10 Best Sit-Up Pillows – Your Back Will Thank You


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3 months ago

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We are constantly told that it is best to keep our bedroom for sleep and sleep alone. So many experts advise us that it’s not the place to spend time lounging on the bed reading or watching Netflix. 

But who are we kidding? The bedroom is a sanctuary; a place where we can retreat and get away from the chaos on the other side of the door. When we are ill, it is our haven or the perfect place to spend a rainy Saturday, and it is the one space we associate with peace and comfort. The last two years have made this even more the case. So many of us had to endure long isolation and quarantine periods and needed all the entertainment we could get. The problem is, sitting on your bed can seriously compromise your posture and damage your back. Even the best mattresses are designed for you to lie on, not sit on. And propping up your pillows is not the way to solve the problem. 

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to get comfortable when you are trying to relax. If you are not adequately supported, you end up with tight shoulders, headaches, and neck pain. Fortunately, innovation is on the case. And there is now a wide range of sit-up pillows available to ensure that your series binge or reading marathon doesn’t come with unfair consequences. Here’s a few of the best and brightest in pioneering, posture-protecting pillows that will make those lazy days on the bed far more ergonomically sound. It’s time to settle in and get comfortable. 

Best Sit-Up Pillows

Casper Backrest Pillow

casper backrest pillow

The Casper Back Rest Pillow is innovative in its simplicity. It is ergonomically designed to promote proper posture while providing lumbar support. The pillow has two layers to maximize comfort. The inner layer is firm, ensuring maximum support, and the outer layer is soft and supple for a sense of wellbeing and coziness. In addition, the cover is removable and machine washable in case of any unforeseen coffee spills.

Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

linenspa shredded foam reading pillow

The Linespa reading pillow fits in perfectly with any classic, understated bedroom aesthetic. It is covered in a soft velour fabric in a choice of stone or navy. Available in three sizes, it accommodates the whole family. It is filled with high-quality, shredded memory foam, and it molds to your shape yet offers firm support. The Linespa pillow can be propped up on your headboard but it is stable enough to provide freestanding support too. In addition, the pillow comes with removable neck support and a handle that makes it easy to carry. 

Cascadia Essentials Reading Pillow

cascadia essentials reading pillow

The Cascadia Essentials Reading Pillow is lightweight and designed with aesthetics in mind. It has generous proportions to accommodate adults and children alike comfortably. The reading pillow provides excellent back support and is perfect for post-surgery recovery. The Cascadia Essentials pillow has a removable headrest that can double as a footrest and is fitted with a cup holder and pockets for extra convenience. The memory foam filling and soft velour cover will ensure ultimate comfort.

Vive Health Bed Wedge

vive health bed wedge

Available in white or brown, the Vive Health Bed Wedge will subtly complement any décor, and its 4-in-1 design allows for multiple levels of incline. It can be used to elevate your back or your legs, and its memory foam filling molds to your shape. The Bed Wedge can also be used as a pillow when sleeping and helps prevent snoring, acid reflux, and coughing. The machine washable cover is easy to remove, and the wedge is fitted with a convenient handle to assist portability.

Lunix Lx6 3pcs Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow

lunix lx6 3pcs orthopedic bed wedge pillow

Orthopedically designed, the Linux Bed Wedge pillow is ideal to use when recovering from shoulder or hip surgery. It creates perfect alignment for your neck and lower back and is made of premium 45D memory foam. The detachable pillow is fitted with Velcro to ensure it remains in place, and its removable organic bamboo cover is machine washable, hypoallergenic, and gentle on your skin.

Yogibo Support Pillow

yogibo support pillow

The Yogibo support pillow is an excellent option for teenagers who enjoy gaming. It has a fun, modern design and is available in various colors, allowing them to express their individuality. Filled with thousands of expanded polystyrene beads, this pillow’s malleable design will enable it to be positioned precisely as you like, and it provides exceptional support and comfort. It can be placed around your waist to serve as a lap desk and the washable cover is durable enough to resist cat claw marks and damaging dog paw prints or gashes, making it the ultimate family-friendly choice. 

Zoemo Bed Rest Pillow

zoemo bed rest pillow

The Zoemo Bed Rest Pillow is larger than most competitors in its class and is designed to support your back, neck, and arms fully. It is conveniently fitted with storage pockets so you will never lose the remote, and its removable headrest can also serve as a convenient foot cushion. Perfect for bed support or as a stand-alone rest, Zoeme is filled with pure cotton and encased in soft velour. It also has a range of intricate patterns to enhance your home’s aesthetic. In addition, the Zoemo Bed Rest Pillow is the perfect breastfeeding solution, offering mom shoulder and neck support while allowing her to hold her baby comfortably and safely.

Clara Clark/Nestl Bamboo Memory Foam Reading Pillow

clara clark/nestl bamboo memory foam reading pillow

Made from bamboo memory foam, the Clara Clark/Nestl reading pillow will envelop your whole body. It has a detachable neck roll that can also be used as lumbar support, and its soft velour cover is fully washable. Available in various colors, it is also fitted with a carry handle and a pouch to hold your book, tablet, or remote. Besides all that, the ergonomic design makes it perfectly suitable as a straddling pillow to alleviate any uncomfortable pressure on your spine. This will ensure that you have a restful night’s sleep and wake up pain-free.

Angqi Supportive Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

angqi supportive foam bed wedge pillow

Ergonomically designed to provide perfect alignment and incline for sleep, the Angqi Bed Wedge is also an excellent option for those who suffer from heartburn or acid reflux. Designed to conform to your shape, it is fitted with pressure points to relieve discomfort and ensure a better night’s sleep. Perfect for comfortable reading or TV watching, this versatile pillow will hold its shape and offer many years of comfort.

Milliard Reading Pillow Bed Wedge

milliard reading pillow bed wedge

The Milliard Reading Pillow Bed Wedge allows you to customize your comfort by accessing the filling and adding or removing it to fit your personal comfort preferences. The light, moldable, shredded memory foam structure conforms to your shape, and its perfectly aligned armrests make it ideal for reading in bed. The filling is available to purchase separately, so you can extend its life by maintaining it over the years. In addition, you have a choice of sizes and colors, and the zippered cover is easy to remove and wash.

What to look for in a sit-up pillow

A good quality sit-up pillow will ensure that you can sit for an extended period of time without placing strain on your back, hips, and neck. It also allows for better circulation and breathing, as your ribcage is not compressed. There are many benefits to sit-up pillows, but it is essential to choose a product that has good ergonomics in mind. A good sit-up pillow will not do you any good if you don’t use it consistently. When using it on your bed, ensure it is firmly against the headboard to allow for extra support and sit up as far up as you can. Look for a durable material that is easy to clean and choose a good quality memory foam or densely beaded inner product.

Why are ergonomics important?

An ergonomic design is created with its user’s wellness and health in mind. Whether it’s from sitting slouched on the couch all day or being at your desk, our bodies are not designed to sit for prolonged periods. Ergonomic furniture items like sit-up pillows, bed wedges, supportive keyboards, and specialized chairs are designed so that you aren’t hunched over, worsening your posture. Ergonomic furniture realigns your spine, can prevent arthritis, and even reduces injuries.

When you are in good health, productivity and wellbeing are boosted, and you can perform at your best.

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