20 Best Pantry Shelving Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen


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4 months ago

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Do you dread opening your kitchen pantry because it is a mess?

If yes, you don’t need to worry anymore!

With proper shelving ideas, you can easily transform your depressing pantry into a well-organized one.

The size of your pantry is important, and it’s the perfect place to store your baking and cooking supplies. A large, well-organized pantry will add style to your entire home. 

It’s also a good idea to use a combination of tall and narrow shelves. These types of cabinets will give you the extra space you need for storage.

To maximize your space in your pantry, you should use various styles of shelves. These are great for storing small as well as large items. Deep shelves can be improved with pull-out drawers, which allow you to quickly access items without having to rummage through a full cabinet. 

To make the most of your space, choose shelves that match your style. There are many ways to organize your kitchen storage space. In this article, we are going to discuss 20 pantry shelving ideas to organize your kitchen.

Best Pantry Shelving Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

If you don’t have an organized pantry, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be stored. 

But there are several ways to make the space look more appealing while enhancing the productivity of the kitchen. Once you’ve made your pantry more functional, you can enjoy storing everything systematically.

Proper pantry shelving design will make it easier to find things that you use most often. Aside from providing extra space, they will also help your kitchen be more organized. 

It will make it easier to keep track of what’s in there, so you won’t be tempted to buy items you don’t need. A tier system is a great option for those who have limited space in their kitchen since it makes the space look more spacious and functional.

Pantry shelving gives you more flexibility. Aside from adding more space to your kitchen, a well-designed pantry will increase your home’s value and entice prospective buyers.

If you are tired of your old kitchen pantry, here are the 20 pantry shelving ideas to properly organize everything.

1. Wall Pantry Shelving Ideas

Source: https://pin.it/1lTaAKo

If you want to save space and organize everything properly in the kitchen, wall pantry shelving is the best solution. There are a lot of different options for wall pantry shelving ideas. Whether you want a more traditional look, or something more modern, there is a style that is right for you. Depending on the area of your kitchen, you can easily build shelves in the wall to organize all the cooking items. Regardless of your personal preference, there is a way to create a wall pantry that suits your needs.

2. Cabinet Pantry Shelving

Source: https://pin.it/1L8I1gt

When you don’t have a pantry room in the house, you can go with cabinet pantry shelving. You can use a cabinet with shelves and use it to store all the pantry items. When choosing the type of cabinet shelving, you should consider the span and weight capacity of the items. If you have a small kitchen, you can install shelves in the recesses, but if you have a large one, you will need to buy shelving that can accommodate the space. 

3. Pantry Cupboard Shelving Ideas

Source: https://pin.it/767LCLI

Another thing you can do is use cupboard shelving for the pantry. Regardless of the size of your pantry, the right pantry cupboard shelving ideas can transform the storage space into a space that will delight your senses. You can use cupboards with a door to cover all the items and make your pantry look stylish. It is a good way to store various kitchen items without spoiling the look of your kitchen. For example, you can use niches and shelves to store pots and pans while adding a colorful display.

4. Using Organizational Items for More Storage

Source: https://pin.it/1pTiUGi

Creating storage shelves in your pantry is a great way to utilize vertical space and maximize storage space. Large flat items can be stored on one side of the room, making them easy to access and taking up less space. Another way to organize your pantries is by using small spring rods to create dividers between the shelves. An inexpensive wire organizer can make the floor of your pantry a functional appliance garage. In simple words, you can use organizational items for more storage space. 

5. Custom Pantry Shelving Ideas

Source: https://pin.it/I9CNkYS

There are many options available for custom pantry shelving, and it can be challenging to come up with a design that will be functional and appealing to you. However, a custom pantry shelving will help you to easily store all the items without compromising on the aesthetics as well as space. You can build a custom pantry in your kitchen, depending on the free space. This way, you can easily store everything easily. 

6. Using Labels to Organize Pantry Shelving

Source: https://pin.it/7eVET4i

Using labels to organize pantry shelving is an excellent way to make your kitchen look more organized. You can purchase pre-written labels or create your own. The key is to place them near similar items so you can easily identify which one is which. You can also make your own custom label designs if you prefer. It is a perfect solution for those who want to easily access all the items in the pantry. Removable labels are a great option for many people.

7. Convert Coat Closet into Pantry Shelf

Source: https://pin.it/194wSPj

Another thing you can do is convert the coat closet into a pantry shelf. It is the best and affordable way to store items. The first step in converting your coat closet into a pantry shelf is to make the shelves tall enough to hold your pantry items. The height of the shelf should be about nine inches above the floor. The top board should be nailed or glued to the sides. Make sure you install multiple boards to store all the items. 

8. Open Pantry Design for a Chef

Source: https://pin.it/1DacsV9

An open pantry is a space that allows everyone in the kitchen to see what is in it. It is crucial to design a pantry with aesthetically pleasing shelving and storage containers, however. Think about what you plan to put on the shelves and what kind of jars and containers you will need for various items. Make sure to measure the shelf space and determine whether you will be able to fit a basket or two. It is the perfect pantry idea for chefs. 

9. Farmhouse-Style Freestanding Pantry

Source: https://pin.it/KllyO1d

When you’re shopping for a new cabinet for your pantry, you may want to consider a Farmhouse-style freestanding pantry. These cabinets are an ideal way to add extra storage space in a small space. You’ll also find them easy to clean and organize. A freestanding pantry is an ideal way to store all your favorite foods. A farmhouse-style freestanding cabinet will have plenty of room for all your necessities.

10. Grouping Products in Your Pantry

Source: https://pin.it/7qUVfAz

There are a number of benefits of grouping products in your pantry. First, it makes it easier to find what you need. Next, you can easily get the food you need without digging through the entire pantry. By using labels to make your items easy to find, you can save time and effort when meal-prepping. You can even designate certain areas so you can access them easily. For instance, you can group your snack foods and party supplies in a basket.

11. Rustic Closet Pantry Design

Source: https://pin.it/7jypoKC

To make a small pantry more functional, you can add rustic shelves. It is the best way to design a wooden pantry. This type of pantry will make your kitchen look more vintage. You can even hang tin baskets on the walls for easy access to your favorite spices and cans. Adding a shelf with a decorative metal handle is a charming addition to your small closet rustic pantry. It is an aesthetic way to design your pantry.

12. Freestanding Pantry Shelves

Source: https://pin.it/4ob2X7A

When you want to maximize the space in your pantry, you can choose to install freestanding pantry shelves. Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, these shelves are a great way to keep the space organized and accessible. You can also add floating or cubic shelves to create an even more unique look. And if you’re not into DIY projects, you can purchase pre-made, pre-assembled pantry shelves from your local hardware store.

13. Basic DIY Closet Shelving

Source: https://pin.it/mMVWPKw

If you don’t want to buy pantry shelves, you can build your own DIY closet pantry shelves. All you need to do is measure the area, buy supplies, use proper tools and start your project. You can use MDF, which is a lighter wood product. Then, paint the shelves to match the color of your closet. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding cubby dividers. Once the shelves are up, it’s time to install them.

14. Retractable Pantry

Source: https://pin.it/6WoX5WJ

A retractable pantry is a perfect solution to a small space. These handy shelves are easy to access, space-saving, and provide access to your items. You can find many different designs and plans for making these storage units. They are also an excellent way to make corner shelves for your pantry. With this type of shelving idea, you can easily hide all the kitchen items in the retractable pantry. 

15. Walk-In Pantry Idea

Source: https://pin.it/5A6FBw5

A walk-in pantry can be a great storage solution for small kitchens. There are many ways to organize this space and make it more functional. A few ways to do this include installing a rack or hanging utensils. The best thing about this type of pantry shelving is that it offers a lot of free storage space. You should also categorize your items to prevent them from being mixed up.

16. Pull Out Pantry Shelves

Source: https://pin.it/glo9hp4

A pull-out pantry shelf is a great way to increase your storage space without adding more cabinet space. These handy storage units usually feature a simple sliding mechanism rather than a drawer. These shelves are typically made of plastic, steel, laminate, or wood. There are many different styles and types available to suit your tastes and decor. Some have scalloped edges, while others have straight sides.

17. Open Shelving

Source: https://pin.it/2OxKqk2

Open shelving can be a great way to showcase your favorite dishes and collectibles. You can also use open shelves in the kitchen to store snacks and baking supplies. Glass jars are especially useful in farmhouse kitchens, as they fill up a wall without taking up counter space. In addition to serving as a decorative accent, open shelves can also serve as storage space for small items.

18. White Pantry Shelving

Source: https://pin.it/7hM23xM

You can find a variety of options for your pantry shelving, but white is one of the most popular choices. If you want to add some flair to your kitchen, you can create your own white wrap-around shelves. To achieve this look, you will need to build custom shelves for your pantry. You can use baskets, risers, or a combination of both. A white pantry will help you to easily identify all the items.

19. Pantry Floating Corner Shelves

Source: https://pin.it/7kEKXfA

Floating corner shelves can provide great functionality and storage for your pantry. These can be mounted flush to the walls with the use of brackets and screws. If you’re planning to install this type of shelf, you’ll find that there are a variety of ways to do so. It will help you to properly utilize corner space for storage.

20. Small Pantry Shelving Ideas

Source: https://pin.it/7oO7fSH

A small pantry can look cluttered and bare without the proper storage. There are many options for storage, from pull-out drawers to baskets. If you don’t have the room to install shelves, you can always add a few trays to the top of the wall. This will help keep your supplies organized and easy to find. You can even buy small storage boxes that will fit perfectly in your pantry, such as reusable plastic ones.



If you’re looking to organize your pantry, you’ll need to choose the right type of pantry shelving. Depending on your storage needs, you can use different types of pantry shelving ideas. Choosing the right type of shelving depends on the size of your pantry. If you have a large pantry, consider installing multiple-tiered shelves. If your pantry is small and cluttered, consider installing shelves above the doors. We have discussed 20 different pantry shelving ideas to organize your 

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