12 Best Pet Gates


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3 months ago

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Depending on your household, your pets, and how precocious they are, you will have different needs in a pet gate. Not only do they have to protect the pet from whatever they could get into, but ideally, they’re not a complete eyesore and aren’t a hassle for you to pass through multiple times a day.

No matter your needs in a pet gate, this list will be your one-stop shop for every pet gate specification you could think to ask for. Big dog owners, little dog owners, or owners of cats with crazy climbing abilities, you can find what you need at a price you can afford.

Best Pet Gates

3-in-1 Arched Metal Superyard Dog Gate, Bronze

3-in-1 arched metal superyard dog gate, bronze

This gate’s appealing bronze metal bars are stable enough to be free-standing or mounted to the wall. It stretches across 12 feet of space to close off extra-wide doorways. For a self-enclosed playpen, it offers 10 square feet of room. Not only can you move and transport it to meet your needs for each day, but you can also remove panels to shorten the length of the gate or to adjust the angles at which each panel meets its neighbor. There is also an auto-close or stay-open feature on the door, allowing you to control the flow of pet traffic. Standing 30-inches high, this pet gate is best for small and medium-sized dogs. It may not contain a cat, but it looks nice and will fit in nearly any space you need it to fit.

Scandinavian Pet FLEX Large Extra Tall Dog Safety Gate

scandinavian pet flex large extra tall dog safety gate

In neutral white, the extra tall gate is just over 41 inches tall and spans 41 inches wide. It is adjustable for many different kinds of openings, is crafted from strong, durable, powder-coated steel, and comes with a mounting kit for easy installation. Coming in and out of the gate is easy for you, hard for your pets, as the door features a double-locking handle. Operable from both sides, it locks automatically when closed. If you need to move the door in a hurry, quick-release fittings on the gate’s panels allow you to remove the gate without tools. For your chewers, the powder coating is non-toxic. This pet gate is best for medium to large dogs, jumping cats, and families who need a lot of mobility through the gate.

Frisco Steel 8-Panel Configurable Gate and Playpen

frisco steel 8-panel configurable gate and playpen

With three color options available, this eight-panel pen and gate can be adjusted into eight different configurations. Easy-to-press buttons are all that it takes to remove panels and modify the width for your space. As a free-standing playpen, all 190 inches of width create a spacious enclosure. As a stable pet gate, anchors secure the enclosure to the walls, and the door swings in both directions. It can be opened from either side, and closes itself as long as it’s left open at less than 90 degrees. Easy installation makes this a super-adaptable option for small and medium-sized dogs and families that may need to adjust or store their gate often.

PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Petgate for Dogs

pawland wooden freestanding foldable petgate for dogs

This pet gate is designed to look nice, be free-standing, and close off small areas for your small pet. If you’re the kind of person who hates the look of pet gates, this option is for you. It won’t keep larger pets from stepping or jumping over at just 24 inches tall, but its non-slip feet, adjustable z-shape, and 80 inches of width are a great fit for small dogs and families that might need to move and adjust it daily. If you just need to keep your pet out of one room at a time or away from a specific area, this lightweight, appealing wood gate is for you.

Retractable Baby Gate Mesh Safety Gate For Babies and Pets

retractable baby gate mesh safety gate for babies and pets

Opaque and retractable, this mesh gate stands at 35 inches tall and extends 56 inches in width. Its unique mesh is dark enough to give you and your pet some privacy. Because it’s retractable, you can remove the gate and roll it up for easy storage when guests are around or it isn’t in use. It can be operated one-handed with a rotating lock/un-lock feature. Most importantly, the mesh is scratch-resistant, tough, and durable. Another unique feature of this gate is that you can adjust how high you’d like to mount it, as it doesn’t have to touch the floor to be mounted. This pet gate is best for small and medium-sized dogs and other non-chewing pets. Families who have anxious pets that need a private environment and like adjustability would love this highly-rated extra-affordable option.

Carlson Pet Products Mini Tuffy Expandable Gate with Pet Door

carlson pet products mini tuffy expandable gate with pet door

While short at only 18 inches in height, this petite pet gate comes with a 9-inch door. If you need one pet to have access and for another to stay out, this might be your savior. Older pets or less agile pets won’t be able to jump the gate unless the pet door is open, but cats and small, agile dogs can easily jump over. For a multi-species or a multi-need household, this pet gate is lightweight but pressure-mounted to keep your curious non-jumpers from breaking it down.

Top Paw Arched Walk-Through Pet Gate

top paw arched walk-through pet gate

Another good option for families who need to restrict access to one pet and allow access for another, this pet gate has a small doggie door, great for your cats and small dogs, but the height of the gate may deter your medium and large dogs. Standing at 36 inches, this pet gate doesn’t need contact with the floor, meaning if you need to get another few inches out of it, you can mount it just a little bit higher for your larger dogs. Its steel construction and pressure mounting hardware will stand strong against pressure, but the walk-through door is easy to open and will close automatically. This door is great for families with multiple breeds and species, who need lots of clearance to step through, and who like the look of an arched gate.

North States MyPet Windsor Walk-Thru Petgate

north states mypet windsor walk-thru petgate

At 31 inches tall, 28 inches wide, this pet gate is easy to open and swings as a whole. There is no walk-through door, but the fact that the entire gate swings open makes it easy to prop open for moving things inside that are larger than just you. The installation is fairly permanent, as you screw the mounts directly into the wall. For those with mobility limitations, this gate is a great option, as there is nothing to step over. The height is adjustable, as it needs no contact with the ground. Finally, the durable steel can take a beating from your medium and large pets, but its bronze finish and clean, minimal design make it unobtrusive to look at.

Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate

cardinal gates perfect fit pet gate

Doubling as a gate and playpen, the cardinal gate is both beautiful and functional. This sturdy, free-standing construction is ready to use right out of the box. One of its five panels includes a wire pet door that latches from the outside. Stretched out, it spans over 12 and a half feet, making it adaptable to any space. Its easy-open door unlatches and stays open, with no complicated locking mechanism to pinch your fingers. For those who need a simple, elegant solution that will cover a large space and stand strong against small, medium, and large pets, this gate is an excellent option with a so-far perfect customer satisfaction rating. 

Pet Life Tension-Mount Expandable White Metal Pet Gate

pet life tension-mount expandable white metal pet gate

Great for travel, easy to move, and lightweight, this tension-mounted pet gate is supported by durable metal poles, while the gate itself is constructed of strong, polyester mesh that comes in five unique color options. The pet gate is zippered, making it easy to open and close. Its extendable metal poles allow it to stretch across a variety of doorways and its rubber ends won’t damage the walls or doorframe. Its maximum width is just under 36 inches, and it stands at 24 inches tall. For some extra height, it can be mounted off the floor. This pet gate is best for families who travel often and whose pets are small to medium-sized without the tendency to scratch, chew, or jump.

Carlson Pet Products 28”H Super Wide Heavy Duty Dog Gate Playpen

carlson pet products 28”h super wide heavy duty dog gate playpen

Designed for outdoor use, this playpen and gate is chew-proof steel and resistant to weathering. Hinges between panels allow for versatility when shaping the pen or the gate which stretches over 144 inches. The lever-style handle is easy to open, and its low clearance is easy to step over. A smaller, 9-inch doggie door can be propped open for smaller pets. With its relatively small height, this pet gate is best for small to medium pets that are hard on gates or who spend a lot of time outside. 

Mid West Graphite Glow in the Dark Steel Pet Gate 29 Inch

mid west graphite glow in the dark steel pet gate 29 inch

Expandable, pressure-mounted, and simply designed, the Mid West pet gate has everything you need with one unique feature: glow-in-the-dark reflectors. If you have to position your gate in a high-traffic area that you may need to navigate in the middle of the night, this feature may prevent you from taking a tumble or getting a bruised knee as you feel around for the handle. This pet gate is best for small to medium-sized pets and families that may need to remove and replace the gate often. If you find yourself fiddling with the latch on your current pet gate in the dark, this simple and affordable option might save you future late-night frustration.

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