6 Best Shooting Gloves


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January 16, 2023

No matter where you live or the typical weather you shoot in, you want to protect your hands using shooting gloves. Shooting gloves are specifically designed to keep your hands safe from heat, dirt, grime and more while you are out hunting or shooting.

To make sure that your hands are properly protected next time you go shooting, you should select a pair of shooting gloves that are trusted by other hunters and shooters. Below, you will find reviews of the six best shooting gloves to ensure your hands are completely protected.

The 6 Best Shooting Gloves

Mechanix Specialty Vent Coyote Gloves 

mechanix specialty vent coyote gloves

The Mechanix Specialty Vent Coyote Gloves are a great choice if you tend to be shooting in a hot or humid environment. Unlike many other shooting gloves, these gloves are not designed to protect against frostbite and other cold conditions. Instead, they are for use during hot weather.

Since you can wear these gloves during hot weather, you don’t have to worry about your hands being uncomfortable. All the while, you get to protect them from your gun. 

Key Features

  • Great for shooting in hot conditions 
  • Breathable design 
  • Comfortable 

Magpul Core Technical Lightweight Work Gloves

magpul core technical lightweight work gloves

Our runner-up is the Magpul Core Technical Lightweight Work Gloves. It makes sense that these gloves are listed high up on our list since this brand is known for making a variety of firearm accessories, not just gloves. All Magpul products are incredibly durable, including their gloves.

These gloves are specifically designed so that they are form fitting that soft. This material allows you to easily control the gun while still feeling nice around your hands. The wrist even has a special elastic form so that the glove stays tight around your wrist without slipping off or being too tight.

Key Features

  • Lightweight yet durable 
  • Does not bunch around fingers
  • Great comfort 

5.11 Tactical Men’s TAC A2 Glove

5.11 tactical men’s tac a2 glove

If you have large hands, you know how difficult it can be to find gloves that fit you properly. Luckily, the 5.11 Tactical Men’s TAC A2 Gloves are specifically designed for hands that are bigger or wider than usual. With their versatile design, you don’t have to worry about the gloves being either too loose or too tight.

Plus, the shooting gloves are incredibly durable. They come with a Teflon coating to ensure that they last a long time.

Key Features

  • Fits wider hands 
  • Versatile design 
  • Highly durable 

Below, you’ll find the six best shooting gloves. Each one of these gloves has been tested by a variety of other hunters and shooters for their effectiveness, warmth, and overall protection.

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Delta Utility Gloves 

pig full dexterity tactical delta utility gloves

The FDT Delta Utility Gloves are some of the best hunting or shooting gloves out there. These gloves make it easy to handle your gun all while keeping your hands protected. In other words, these utility gloves offer maximum dexterity and protection at the same time.

What really allows these utility gloves to stand out from the rest is that they make you feel as though you aren’t wearing gloves at all. It uses a thinner material so that you can pull the trigger easily. The other fingers are also adjusted according to the shooter’s needs. 

Key Features

  • Many styles 
  • Great dexterity 
  • Touch screen capable 
  • All fingers specific for shooting needs
  • Moisture wicking 

Tactical Half Finger Gloves

tactical half finger gloves

If you are highly concerned about dexterity, these Tactical Half Finger Gloves might be the pick for you. What makes these gloves stand out from our past two options is that the tops of the fingertips are cut off. As a result, these gloves do not inhibit any of your dexterity.

Still, these gloves offer great protection for the majority of your hands. The palm area is surrounded by a thick EPA sponge so that your hand is protected from any shock. Plus, the palm has an anti-slip feature so that you have just the right amount of friction.

Key Features

  • Half-finger design 
  • Wear-resistant 
  • Highly comfortable and protective 

Beretta Men’s Mesh Half Finger Shooting Glove

beretta men’s mesh half finger shooting glove

Finally, the last product on our list is the Beretta Men’s Mesh Half Finger Shooting Glove. These gloves have a half-finger design for ultimate dexterity. They even come with a textured palm and are designed to minimize sweating, all while cushioning your hand against the recoil of your gun.

Key Features

  • Enhanced dexterity 
  • Textured palm 
  • Minimize sweating 

What Are Shooting Gloves? 

Shooting gloves are basically exactly what they sound like. They are gloves that you wear specifically whenever you are shooting a gun. The purpose of these shooting gloves is to provide protection from the gun itself, as well as to protect your hand from the weather.

It’s important to note that shooting gloves are not the same as regular gloves. Shooting gloves are specifically designed to protect your hands while shooting. At the same time, they will not inhibit your shooting abilities.

Shooting Gloves Vs. Regular Gloves

As mentioned above, shooting gloves are not the same as regular gloves. As a result, you should not forgo shooting gloves just because you have regular gloves in your closet. Wearing regular gloves when shooting will not protect your hands properly, and it could make it more difficult to shoot.

Here are the more specific differences between shooting gloves and regular gloves:

Shooting Gloves 

Since shooting gloves are specifically designed to aid when shooting or hunting, they fit very snugly around your hands. The snug fit allows the gloves to insulate your hand and protect them during the shooting process without infringing on your shooting abilities.

Because of the super-tight fit of these gloves, you will easily be able to feel and manipulate the gun’s triggers, safeties, and other critical parts you need to touch during the shooting process.

Regular Gloves 

In comparison to shooting gloves, regular gloves are primarily used to keep your hands warm whenever you are outside. Because of the nature of these gloves, they don’t have to fit as snugly. They just have to fit so that way they stay on your hands and keep them warm.

If you were to wear regular gloves while shooting, it could make the shooting process next to impossible. Because of the looser fit, you will not easily be able to manipulate the different gun parts while hunting.  Consequently, the shooting process can be more difficult and potentially more dangerous since you don’t have as much control over your hands.

Benefits Of Wearing Shooting Gloves

The biggest benefit of wearing shooting gloves while hunting is that they protect your hands from the weather. This might not be as important during the summer, but these gloves will prevent frostbite, feelings of numbness, or feelings of cold hands during the colder months.

Because shooting gloves will protect your hands while shooting in the winter, it can also result in a safer shooting experience. Since you are fully able to feel your hands, you have more control over the gun you are wielding.

Another benefit of shooting gloves is that there are tons of types to choose from. Some shooting gloves are designed to keep your hands safe from the elements, whereas others are used to protect your hands from wood and other items you may come in contact with while shooting.

Are There Drawbacks To Shooting Gloves? 

Even though shooting gloves can do a lot for protecting your hand, there are some drawbacks. Most importantly, Shooting gloves are highly expensive. Because they are specifically designed to keep your hands safe during the shooting experience, they are typically made with more durable materials and with a snug fit, resulting in higher prices.

Another drawback of shooting gloves is that they don’t last very long. Since they will be exposed to some seriously tough conditions, they don’t last as long as regular gloves that you only wear when you are cold. This makes the high price of these shooting gloves an even bigger drawback.


In conclusion, make sure to protect your hands when shooting by selecting superior shooting gloves. Any one of the gloves above will be able to protect your hand without inhibiting your movement. Select your gloves by comparing when you intend to use them and where. You can throw them in your range bag and they don’t take much space. So if you’re not sure if you’ll need them, you can still have them.

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