The Best Sleeping Bags for Adults Camping in 2022


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October 20, 2022

When you go camping, your sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of gear you can bring. It’s not just about comfort and warmth; it’s about safety. A good sleeping bag will keep you warm and safe from the elements, even in extreme weather.

If you’re new to camping, choosing the right sleeping bag can be difficult. There are many different types of bags out there, each with its own pros and cons. The best thing to do is learn what your priorities are when it comes to buying a sleeping bag, then find one that meets those needs while staying within your budget.

Best Adult Sleeping Bags for Camping

The North Face Sleeping Bag

the north face sleeping bag

The North Face has long been one of the most trusted names in outdoor gear, so it’s not surprising that they’ve also been making sleeping bags for years. The North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag is one of their top-of-the-line models, and it’s designed to keep you warm and comfortable on your next camping trip.

The North Face 1 Bag has an internal temperature rating of 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it’s suitable for use in most weather conditions. It also has a comfort rating of 20 degrees F, so it’s warm enough for most winter camping trips.

The bag is made from a combination of synthetic insulation and PrimaLoft insulation. This helps keep you warm while still being lightweight and compressible so your bag takes up less space in your pack or luggage when you’re traveling with it.

The 1 Bag also features DriDown technology, which helps keep moisture out of the down filling. This keeps you drier and warmer than traditional down insulation does because there’s no risk of moisture buildup inside the bag from condensation or sweat from your body heat when you’re sleeping outside during cold weather conditions.

Big Agnes Torchlight UL 30 Sleeping Bag

big agnes torchlight ul 30 sleeping bag

The Big Agnes Torchlight UL 30 Sleeping Bag is a lightweight, mummy-style sleeping bag. It’s rated to 30°F and weighs just 1 lb. 5 oz. The Torchlight is best suited for summer and shoulder season trips where temperatures aren’t expected to drop below freezing.

The Torchlight is made from 30-denier ripstop Pertex Endurance fabric that is highly water-resistant and sheds dirt and lint easily. The interior fabric feels soft and smooth, but it doesn’t seem to be very breathable. I didn’t notice any excessive condensation build-up during my testing period.

Big Agnes uses their patented DownTekTM technology in the Torchlight 850+ fill power down insulation which increases the warmth-to-weight ratio of this sleeping bag by up to 20%. As you might have guessed from the name, DownTek also makes down more water resistant than untreated down.

There are two zippered hand pockets at chest level located on each side of the sleeping bag which are big enough for storing small items like your phone or wallet when the temperature drops below freezing at night (they are not insulated).

Nemo Riff 30 Sleeping Bag

nemo riff 30 sleeping bag

The Nemo Riff 30 Sleeping Bag is a three-season sleeping bag that can handle temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a unique design that allows users to unzip the bottom of the bag, creating an opening that allows them to sit up while they cook or read. The Riff is also compatible with the Nemo Tango Duo Sleeping Pad, which provides extra insulation and comfort.

The Riff is made from lightweight, durable materials for maximum comfort and warmth. Its shell is constructed from ripstop nylon and its lining is made from synthetic down insulation to trap heat inside the bag. The inner zipper flap prevents cold air from seeping through when you’re trying to rest in inclement weather conditions. 

The zipperless foot box allows for more ventilation and comfort during warmer nights by allowing you to kick your feet out easily if you need some extra circulation in your lower legs or calves.

This Nemo sleeping bag comes in a wide variety of sizes from short (5’2″) all the way up to long (6’8″), so you can find one that fits your body type perfectly. The bag also features a comfortable hood with an adjustable drawstring closure so it will fit snugly around

REI Siesta Sleeping Bag

rei siesta sleeping bag

The REI Siesta Sleeping Bag  is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay warm, comfortable, and dry on their next adventure. The sleeping bag features a roomy design with plenty of space to move around. It’s also equipped with a removable hood that can be zipped off during warmer nights when you don’t need extra protection from the elements.

The REI Siesta comes with an adjustable drawcord at the bottom of the sleeping bag which allows you to cinch it around your feet for added warmth. There are also two hand-warmer pockets inside the sleeping bag to keep your hands nice and cozy.

The exterior of the REI Siesta is made from ripstop nylon on both sides of the fabric which increases durability while reducing weight. This material also provides excellent water repellency so you don’t have to worry about getting wet from rain or condensation inside your tent.

Kelty Cosmic 40 Sleeping Bag

kelty cosmic 40 sleeping bag

The Kelty Cosmic 40 Sleeping Bag is a great choice for backpackers who want to stay warm and comfortable at night. This sleeping bag has an integrated pad sleeve that allows you to use your own pad inside the bag, saving you money on an extra purchase.

The Cosmic is made of durable nylon ripstop fabric and features a box baffle pattern with continuous horizontal stitching to reduce cold spots and increase warmth.

The Cosmic features a draft tube down the center zipper to prevent heat loss when zipping up the bag. It also has two zippered hand pockets on both sides that are perfect for storing small items such as phones or wallets while you sleep. The hood on this bag can be adjusted using a single drawstring in order to customize your fit.

Montbell Seamless Down Hugger 

montbell seamless down hugger

The Montbell Seamless WR 900 #3  Down Hugger is a very lightweight, compressible down jacket that’s designed for use as a standalone insulation layer or as an underlayer for cold-weather backpacking. The shell fabric is waterproof and wind-resistant, and the fill power rating is high at 900. The jacket has a slim fit, which I found to be a little too tight to comfortably wear over a fleece or insulated jacket.

The Down Hugger is designed for use as a standalone insulation layer or as an underlayer for cold-weather backpacking.

This sleeping bag has an excellent fill power rating of 900, which means it’s very light and compressible. It also has an impressive weight of just 6 oz., making it one of the lightest down jackets on the market today — there are only two other jackets in our review with this low weight (the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded and Patagonia Ultralight).

This jacket has a slim fit that works well as an outer layer when worn over base layers but might not provide enough room to comfortably wear over insulated jackets like fleece or soft shells. 

Ust Monarch Sleeping Bag

ust monarch sleeping bag

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of the wilderness, surrounded by beautiful scenery and you’re supposed to be enjoying it, but instead, you’re shivering in your tent. You’ve got a nice sleeping bag with you, but it just isn’t warm enough.

The Ust Monarch Sleeping Bag is designed to solve that problem. At 3 pounds and 9 ounces, it’s one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market today. It features a fully insulated foot box that’s designed to keep your feet warm when temperatures drop below freezing, making this an ideal choice for campers who are planning on spending a lot of time in cold weather conditions. It also features a drawstring hood that helps prevent frostbite and keep your head warm during those chilly nights as well.

When it comes to comfort, this bag will not disappoint either. The Ust Monarch Sleeping Bag uses full-length insulation quilting along with 800-fill power-down insulation which provides extra warmth for those cold nights when temperatures drop below freezing, so whether you’re camping in Alaska or Montana this bag will keep you nice and cozy all night long.

Sitka Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag

sitka kelvin aerolite 30 sleeping bag

The Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag is the perfect bag for any sleep system. With a temperature rating of 20 degrees, it is designed to keep you warm on even the coldest nights. The Aerolite 30 has a durable water-repellent shell that resists moisture, while the soft flannel lining provides great comfort. 

The integrated foot box allows your feet to move freely in the bag, while still providing maximum warmth. This bag is designed to fit inside an aerolite sleeping pad, which will provide added insulation and comfort while sleeping.

The Kelvin Thermo-Dri™ lining technology provides a steady supply of convective heat transfer directly from your body into the down insulation, keeping you warm even when wet. The Thermo-Dri™ lining also helps wick away moisture from your skin before it can cause you discomfort or chilliness.

The Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag features an advanced draft collar and zipper guard for extra protection against cold winds and breezes that can enter through open zippers. There are also two internal stash pockets where you can store items like gloves or other small gear for easy access during the night without having to get out of your sleeping bag altogether.

Big Agnes Sidewinder SL 35˚

big agnes sidewinder sl 35˚

Big Agnes has a reputation for making some of the best camping gear on the market. The Sidewinder SL is no exception. This bag is lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack and carry along with you. It’s also comfortable, as long as you don’t sleep too close to the edges of the bag.

This bag is made with high-quality materials that are designed to last through years of use. It’s rated for temperatures down to freezing, though it will feel chilly when temperatures dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 C). On the plus side, it’s also warm enough for spring and fall trips or even summer nights in cooler climates.

The zipper on this bag has a snag-free design so it won’t catch on any part of your body while you’re moving around during sleep; however, it can be difficult to open when wearing gloves or mittens because there isn’t much room between your hand and the zipper teeth.

The hood design works well when you wear a hat underneath but not so well if you don’t have one on — your head tends to collapse down into the hood and block out light from entering through the top vent holes unless you push it back up every few minutes throughout the night.

Therm-a-Rest Vesper Quilt

therm-a-rest vesper quilt

The Therm-a-Rest Vesper 45F (7C)  Quilt is a versatile piece of gear that can be used as a blanket or sleeping bag. It features a unique design that was developed through extensive research and testing by Therm-a-Rest.

The quilt is made with 900+ fill duck-down insulation. This material provides lightweight warmth, but it’s also very compressible and breathable, which means it won’t trap heat inside like some other types of insulation. The quilt comes in two sizes: Regular and Long, so you can choose the one that’s best for your height. 

Each size comes with an optional zipperless foot box which allows you to regulate your temperature more easily if you get too hot at night or if temperatures drop suddenly outside of your tent.

The Vesper has been tested for durability and has been proven to resist tears, punctures, and other common wear-and-tear issues that occur with down products over time. The outer shell is made from nylon ripstop fabric that’s both water-repellent and wind resistant so you’ll stay comfortable even when you’re caught in bad weather conditions outside on an adventure trip or camping trip with friends or family members.

Big Agnes Camp Robber Bedroll

big agnes camp robber bedroll

The Big Agnes Camp Robber Bedroll is a great choice for those who are looking for a lightweight sleeping pad that is comfortable and easy to use. The Camp Robber Bedroll has a unique design that allows you to unroll it, lay it down on the ground, and then roll it up the sides. 

This creates an air mattress-like sleeping pad that provides plenty of cushioning while still being light enough to carry around with you. The entire pad weighs just over 12 ounces, making it one of the lightest options available in this category.

The Camp Robber Bedroll comes with two pieces that can be used together or separately depending on your needs. The main piece is made from soft nylon fabric, while the second piece of fabric is sewn onto the underside of the first piece as an additional layer of padding. 

This extra layer adds an extra 6 inches in length and 2 inches in width to the pad when used together with the main piece, which we found was sufficient space for most people’s bodies when laying flat on their backs at night.

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