8 Best Scopes for .308 [2022 Guide]


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September 12, 2022

In 1952, Winchester introduced the .308 cartridge to the commercial market. The round quickly became the most popular short-action, big-game cartridge in the world. The .308 can produce velocities of 2,800 ft. per second.

The .308 is a fast cycling round for self-defense and big game hunting.

Best Scopes for the .308 Winchester

The following post highlights eight of the best scopes for one of the most potent rounds ever created. Dozens of optic manufacturers create an entire series of scopes for powerful cartridges such as the .308 Winchester.

The most significant feature of the scopes below are that they stand up to the rigors of firing a powerful round like the .308.

Leupold VX-3I 4.5-14×40 Duplex

leupold vx-3i 4.5-14x40 duplex

No optics list can be compiled without including one of the premier scope builders in the World. Leupold began its rise to the top in 1914 as a Land Surveying company.  Everyone in the family was avid outdoor enthusiasts and continues to the present day.

Leupold VX series features 16 separate models, going from 1.5×20 to 6.5x 20. It should be remembered the .308 is an excellent long-range cartridge, but its effective and ideal range is about 400 yards. The 4.5-14X40 fits the bill nicely.

The Leupold VX is an excellent tool in low-light, harsh environments. It is a rugged scope with a lightweight design.  Leupold’s world-class technology is clearly evident in the VX. The Elite Optical System provides glare reduction, advanced light transmission characteristics, and top-notch resolution imaging.

Leupold’s duplex reticle on the VX offers precise target acquisition. The duplex crosshairs were invented in 1962 and have made it the most popular reticle in the world.

Features of the Leupold VX

  • Elite Optical System offers unmatched light transmission and clarity
  • The second focal plane scope is ideal in low-light situations
  • Zero Lock and Zero Stop eliminates accidental changes
  • Hardened Matte Black finish
  • Elevation and windage adjustment range of 189 MOA

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6 24X50

vortex optics crossfire ii 6 24x50

Once you have purchased any gear from Vortex, you become a member of Vortex Nation. A growing group of active outdoor types includes the military, law enforcement, and avid shooters worldwide.

Crossfire II features one of the most accurate reticles on the market. The Dead-Hold BDC features a customized hash-mark design that eliminates guesswork on holdovers. A great reticle for varying hunting conditions.

Several options make this an excellent scope for the money, such as the nitrogen purged, O-ring sealed tube for complete water, and fog proofing. The large 50mm objective lens and 30mm tube helps with optimal light transmission in low-light situations.

Generous eye-relief at 4.0 inches makes the Crossfire a comfortable and accurate .308 Winchester scope.  At only 23.6 ounces, the Crossfire will not throw off the balance of your rifle. All air to glass surfaces features an anti-reflective coating, increasing light transmission to the shooter’s eye.

Vortex crafted the Crossfire from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum for ultimate rigidity. The strength of the tube withstands the brutal impact recoil of the .308.

Features of the Vortex Crossfire II

  • Turrets allow for quick re-indexing  to zero
  • Fast focus eyepiece for fast reticle focusing
  • Windage and Elevation adjustment at 40 MOA
  • Resettable turrets are capped
  • Proprietary coatings on all glass surfaces

Accushot UTG 3-12X44 30mm

accushot utg 3-12x44 30mm

Accushot’s UTG affordable platform has many of the same features as more expensive scopes.  Such as the nitrogen purging, making the UTG completely fog and waterproof.  The UTG is a great scope that is excellent for the 400-yard range of the .308 Winchester

A 30mm tube features emerald-coated optics for maximum light transmission and clarity. Another innovative feature is the one-click illumination memory.  The system puts you back to the last used illumination setting.

Optics are designed with a dedicated circuit housing design making it perfect for illumination under heavy recoil. Accessible turrets feature a side-wheel adjustable feature for parallax adjustment. The side wheel is ready for a unique big wheel to achieve significant parallax adjustment.

Turrets are zero locking and zero resetting with ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustment.

The UTG features a mil-dot, etched glass reticle for precise accuracy with a built-in Tact-edge for integral reticle sun-shade.

Features of the Accushot UTG

  • Large Objective lens diameter of 44mm
  • Eye relief of 3.3 inches, with an exit pupil of 3.7mm
  • Lifetime warranty
  • E Z Tap Illumination System

Athlon Optics Argos BTR 6-24X50

athlon optics argos btr 6-24x50

Athlon is one of those companies in the outdoor world that base its entire philosophy on innovation and technology. Engineering and strategic corporate alliances are making Athlon Optics a must-see company in the optics world.

The Athlon Argos BTR is a versatile scope in several hunting and shooting disciplines. The scope features a zero stop system with Athlon’s True Precision technology. When it comes to build quality, The Argos checks all the boxes. The BTR is crafted from precision grade 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum for durability with the hard pounding recoil of the .308 Winchester.

Argos is deadly accurate with its 6X to 24X zoom. Accuracy to 1000 yards is possible with the Argos. Unfortunately, shooters must deal with the shorter eye relief of only 3.3 inches. In low-light environments, the illuminated reticle makes dead-on accuracy much more effortless.

Couple the crisp, clear optics with its illuminated reticle, and you have one of the finest scopes on the market in low-level light situations.

Features of the Athlon Argos

  • First focal plane scope for quick target acquisition
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 50mm Objective lens
  • Windage and Elevation MOA adjustment of 60 MOA
  • Weight at 30.3 ounces

FSI Sniper 6-24X50

fsi sniper 6-24x50

FSI’s Sniper is perfect for long-distance target shooting rather than hunting applications. The Sniper features multi-coated optics with an aircraft-grade aluminum tube. Rigidity and durability showcase the Sniper’s ability to handle the heavy recoil of the .308.

O-rings and nitrogen-filled tube keep water and fog out to reduce glare and abrasion. Turrets are ball bearing type for highly accurate adjustments down-range with a superior feel.  Windage and elevation turrets are easily locked for secure settings with click values at ¼ MOA.

The reticle on the Sniper is a standard range estimating mil-dot. The glass-etched reticle features an optional illuminated setting in either red or green.

Multi-coated optics lets the shooter make advanced adjustments, including the objective lens for parallax distortion-free targeting. Adjust the lens from the front for quickly optimizing clarity without hassle, making the Sniper excellent for long-range situations. However, the battery requires frequent replacement.

Features of the Sniper

  • Affordable
  • Sunshade and scope rings are included
  • Eye relief at 3.3 inches and lightweight at 26.2 ounces
  • The effective range for the Sniper is 400 to 600 yards with the .308

Primary Arms SLx 4-14X44mm

primary arms slx 4-14x44mm

This first focal plane scope is an affordable option for long-range accuracy right in the .308 Winchester’s ideal range of 400 yards. Primary Arm’s put their scopes through rigorous testing for demanding hunting applications.

The rigid SLx tube is made from a high-grade aircraft aluminum block. Tube diameter of 30mm keeps the weight at 23.9 ounces and makes it compatible with a range of rings and mounts.

Primary Arms SLx is both durable and rugged due to its tube construction with a hard-anodized finish. SLx uses a mil-dot MRAD reticle for precise accuracy and holdover. An illuminated reticle on the SLx helps with quick engagement in short-range environments.

Target images are kept sharp and clear with a side turret parallax adjustment. The unique design of the SLx makes the scope well worth the money.  Primary Arms has built six brightness settings and features an on/off notch to see between settings.

Turrets on the SLx are well made with audible and tactile signals. Windage and elevation adjustments are a precise 1/10 MOA per click. The scope features a zero-stop system that resets itself. Total elevation and windage adjustment are 17.5 mils.

Features of the Primary Arms SLx

  • Large 44mm Objective lens
  • Eye Relief of 3.14 inches
  • A Tactical style turret system

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical 6-24X50

vortex optics diamondback tactical 6-24x50

If long-distance targeting is what you are after, this is the scope. Diamondback has excellent optics and advanced features in all the right areas. Diamondback is an affordable option for any hunting or competition shooting application.

With the Vortex Diamondback, shooters can easily target 1000 yard marks and beyond. Experienced shooters and beginners can feel the quality of this scope from the outset. The FFP scope has a simple design but still feels comfortable with long-range targets.

Extra low dispersion glass increases fidelity and sharpens the image as the range is extended. Vortex uses a proprietary coating on all glass surfaces, increasing light transmission, resulting in clean, crisp images across magnification settings.

Technology is abundant with the first focal plane reticles. Images remain in proportion, no matter the zoom level. Subtensions at all magnification levels allow the shooter to have precise holdover on their targets.

Reticles are designed with two glass layers with intricate etching, allowing for durability and precise targeting. The EBR-2C is a hash marked ranging design that gives the shooter excellent windage and holdover corrections.

Constructed from a solid block of premium-grade aluminum, the 30mm tube is designed for strength and rigidity. O-rings and nitrogen purging keep the Diamondback clean of all debris.  Heavy-duty construction reduces the recoil impact of firing the .308 Winchester.

A hard-anodized finish keeps the glare off the shooter and camouflages their position.

Features of the Vortex Diamondback

  • Premium spring system ensures repeatability
  • Precision glide erector system
  • Fast focus eyepiece with a generous relief of 3.9 inches
  • Magnification ring facilitates quick changes
  • Lifetime warranty

Burris Scout 2-7X32

burris scout 2-7x32

Burris is an international brand that sells everything from rifle scopes to crossbows. The company’s advancements in thermal optics are really impressive. If it’s sporting gear with optics, more than likely Burris has a product to match.

Burris designed the Scout for working rifles or fighting carbines.

Burris Scout is right up the alley for firing the .308 Winchester. The scope is a short to medium-range optic with a low profile for excellent targeting.  One outstanding characteristic of the Scout is it allows placement well forward on the rifle. This characteristic allows for other gear to be added if the shooter wishes.

Another advantage to the Scout is that it uses a lens with a greater diameter than most other scopes. This feature allows for a lot of light to be introduced to the shooter’s eye resulting in a clear image no matter the situation.

The slim optics make it possible for shooters to keep their eyes on the target while moving at speed.  A Ballistic Plex reticle is an effective trajectory compensating aiming point for hunting most big-game.

The Burris reticle is an uncluttered design that is ideally suited for the .308. Every piece of glass in the Scout is multi-coated for brightness and clarity. Coatings eliminate glare while providing nearly 95% light transmission.

Low-profile turrets are finger adjustable and reflect the change in point of impact for pinpoint accuracy.  A double internal spring system allows the scope to hold zero through the shock of firing the .308.

Features of the Burris Scout

  • Hand fitted assemblies and affordable scope
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Due to forward position, an incredible 9-inch eye relief
  • Hard anodized matte black coating
  • 39 mm Objective lens
  • Elevation and windage adjustment of 66 inches at 100 yards

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