6 Best Places to Buy Cheap .45 ACP Ammo Online


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January 2, 2023

If you shoot, you know ammo is hard to get consistently right now. But while everyone is feeling the squeeze, owners of guns that shoot .45 ACP might be feeling it the most. Since .45 ACP is so popular, the ammo shortage hurts us twice as bad. If you have been rationing your range visits, it might be time for you to start ordering your ammo online.

Best Places to Buy Cheap .45 ACP Ammo Online

Palmetto State Armory

palmetto state armory

Anytime you’re looking to buy ammo in bulk, Palmetto State Armory is a great place to check. They usually have the best prices for larger quantities of the most popular calibers, including .45 ACP. Their cases of 1,000 rounds are generally fairly affordable, and you may be lucky enough to get additional deals on top of the already affordable price.

Palmetto State Armory does have a history of slow shipping times, but that has improved within the last few years. They even have free shipping sometimes when you order a case. If they don’t have a shipping deal going on, you can expect to pay up to $30 for shipping.



One of the best places to shop for guns and gun-related tools, it comes as no surprise that Brownells is also a prime spot for ammo shopping as well. Considering they are such a large name in the sporting goods world, they can offer some very impressive pricing and selection on their ammo. If you spend a lot of brass at the range, their bulk ammo deals can save you a ton of money.

Sportsman’s Guide

sportsman’s guide

If you’ve ever shopped at Sportsman’s Guide before you know that they have just about anything you could want or need from a sporting store, from tools and gadgets to outfits, guns, and of course, ammo. While they do have some pretty respectable pricing for their ammo, be sure you get a Sportsman’s Guide membership before you head to the checkout. In most cases, if you’re buying more than a box or two of ammo, the membership will pay for itself before your ammo gets to your door.

Kentucky Gun Company

kentucky gun company

Another fantastic option for buying in bulk, Kentucky Gun Company is a great resource for buying 500 or more rounds at a time. Some of the available ammo even comes in cases of 2,000 rounds. Even better? Their prices are actually pretty affordable. You don’t have to worry about spending insane amounts of dough to stock up on the ammo you need.

True Shot Gun Club

true shot gun club

As the largest ammo dealer in the state of Arizona, True Shot Gun Club is known for its fast shipping and competitive prices. Not only are they the top dealer in Arizona, but they’re also in the top 10 in the whole country. They have great variety and customers are generally happy with how quickly their ammo reaches their door once their order has been submitted.



LuckyGunner is one of the best online ammo shops around. Not only are they incredibly competitively priced, but they have so much of it in stock. They have a great option to filter all ammo by what is currently in stock and available, which helps cut the time it takes to find what you need. 

Additionally, when you choose your ammo and check out, they ship the same day if it’s early enough, or the next day if not. This means LuckyGunner puts your ammo in your hands faster than some other sources. If you’re a resident of Texas, you get a break on sales tax as well, so they are a prime option for those in the Lone Star State.

Why Is .45 ACP So Popular?

When it comes to stopping power, speed, and expansion, the .45 ACP ammo is still by far one of the most popular types of ammo available, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at the numbers for some popular loads.


We all know that shooting a soft target causes the round to expand on impact. Some rounds are designed to expand maximally, giving you the most interior damage, while some other rounds are designed to be more highly penetrative. For hunting and self-defense, you want big expansion, to make big holes, and drop big targets. .45 ACP rounds expand to more than twice their original diameter, giving you nearly an inch-wide projectile.

Stopping Power

If you’re looking to stop an aggressor, the .45 ACP is a powerful option that can stop someone in their tracks quickly. The kinetic energy imparted by a .45 ACP round is simply staggering, and while you can get vital strikes with 9mm rounds up to 75% of the time, that number jumps another 10% when you’re sending .45 ACP. 85% vital strike is incredibly impressive.


Even the slowest .45 ACP rounds will still be traveling at about 850 fps, but newer rounds can pack a lot more speed into each shot. Even if you aren’t using +P ammo, you can see speeds of over 1,000 fps on hard cast 255-grain rounds, and speeds that top 1,300 fps when using a 185-grain load. These loads will absolutely translate to stiffer recoil, but that’s the price you pay for excellence, right?

Why Buy Ammo Online?


The prices of ammunition fluctuate a lot, so being able to buy online allows you to shop around for the best deal. Sometimes you will find that your local shops have better deals than online stores, but that isn’t always the case. 

Your best bet for finding the most affordable ammo available is to shop locally and online so you can compare prices. This is quicker and easier than even calling around to your local ammo shops, and it allows you to price out the exact rounds that you want.


When all of the local pawn shops, ammo stores, and big box stores are out of ammo, what do you do? One of the best things about online shopping is that you are bound to find what you are looking for somewhere. You may end up spending a bit more, but if you can’t find your ammo anywhere else, it may be worth the extra cost.

This is crucial for those who shoot uncommon or rare calibers. You are probably already having the hardest time sourcing ammo consistently for odd sizes, and buying online can eliminate that problem, and keep your rare calibers fully loaded.

Buying in Bulk

Another benefit of shopping online for ammunition is that you can often find better deals on bulk ammo. While you may be able to find a box or few locally, buying in bulk is almost always a better deal than purchasing smaller quantities of most things. Not only are you able to find most ammo types in bigger amounts, you’ll probably see a larger variety of available ammo.

This is great for those in both rural and metro settings, where buying a lot of ammo at once may be challenging. When you buy online, you can have the option to buy single boxes of shells, as well as 10-box and even 100-box deals. Even if you don’t plan on chewing through that much ammo, you can almost always get a shooting partner or gun-friendly neighbor to throw in on a bulk by, so you both get it cheaper and easier than a ride to the local Walmart.


This might be one of the most significant reasons that most people decide to start buying their ammo online. While you can generally stop into the local sporting goods store or pawn shop and get a few boxes of ammo on the way to the range, it’s not always a guarantee that they’ll have it in stock, and if they do, do you really want everyone in the place knowing what you’re buying?

When you buy ammo online, you can shop for as many boxes as you want, and have them shipped directly to your home. This means that no matter how much you’re buying, what kind you’re buying, and how often you buy, the only people that need to know about it are you and your ammo supplier. The privacy adds even more value when you start buying ammo for your whole collection online, so you can keep your ammo needs and caliber assortment under wraps.

Why Is Ammo So Hard To Find Right Now?

While everyone has their own hypothesis, the answer comes back to freshman year economics. Supply and demand. The plain truth is, that for whatever reason, people are buying much more ammo than normal over the past year or two, which has put logistical supply chains under considerable strain.

If you have tried to find ammo at a retailer recently, you’ve probably seen the effects of this on the ammo shelves. You’re often stuck buying what they have, and paying what they want for it. Buying online can not only get you a better and more consistent ammo supply but by cutting out the middleman you can often get better prices as well.


No matter how much .45 ACP you go through, and whether you spend it at the range or plinking at home, you can probably benefit from a solid ammo source that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. No matter what kind of loads or features you need, there really is no reason not to start buying your ammo online.

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