5 Best Outdoor TV Covers


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4 months ago

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Having an outdoor TV is the ultimate convenience for many people. It allows you to have all the fun you can have in the living room, and double it by having the experience outside.

But carrying your TV inside-out can take all the fun out of your outdoor entertainment and even cost you a lot. To avoid that, you should consider buying some of the best outdoor TV covers.

An outdoor TV cover will help you avoid the hassle of the experience while retaining only the fun of it. And the best part is that it comes at an incredibly affordable price for such convenience. So if you’re looking to make your life easier, take a look at some of the best TV protectors we have for you.

Best Outdoor TV Covers

Easy-Going TV Cover

easy-going tv cover

If you’re looking for a reliable brand that will help protect all your valuables against harsh weather, Easy-Going is your go-to supplier. The company specializes in durable covers for your furniture and appliances, whether you intend to keep them inside or out. So if you’re looking for a foolproof cover, Easy-Going is our best recommendation.

Durable materials

Easy-Going’s screen protector won’t ever fail in living up to its reputation as the most reliable protector for your TV. It is made using a 300D heavy-duty Oxford fabric, ensuring excellent protection for an extended lifespan of both your TV and the cover itself.

Seamless cover

This TV cover is specifically designed not to feature any visible seams that may expose your TV to water leaks. The impeccable design combined with high-quality materials is 100% waterproof, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your screen outside again.

Simple installation

The TV cover by Easy-Going comes in a variety of different sizes to perfectly fit your screen. Its design features velcro enclosures at the bottom and back, allowing you to quickly encapsulate the TV for the best protection.

To provide you with a completely carefree experience, Easy-Going also includes a convenient remote-control pocket, so you can safely store your outdoor entertainment after you finish watching TV.

Outdoor TV Cover by Acoveritt

outdoor tv cover by acoveritt

Acoveritt is another reliable supplier that will help you keep your belongings safe outside. It offers a wide range of outdoor covers for your outdoor TV, furniture, grill and so much more. Its products are designed to withstand any weather, so you won’t have to worry about wind, rain, snow, or the hot sun.

Convenient use

The scratch-resistant liner protection features a remarkable design that will allow you to cover or uncover your big outdoor screen effortlessly. The front of the cover is independent of the back cover, so you can quickly roll it up and start watching TV in no time.

After you’re finished, you can just as promptly unroll it and have your screen fully protected against the weather.

Complete weatherproofing

The liner protection will keep your TV safe regardless of the condition. It is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather–including rain, snow, and wind–during the whole year. The bottom of the cover is equipped with velcro to provide ultimate protection against water, while the velcro inside prevents any leakages.

2-year warranty

You can order the scratch-resistant liner protect by Acoveritt in an entirely risk-free purchase. The company offers a two-year warranty on the product, along with a 90-day money-back guarantee for a full refund. So if you ever experience an issue or aren’t entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can quickly file a claim and have it sorted out in no time.

Gernetics TV Set Cover

gernetics tv set cover

Gernetics is a reliable brand that specializes in providing the ultimate protection for your outdoor entertainment. In its wide product assortment, you’ll find many different TV covers equipped with maximum protection against the weather. Its products come in many shapes and colors, so you can easily find one that fits your needs.

Resistant shield

The universal weatherproof protector is more than just an outdoor cover–it is a foolproof shield against the weather and reckless use. It’s manufactured using 600D waterproof material and a vinyl inner covering that will protect you from the weather but also from dust, sand and any scratches from handling it.

Mount compatibility

This screen protector is particularly designed for the most convenient use ever. It features flexible mount openings, so regardless of whether you’re using a single or a double wall mount, you can install the weatherproof protector without a struggle.

High-end design

Not only does it perform well, but it looks remarkably good as well. The universal protector features a sleek design that won’t be an eye strain in your backyard. It comes in black, beige and gray, so it will perfectly blend with your exterior regardless of the color option that you choose.

Outdoor TV Cover by TV Coverstore

outdoor tv cover by tv coverstore

As the name suggests, TV Coverstore is a dedicated manufacturer that specializes in fitted outdoor TV covers that will protect and extend the life of your outdoor entertainment unit. To achieve that, the company uses marine-grade materials that provide added durability and protection.

All products are designed and manufactured in the United States under the manufacturer’s watchful eye to ensure the ultimate quality and performance.

Marine-grade materials

With TV Coverstore’s outdoor TV cover, you’ll never have to worry about any water or dirt getting to your TV while it’s safely tucked outside. It is made using the thickest marine-grade materials for the ultimate durability and performance, with a soft thick fleece touch on the inside to keep the screen entirely safe from scratches.

Complete encapsulation

The cover comes with a tightly-fitted bottom zipper that fully encapsulates the screen, keeping it safe and out of reach of any water leakages, dust or filth. The back of the cover comes with a convenient dust flap with industrial velcro, so that you don’t have to unplug all cables or remove mounts every time you have to protect your screen against the weather.

Water resistance

Thanks to the premium quality acrylic-coated woven polyester fabric with a clear back coat, your TV screen will be entirely safe from rain and other leakages. The water resistance is backed by a 120-day refund policy and a 3-year warranty, so the quality you’re purchasing is more than guaranteed.

Outdoor Waterproof TV Cover by Clicks

outdoor waterproof tv cover by clicks

Clicks’ heavy-duty TV enclosure is definitely among the best outdoor TV covers we’ve encountered so far. The outdoor cover is no exception from Clicks’ exceptional range of resistant and durable products. The company features a wide range of innovative solutions that will keep your outdoor entertainment safe and sound for a carefree experience.

Soft interior

The heavy-duty protection fabric is contemplated by a soft interior that will keep your screen from scratches while you’re not using it. So apart from keeping it in place, you can also use the cover to transport your screen without being too meticulous about it.

Heat protection

While many manufacturers focus on keeping your screen dry, Clicks also takes care it never reaches high temperatures that may cause permanent damage to the TV. That’s why the premium material used by Clicks features additional heat protection to prevent sun damage, apart from the impeccable rain, snow, and wind protection.

Maximum strength

The outdoor TV enclosure ensures maximum strength of the cover thanks to the impeccable materials and its outstanding design. It also features double-stitched edges for the velcro straps, which provide extended durability compared to its alternatives. Apart from strength, the convenient velcro straps also provide you with easy installation, regardless of the TV mount you’re using.

Factors to Consider Before Buying An Outdoor TV Cover

Even though it seems pretty straightforward, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind before purchasing a protector for your outdoor TV. So if you’re looking to give your outside screen the proper care, we suggest you consider the following details.


Outdoor TV covers are relatively affordable for the protection they have to offer. However, you shouldn’t be reckless about them simply because they’re easy on the wallet. So the first thing you have to do before purchasing a screen protector is to measure out your TV carefully. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guides and see whether you have to measure the whole TV or just the screen.

Mount compatibility

If you’re looking for a TV cover, the chances are you’re not very fond of moving your screen from place to place. That’s why you should always check mount compatibility before making a purchase. Many covers, including the universal weatherproof protector by Gernetics, feature great flexibility in terms of wall mounts and stands, so you can fit them perfectly regardless of how your TV is installed.


For the best protection, you’ll also have to consider the material of the cover. And for TV covers, denser is always better, as thick materials perform better under the weather. For that cause, we’ve only reviewed protectors with densities no lower than 300D.


A rigid material is excellent for the cover’s exterior but not so well for its interior. So if you’re looking for the ultimate treatment and care of your screen, make sure you find a protector with a soft interior that will keep your TV from nagging scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a slipcover better than a front flap one?

The quality of a TV cover depends on the materials and its design. The type of cover that you choose relies merely on what’s more convenient for you to use. Slipcovers are great for easy-to-reach screens, while front flap covers are ideal for TVs that are harder to access.

Should I clean my TV cover?

Yes. Since your TV cover will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, it is bound to build up some dirt and burns. But as these covers feature pretty dense materials, the best maintenance practice is to hand-wash them using mild soap, rinse with cold water, then air dry. By doing so, you’ll significantly extend your cover’s lifespan.


Moving your outdoor TV from place to place can be pretty tricky, and each time you move it, you risk having it damaged. So if you’re looking to protect your screen from the weather and protect your wallet from a costly repair or buying a new TV, you should consider purchasing an outdoor cover.

The best outdoor TV covers will protect your outdoor entertainment unit from the weather and several other interferences at a bargain. So we suggest that you save yourself some trouble and give some of the above covers a try.

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