5 Best Rifle Bi-Pods


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August 22, 2022

A bi-pod is a useful tool with two legs that allows you to mount your rifle on anything. Mounting your gun means that you have less weight to carry, allowing for a more accurate shot. Rather than moving around constantly looking to compensate for instability, you can balance your rifle, making for more subtle and less cumbersome adjustments.

5 Best Rifle Bi-Pods

1. Accu Shot Atlas V8 BT10

accu shot atlas v8 bt10

The Accu Shot Atlas V8 BT10 is a lightweight mount made from aluminum and durable stainless steel. Crafted from quality materials, the Atlas is built to last and can stand up to significant use.

This product feels like it is high quality. The knurling adds grip, and the legs are sturdy and reliable, giving minimal lateral movement, and leg extension is fast but solid. When in use, the appliance can withstand weight and pressure from the shooter.

One of the Atlas’s greatest features is its five independently adjustable leg positions that can extend between 5” and 9”.  It also allows up to 180° of front-to-back adjustment. It is a truly versatile bi-pod that can be used in every scenario.

Switching between the various positions is seamless with button controls. This versatility is one of the key aspects that sets this bi-pod apart from others.

Another key feature of the Atlas is that it is available with three different attachment options:

  • Quick-detach Picatinny lever mount
  • 2-screw Picatinny mount
  • No-clamp mounting option

Although the Atlas takes some getting used to in terms of set-up, the process becomes second nature once you do. As a precision rifle bi-pod, no other option matches what the Atlas has to offer.

The major drawback of this product is the price point. It is a very expensive bi-pod. However, if you’re a precision shooter who prides themselves on having the best quality equipment, this is the best choice for you.

2. Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount

harris s-brm bipod sling swivel mount

Harris bi-pods are renowned for their quality. Harris has been one of the go-to brands for gun owners for many years. Although there are cheaper products out there, this Harris S-BRM offers excellent value for money.

The bi-pod is ultra-lightweight, weighing just 13.5 oz. It has an extension range of 6 – 9”. The legs are spring-loaded, meaning they can be deployed very quickly. The legs notch at 1” increments, allowing you to choose an exact length. As an important feature to many, the Harris S-BRM is made in the USA.

This product is durable despite the light weight. It is made predominantly from aluminum alloy and contains steel fixtures. Several areas of the bi-pod are covered in an anodized coating, making it resistant to scratches.

Available in an industry-standard leg length of 6 – 9”, this is the perfect height for prone shots. The feet are removable, allowing you to install whatever materials are best suited to your shooting surface. You can purchase specialized feet for specific surfaces, such as sharp metal for firm dirt or rubber for shooting tables.

One of this bi-pod’s nicest features is that it has a sling swivel stud, allowing you to attach your sling if you wish. It doesn’t impede freehand shooting even if you’re bracing with the sling.

The QD-style lever allows fast and easy installation and removal. It never feels like a chore when you’re using this bi-pod.

As great as this bi-pod is, it has its limits. When dealing with high caliber, heavy-duty, long-range rifles, you may experience significant bounce and movement. While you can counteract this by replacing the feet, a heavy and bulky weapon may require a sturdier bi-pod.

3. GG & G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod

gg & g xds-2 tactical bipod

The GG & G XDS-2 tactical bi-pod is an extremely durable product. The design is based on the popular XDS model used by the U.S. military. There are some new features to the upgraded bi-pod, with the most notable improvements contributing to durability and flexibility.

The XDS-2 has great panning capabilities. It can pan 20° left or right of the center position, allowing for fast adaptations and adjustments. The panning mechanism is operated by a thumbnut tension adjustment that’s very easy to use. It also has canting capabilities of 25° left or right of the center position, also operated using an easy to manipulate thumbnut tension adjustment.

This bi-pod is built for combat. GG & G developed this product to be used for years of range and hunting trips. The XDS-2 is manufactured from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. All connection points and fasteners are extreme duty for maximum durability.

Every aluminum component of this bi-pod is bead-blasted and Type III hard anodized to meet mil-spec. The non-reflective matte black combat finish looks great and offers excellent camouflage in foliage-dense environments.

Despite the durable finish, the XDS-2 is relatively lightweight at just 15 oz. You’ll have no issues adding this accessory to your backpack. If you experience issues with the durability of this item, it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The XDS-2 is compact when not in use. The silent spring lock leg deployment ensures you can be stealthy at all times. Once deployed, the legs can be locked at a variety of angles, depending on the terrain. In some cases, this bi-pod can be used as a vertical grip (however, this is illegal in certain locations).

As standard, the XDS-2 comes with durable rubber feet. They are replaceable, meaning you can adapt to whatever conditions you need.

4. Accu Shot PSR Atlas Bipod

accu shot psr atlas bipod

The Accu Shot Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) Atlas bi-pod is used for the USSOCOM Sniper Rifle system. It is a robust, agile, and reliable accessory that’s developed for combat. This bi-pod is manufactured mainly from 6061-T6 aluminum, with 7075-T6 used to strengthen the inner legs. The legs use heat-treated, stainless steel components and are mil-spec Type III hard coat anodized.

With such high-quality materials, there is no doubting the strength and durability of the PSR Atlas. However, it’s important to note that a military-grade product demands a very high price point.

The leg extension mechanism is activated by pulling the ferrule away from the rifle, then sliding the outer leg-sleeve into position before releasing the ferrule. The locking mechanisms allow the legs to be adjusted at ¾” increments. Each leg is equipped with a spring-loaded stainless steel pin, allowing for five different angle adjustments.

The PSR gives 15° panning capabilities left and right of the center position. It also gives canting capabilities up to 15° clockwise or counterclockwise. Your rifle is mounted via Picatinny rail mount.

If you’re willing to pay the hefty price tag, you won’t be disappointed with this bi-pod. It is strong, stable, durable, smooth, silent, adjustable, lightweight, and easy to get used to.

5. Caldwell XLA Fixed Model Bipod

caldwell xla fixed model bipod

The Caldwell XLA Fixed Model bi-pod is an affordable option that is more than capable of handling various shooting scenarios.

Weighing 11.2 oz., the XLA is super lightweight. Despite this, it is surprisingly stable. The spring-loaded legs deploy and retract quickly, with a considerable amount of force. They are notched at ¾” increments, allowing for a variety of height adjustments.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the Caldwell XLA is its pivoting function. It has a pivot plate that allows your rifle to swivel up to 20° left or right of the center point. This function works well in keeping the crosshairs level on all types of surfaces and gradients. The tension on the pivot plate is controlled using a tension knob and lock nut, giving you further control.

While it doesn’t have the level of build quality of an Atlas bi-pod, the XLA is manufactured using aluminum and stands up to significant wear-and-tear. The feet, knobs, and mounts can be replaced or upgraded when necessary.

If you’re in the market for a quality bi-pod but don’t have an abundance of funds available, the Caldwell XLA Fixed Model is the product for you.

Importance of a Bi-Pod

A common misconception is that bi-pods can only assist with prone shots. While this is traditionally what they’re used for, bi-pods have been developed to improve a variety of shot types. It has transitioned from a basic accessory to a significant shooting aid, helping you to get a more accurate and steady shot from a host of different positions.

Whether you’re a hunter, a competition shooter, or in the military, a bi-pod is an essential piece of equipment. When acquiring targets, the bi-pod allows you to adjust to even or unlevel surfaces, ensuring you keep track of your prey.

For shooters looking to reduce fatigue and overall muscle tension when shooting, a bi-pod is a worthy investment.

What to Look For

Durability is a sought-after feature, no matter what product you’re buying. Bi-pods are manufactured using various materials that have a significant impact on the longevity of the product. Some of the best materials include aluminum, carbon steel, polymer, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. Materials and durability are especially important when you’re out in the field in changing weather.

You also need to consider size and static or swivel styles. If you intend to use your bi-pod to aim in multiple directions from a single position, swivel bi-pods are an excellent choice. If you want to use your bi-pod to improve your forward-aim at the range, a static bi-pod may be a better style for your needs.

6 – 9” Bi-Pods

These can vastly improve shooting accuracy in the prone positions since this height is the most stable for bi-pods. While this size range offers support when you shoot, these bi-pods are often too small to clear certain vegetation. Steep uphill shots are also difficult with this type of accessory.

10 – 14” Bi-Pods

If your 6 – 9” bi-pod doesn’t give you enough space to shoot over tall grass or vegetation, a 10 – 14” may be your best solution. While these give you better range in certain circumstances, they are usually less stable than the smaller variant.

12 – 27” Bi-Pods

This size of bi-pod gives you considerable support and range for long shots. For the average person, this is the perfect size for shooting when sitting down. You should be able to shoot over virtually all grass or foliage with a bi-pod of this size. It can also make steep uphill shots easier.

The major drawback with a bi-pod of this size is that it can be unstable. Prone shots are impossible because the bi-pod is too big.

Add Confidence to Your Shots

A bi-pod adds stability and flexibility to your rifle shots. Added stability can help you develop confidence in your shooting, eliminating unwanted shakes and wobbles.

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