25 Best Practical Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen


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4 months ago

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You should have a variety of storage options in your kitchen. Cooking equipment, plates, bowls, and other small appliances can be stored in cabinets, drawers, and shelves. 

It’s critical to find the best solution for your specific needs, and there are several options. Separate dividers for cutlery, plates, and other kitchen essentials are included in some systems. Others can have slanted shelves for spice jars or knife blocks to keep your knives organized. 

While cooking in a small kitchen can be challenging, it can also be very functional. You can make your kitchen appear larger and more open by devising clever storage solutions. 

Consider adding additional shelves, stackable bins, and other creative storage solutions. These inventive ideas will not only give you more space in your kitchen, but they will also save you a lot of time and frustration searching for the items you require. 

Best Practical Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

While it is possible to make good use of your limited space, it is critical to include storage solutions to maximize its potential. These solutions can be as simple as a pull-out pantry to store extra food and mugs or as complex as a combination of various types of storage units. 

Whatever your requirements are, there is a solution that will allow you to maximize your space while saving money. A small kitchen can benefit from a variety of storage options. 

Using small kitchen storage solutions will help you achieve an ergonomic design and a clutter-free space. Open-plan kitchens are becoming more popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own storage space. 

1. Utilize the Corners


The best way to maximize the space in your small kitchen is by making the corner as functional as possible. You can install a small cabinet in the corner to store small items, or you can use floating shelves to accommodate larger pieces. Either option will make the space look open and uncluttered. They also offer additional storage space and will hide plenty of mess. A 3-tier corner storage rack is an attractive option. It will help you organize all of your smaller items. It can be used for jars and spices, which are usually stored on your countertop.

2. Add Hooks for Storage


If your kitchen is small and you want to add storage space, consider hanging hooks. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to hang. They allow you to hang a variety of items. You can use it to hang all your pots and pans along with other kitchen accessories. These storage solutions can dramatically increase your kitchen’s storage space.

3. Use Window Sills for Storage


Kitchen window sills are a great place to store things. The placement of your window can determine what you can store on it. If the window faces your kitchen sink, you can store cleaning supplies there. Or, you can store spices and go-to staples on the ledge. By using this space, you can free up cabinet space and organize your cabinets. 

4. Use Cabinet Tops


One of the cheapest ways to create storage in a small kitchen is to make use of cabinet tops. The idea is to use open shelves to display items. This is especially useful if you have many pots and pans and don’t want to use your existing pantry space. Instead of keeping utensils in a drawer, you can keep them on top of the cabinet to save space. 

5. Hang a Pegboard


Hanging a pegboard in a small kitchen is a simple and useful way to maximize your storage space. There are many options when it comes to pegboards, and you can easily customize the design to match the size and shape of your kitchen. You can also paint the pegboard any color to match the rest of your kitchen’s decor. This simple equipment helps you to hang most of the kitchen items.

6. Take Advantage of Fold-Down Table


A fold-down table is a great way to maximize the available space in your kitchen when it’s not in use. This type of table has hinges or support pieces that allow it to easily unfold and store items while allowing you to make full use of the space. Its large surface area makes it ideal for placing heavy objects, such as pots and pans. The tables are also a practical choice for households that have limited countertop space.

7. Use Floating Shelves


One of the best ways to maximize your kitchen’s storage is to use floating shelves. These shelves give the room a clean, linear look. You can place your glassware on the uppermost shelves for easy access and mix and match colors. You can also place basic water glasses and wine glasses on the lower shelves for quick access.

8. Use the Top Space of Fridge 


When designing your kitchen, make sure the space above the fridge is clean, organized, and well-used. Depending on the size and shape of your refrigerator, you may need to get creative with the items you store above it. You can keep a box n top for storing small containers of vegetables, yogurts, applesauce, and drinks. It is perfect for storing pantry items. 

9. Wooden Ladder for Storage


One of the most cost-effective storage ideas for a small kitchen is a wood ladder. You can use a wooden ladder to store your utensils. If you don’t have room for a traditional under-the-sink cabinet, install a few wooden ladder shelves above it to create a storage area for the rest of your kitchen. This is a great way to store a variety of items, from pots and pans to baking sheets and muffin tins. 

10. Use Small Utility Cart


There are many different types of kitchen carts available. A utility cart can have a countertop, hutch, or cabinet. It can also have shelves and drawers. It can be used as a place to keep extra dishes and cleaning supplies, as well as laundry soap. To utilize space in a small kitchen, you can take advantage of a small utility cart.

11. Pull-Out Rack


If you are looking for a kitchen storage solution that will save space and keep your items organized, a pull-out rack can be a great solution. These organizers are customizable and can match any type of cabinetry. They can also fit almost any kitchen space, making it easy to reach all the items you need. 

12. Extra Kitchen Shelves


For small kitchens, shelving is an effective solution. Shelving not only makes more space available but it adds texture and color to a kitchen. Shelves are also a great option when you don’t have enough cabinet space. Shelves can be built into cabinets, or you can buy shelves with shelf inserts, which double the shelf space. You can also use the wall space to hang pots and pans using hooks.

13. Under the Shelf Mug Storage


Using an under-the-shelf mug rack to store coffee mugs and other items in your kitchen can make a huge impact. You can choose a rustic look by using reclaimed wood shelves and S-hooks. Industrial style can be achieved by using black pipe and heavy-duty S-hooks. It will help you to save storage space.

14. Hanging Kitchen Organizer


A hanging kitchen organizer is a practical way to store items without taking up too much floor space. These devices are inexpensive, versatile, and can be customized to fit your needs. They are a great solution if you need extra cupboard space but can’t afford to buy a larger one. It can be easily hung on the back of a pantry door or on any surface.

15. Under Cabinet Storage


If you want to save storage space in your kitchen, you can use it under cabinet space. One clever solution is to use the space under the shelf as a pot rail. You can hang utensils and pots and pans on these, which will free up counter space. Similarly, you can hang mugs from the shelf.

16. Over the Sink Dish Drainer


An over-the-sink dish drainer can help free up valuable counter space in a small kitchen. You can simply keep the dishes in the drainer above the sink after you are done cleaning. It will help you to save space on the counter. 

17. Countertop Bottle Organizer


One of the biggest challenges of a small kitchen is the lack of space. The best solution to this problem is to install a countertop bottle rack. While this is more expensive than a countertop shelf, it can save you a lot of wasted space. A good bottle rack can make your counters more useful by maximizing space in odd corners.

18. Narrow Spice Rack


If space is an issue, then you might want to consider a narrow spice rack for your kitchen. These small-sized organizers are made of plastic and are relatively easy to install. Some models include two shelves, while others only have one. For a smaller kitchen, a single shelf might be adequate, but you might want to get a second one later. 

19. Under the Cabinet Glass Storage


If you’re working with limited counter space, under the cabinet glass storage may be the answer. You just need to install a hanging glass holder under the cabinet and use it for keeping all the glasses. It will help you to save a lot of space.

20. Door Attachment Rack for Storage


If you’re looking for more storage space in your kitchen, a door attachment rack might be exactly what you need. This simple yet effective rack is made of durable plastic baskets and a lightweight metal frame. You can attach it to the door and use it for storage.

21. Lid Storage on Cabinet Doors


One of the easiest ways to add extra storage to your kitchen cabinet doors is to install a lid rack. These storage systems can be mounted on cabinet door surfaces or can be wall-mounted. They’re an excellent choice if you have limited space and need additional storage for a few different kinds of lids. 

22. Wall Mounted Glass Holder


Wall-mounted wine glass holders have become increasingly popular and are a great solution for crowded countertops, small spaces, and even bar tops. It can hold up to 12 wine glasses and is adjustable. You can easily install it on the wall for glass storage.

23. Hanging Fruit Basket


A hanging fruit basket is a practical, beautiful way to organize fresh produce in your kitchen. It can be placed above a counter or beside a sink, so you can easily access the fruits and vegetables you’re about to eat. Not only does it free up counter space, but it also helps keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and prevents bruises.

24. Add-On Cabinet Drawers


One of the easiest ways to maximize space in your kitchen is to add cabinet drawers. By adding hidden drawers, you can use unused space for extra storage. For example, a false front drawer next to the sink can be converted into an out-of-sight place to store cleaning supplies and other items.

25. Hidden Trash Unit under Cabinet


A hidden trash unit under a cabinet in the kitchen can be a great way to save space. Rather than putting a large trash can in the middle of the kitchen, you can hide your garbage can from view by putting the bin under a cabinet.


Storage space is the biggest problem with a small kitchen. You need to organize everything cleverly to make the kitchen look spacious. We have discussed the 25 best practical storage ideas for a small kitchen. You can use these ideas to transform your small kitchen and make it look spacious as well as enjoy more storage space. 

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