6 Best Rollaway Beds


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5 months ago

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Important as sleep is to human health, so too are beds and bedding. In recent years, as living space has become smaller, rollaway beds have not only offered the perfect solution for cramped or limited living space, they have been a godsend when visitors, friends from out of town or other sorts of guests stayed overnight and at times, unexpectedly prolonged their stay. Rather than have them sleep on the couch and dirty it, or have to disturb them early in the morning when the couch-cum-bed has to turn back into a couch again-for those of us with one, the rollaway bed has often come to the rescue. 

Easy to set up and more convenient and comfortable than having our overnight guests sleep on the couch or, worse still, on the carpet or floor, rollaway beds have over the years become an invaluable treasure for newly-weds, dorm rooms, apartments, and guest rooms. Often coming with a storage bag in which they can be easily stored away when not in use, rollaway beds continue to be highly sought after. This is so much so that ever since coming onto the market, so many new makes, models and brands of roller beds have been produced and marketed. 

Consequently, today, there are so many types of roller beds for us to choose from. Spoilt for choice as we are, at times we are at a loss as to which rollaway bed is the best to buy. In this article, we guide you through what to consider when buying a rollaway bed.

Best Rollaway Beds

Don’t have the time to go window-shopping for rollaway beds? No worries, we have brought the rollaway

Leusuit Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold Out Bed

leusuit rollaway guest bed cot fold out bed

Made from metal, the Leusuit Rollaway bed comes with a three-inch memory foam mattress covered in Oxford cloth support. For durability, some Leusuit Rollaway mattresses are water-resistant. Accessories are the name of the game for the Leusuit. It comes with a carry-on bag that has a zippered closure with a padded interior, wheels (roll-it-away), a telescoping handle and, above all, a Cot Fold Out Bed for those occasions when your guest or family member comes with a child. Available as a single or twin, it’s quickly un-foldable for assembly into a bed for your guest or a family member. The Leusuit is just about right.

Karcog Rollaway Folding Bed

karcog rollaway folding bed

For your peace of mind, the Karcog Rollaway Folding bed frame is made from durable reinforced premium steel. Its not-too hard-not-too-soft mattress is made of one and a half-inch memory foam. The mattress comes protected by a removable and washable cover. Not too big nor too small, this rollaway has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. Space-saving potential is great-unfolded it takes only 12 and 8 inches of room. Unfolded, the Karcog Rollaway’s storage space is only 1.5 feet wide by 2 feet long. Folded, it comes with a protective cover to keep away dirt and dust.

Zinus Traveller Elite Folding Guest Bed Frame

zinus traveller elite folding guest bed frame

As its name implies, the Zinus Traveller Elite Folding Bed is a comfortable and compact bed ideal for those who travel. With an alloy steel frame and a twin-sized four-inch foam mattress with 0-5-inch fibre padding, its quality is unquestionable. It comes certified by Certi-Pur-US-peace of mind in this age of counterfeits. It is easy to both set up and take down and is lightweight. At a weight limit of 250lbs, the Zinus comes with a 2-5-inch pressure-relieving foam that makes it therapeutically comfortable to sleep on. Open, its length, width and height dimensions are 31″ x 75″ x 17″- good spacing saving potential. Folded, it makes a 14″ high steel folding frame. This makes it easy to store or, when necessary, transport. Just yet another of its convenient attributes.

Gold Star Mattress Rollaway Guest Folding Bed Cot

gold star mattress rollaway guest folding bed cot

Similar to the Karcog, this rollaway guest folding bed cot is made from premium quality steel tubing that has double reinforcements and stabilizing legs. Its foldable memory foam mattress has a 600D Oxford cloth for washable durability and protection. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it is more than ready for your large-size guest. Folded, it turns into a cute compact seven-inch thick box-shaped structure. Best of all, it is easy to assemble. Even little Scott can do it.

Milliard Diplomatic Folding Bed 

milliard diplomatic folding bed

Made of alloy steel, this twin-sized rollaway with a weight capacity of 300 pounds is both practical and reliable. Its overbuilt extra-durable base brace and a reinforced full-steel lattice frame make it strong and steady enough to enjoy your sleep without any qualms. In case of any accidents or it simply becoming dirty, it comes with a washable mattress cover. Described as a platform bed, the Milliard unfolds to be 75″ long by 38″ wide to accommodate two people. You will never be separated from your spouse. When folded, this rollaway has a 14-inch thick profile and stands on smooth wheels for storage or transport. With a mattress that can be stored in the box it came in, the Milliard Diplomatic Folding Bed-Twin Size is perfect for traveling. The bed can easily be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. It is convenient too, as it can fit easily in the trunk of a car and is perfect for use at home, in the office, or hotel room. On the downside, the Milliard has been accused of having a painful stiff mattress and, because of its size, of being difficult to fold.

Coleman Comfort Smart Deluxe Cot 

coleman comfort smart deluxe cot

Weighing in at over eight kilograms and with a length, width and height of 25,59 x 5,51x 37,4, respectively, the Coleman Comfort Smart Deluxe Cot Bed’s heavy-duty steel and aluminium makes it durable and yet light. Its soft, comfortable, leak-proof mattress ensures that the air bed’s coil construction supports the contours of your body as you comfortably sleep. It is designed with the oversize in mind as it can support up to 300lbs. Its portable design is a plus. Also, it has an 11-side tables pullout design that includes cup holders. However, while it ticks all the boxes on material, weight capacity, mattress and accessories, some consider it too heavy and, because of its size, not always so easy to fold up. 

Quick Guide to Rollaway Beds Considerations 

Rollaway beds are undoubtedly an excellent option for individuals and families with limited space and looking to save whatever little space they have. Most handy for quickly, easily and conveniently making an overnight guest comfortably sleep in the living room, guest room or office that ordinarily does not have a bed, they are one purchase item you shouldn’t purchase in a hurry. Versatile, space-saving and convenient as they are, you should do some research first, so that you make an informed decision.

When you are in the market to buy a rollaway bed, SEVEN aspects to pay close attention to are (i) space-saving-potential (ii) frame material (iii) weight-carrying capacity (iv) mattress quality (v) accompanying accessories (vi) fold-ability (vi) size. Let’s quickly elaborate on each of the above for you.

  • Space-saving-potential

With our living space becoming ever smaller and yet family members living longer, the last thing you want to buy is a rollaway bed that’s not going to save you that much space. Worse still, one that is going to be inconveniently in the way. Among the objectives of buying a rollaway bed, therefore, is to conveniently save as much room as possible. As such, its space-savingability becomes extremely important. Simply put, always consider how many inches or yards of space your rollaway bed will take, both when unfolded and when folded and stored and stored away.

  • Frame Material 

When buying a rollaway, surely the last thing you want is for it to give way under you. In this vein, the material used for its frame becomes an important consideration. Ideally, it must be made from durable and reinforced materials like metal or steel which are strong enough to carry the weight of the sleeper. 

  • Weight-carrying capacity

Oftentimes, the frame material speaks to the rollaway bed’s weight carrying capacity. Your ideal rollaway bed must have a weight-carrying capacity of not less than 100lbs. Just about enough to sleep two pre-teen children on. When it comes to rollaway beds, the more weight-carrying capacity, the better. 

  • Mattress quality

As with the frame material of your rollaway bed, the quality of your mattress speaks to its durability and comfort. In this regard, your rollaway bed’s mattress must not be too soft or too hard. If it comes with a washable protective cover for both the mattress and the folded frame, then the better. This speaks to the accessories accompanying your rollaway. 

  • Accompanying accessories

These days, as with so many other value-for-money products, when it comes to rollaway beds, accessorizing is also the name of the game. Although perhaps contrary to space-saving, having your rollaway come with accessories is value-adding and, more often than, a convenience.

  • Fold-ability

Yes, all rollways can fold, but the question is how easily and quickly a rollaway can be folded and unfolded. Our rule of thumb is that your rollaway must be able to be set up by a five to seven-year-old. Always check how easily and quickly you or your children can fold and unfold the rollaway you have your eye on. 

  • Size

Again, like accessories, and depending on your space situation, this just might go against the whole objective of saving space. However, as it may be, you never know what size guest or how many might decide to drop in unannounced. Whilst the size of a rollaway should matter, we think that sometimes the bigger and wider it is, the better and best the buy. 

Where to Buy the Featured Rollaway Beds?

Well, you might not be happy to hear this, but unfortunately, they being some of the best rollaway beds currently on the market, they are not easy to find or, according to Amazon.com, are out of stock. 

However, if you are keen on obtaining the one which has taken your fancy, search for it on Amazon for the latest stock information on the featured rollaway and where you can obtain it. 

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