 in. pedestal fan with outdoor rating

Get ready to be blown away. Customers say this fan is powerful enough on low that its higher settings are practically obsolete. If you need a fan to fill a large space with cool air, then this Maxx Air pedestal fan may be for you. Its tilting metal head gives you a 360-degree vertical tilt with knobs to lock it into place. Most importantly, the hood covering its motor keeps it safe from rain and weathering, and its grounded, 9-foot long 3-prong GFCI power cord will keep you safe from surges. When you’re done with the plug, the cord wrap on the rear grille will protect it from curious teeth, lawnmowers, and weathering. Simply pull the chain to start up the fan and adjust the speed, but make sure you don’t have anything to say to your neighbor because this powerful five-blade fan is loud, proud, and hard to hear around. The Maxx Air is great for workshops, gyms, warehouses, and patios, but its weatherproofing and surge protection make it ideal for outdoor environments as well.

Frigidaire 500’ Outdoor Misting and Pedestal Fan – Black

frigidaire 500’ outdoor misting and pedestal fan - black

Two-part cooling on this 3-speed fan will make this option a win at outdoor summer parties. Simply connect to your garden hose to loose a cooling mist that lowers the temperature by up to 15 degrees. Its wide-angle oscillating head covers a wider range of about 500 square feet, giving you much more horizontal cooling than the previous options. Its GFCI plug secures its outdoor rating to protect you from electric shocks. Standing at 4 and a half feet tall, this slim, lightweight fan is best for clear weather. Its nearly 17 pounds of weight won’t stand up against strong wind, but it should be sufficient for those hot summer days. Nearly-perfect ratings suggest that users get everything they need out of this easily-overlooked option. Users say it’s quieter than other outdoor fans, easy to assemble, and the misting system is powerful and effective. This fan is best for dry environments and can be used indoors and out, but customers with small square footage will get the most out of it.

New Air 26” Oscillating Misting Fan

new air 26” oscillating misting fan

If you’re in the market for a pricier option that will stand the tests of time, the New Air has an adjustable height of over 6 feet, and its rolling base makes it easy to transport and enjoy in multiple locations. Where you get your money’s worth on this option is in its 3-speed extremely powerful fan and 3 setting adjustable mister with a recycling water tank that reuses excess moisture. Its anti-rust epoxy-resin coating helps it endure the humidity for long-lasting use. In addition, this fan is heavy at nearly 70 pounds. Its locking wheels and weighty base will help it stand up to wind and stay where you need it. If you need your outdoor mister to reach a little farther, the powerful blades can give you up to 1,000 square feet of cooled, misted airflow. Satisfied users say this fan doesn’t drip, and the 4.4-gallon tank is a feature well worth the investment. This fan is best for dry heat in backyards and patios, and its adjustable height and easy-to-use wheels make transferring it over a large deck or outdoor space easy and convenient.

NewAir AF-600 All-Metal 600 sq Ft 18” Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

newair af-600 all-metal 600 sq ft 18” oscillating outdoor misting fan

Those who think the New Air 26” sounded good, but don’t want to invest 800 dollars in a fan may be interested in this cheaper New Air misting fan. With three fan speeds and crazy power, the oscillation covers up to 600 square feet with cool air and mist straight from your garden hose. Standing at just over four feet, customers say the base is sturdy yet portable. Satisfied ratings also attest to the fan’s quietness and call it a lifesaver in hot, dry heat. This fan is best for customers in arid climates who need a medium-long range of cooling and want to be able to rely on their fan for a long time to come.

Utilitech 20-in 3-Speed Outdoor Black Painting Pedestal Fan

utilitech 20-in 3-speed outdoor black painting pedestal fan

Advertised for use in drying paint, this outdoor fan has a protected motor and GFCI three-pronged plug to make it safe for outdoor use. To keep your plug off the ground when not in use, it also has a cord wrap on the back. The tilting capability gives you 180 degrees horizontally of powerful airflow adjustable to three different speed settings. Thankfully, it also gives you some adjustability on the vertical plane, as you can tilt 180 degrees to direct the height of the flow. The large, curved metal fan blades are designed for maximum airflow with little noise. It is UL listed, meaning it is certified safe to use, and you know they trust in the durability of their product with their 2-year warranty. At its full height, the Utilitech is around four feet tall. Satisfied customers say the fan is easy to assemble, the powder-coated finish looks nice and will withstand weathering, and it moves air at a surprising power relative to its stature. This fan is best for people looking for air circulation in sheds and garages, but it is powerful enough to give you some outdoor relief and should stand up to inclement weather over time.

Big Ass Fans Aireye Pedestal Fan

big ass fans aireye pedestal fan

If you need to move a lot of air in a big space and can justify the price tag, the Aireye pedestal fan is a step above. With its 30-inch fan diameter, 4-and-a-half foot height, wheel kit, and 5-year warranty, you can guess that this beast of a machine was made to last and for heavy-duty use. Some other unique features of this offering include its variable speed dial in a convenient and appealing remote. Its powder-coated metal cage will resist weathering and corrosion and is OSHA compliant. It also promises 50 percent more airflow at 50 percent greater efficiency than fans like it, essentially making its motor a low-maintenance workhorse that won’t quit on you easily. If you’re using it in shops and warehouses, you may also enjoy its IP65 rated dust protection and 18-foot long power chord. This guy will be great for large indoor environments, but it’s also suitable for damp environments. Satisfied user ratings say this fan stands above the rest of other industrial and outdoor fans. If you’re looking for a fan that’s built to last, can cool a large space and withstand weathering, the Aireye pedestal fan is your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a pedestal fan outside?

Not all pedestal fans are safe to use outdoors, especially in damp weather. A covered motor, weather-resistant coating, and GFCI plug all make a pedestal fan more acceptable for outdoor use, but it’s best to only purchase fans that are explicitly named or approved for outdoor use if you are using them outside of cover. 

What is an industrial pedestal fan?

Not all industrial pedestal fans are safe for outdoor use either. Industrial fans are designed to move a lot of air for use in factories and warehouses where air conditioning isn’t an option.

Are 3 or 5 blade pedestal fans better?

5-blade pedestal fans will be quieter, but they can put more wear on the motor than if they had 3 blades. If you intend to use a fan frequently and don’t care about the noise, you may get a longer life out of a 3-blade fan.

Are metal fan blades better than plastic?

Plastic fan blades will reduce the overall noise of the fan, but metal blades will move more air and be more durable than a plastic blade.

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