7 Best Slipcovers For Leather Sofas and Sectionals


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3 months ago

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If you feel the need to shield your couch from damage, you will find a slipcover for your leather sofas and sectionals, your perfect solution. Your leather couches are prone to stains, spillages, and damage brought by wear and tear. Your pets are also a great threat to your couches, and therefore, you can keep your precious sofa protected by getting a slipcover!

Best Slipcovers For Leather Sofas and Sectionals

After lengthy research, we present what we found to be the best couch slipcovers and all the information you need to know concerning them.

The Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover 1-piece

the easy-going stretch sofa slipcover 1-piece

The Easy-Going is a common household brand name. The company has been producing top-tier household commodities for a long period. The Easy-Going stretch sofa slipcover is specifically created for leather sofas and comes accompanied by an information guide with stickers and is, therefore, quite easy to put up. 

This sofa cover is also extremely soft and adds that nice look to your sofa. The downside of the cover is it does not protect your couch from liquids since it is not waterproof. The cover also comes in three size options and has more than thirty colors for your selection.

If you have pets or children, this is the perfect slipcover for you. It is easy to clean because it is machine washable. The material is breathable and therefore highly recommendable for your couch’s leather. It fits accordingly to your sofa due to its stretch-to-it feature. The stretch-to-fit fabric can be attributed to the 20 % spandex and 80 % polyester combined to create the cover.

Mighty Monkey Premium Reversible X-large Oversized Sofa Protector

mighty monkey premium reversible x-large oversized sofa protector

Looking for that fresh look in your living room? Mighty Monkey offers style and elegance, unlike the typical sofa leather slipcover that is dull and lackluster. The cover comes in different styles and colors that will augment your décor. All the styles offered are stylish and gorgeous and will leave you with plenty of options to choose from. 

But wait, there is more! The cover is reversible, giving you two different looks from one cover. Double purpose and double elegance for the same charge! It does not get any better than this. The sofa covers are also available in different sizes, ensuring a great fit for your couch. In addition, the slipcover is mess resistant and will safeguard your seats against stubborn stains.

It also comes with a manual that will ease the installation process. You are also offered guidance on measurement according to your sofa’s size. Its thick fabric enhances protection from pets and children. In addition, spills are taken off early enough and do not damage the seat’s leather. However, the cover is not waterproof but is machine washable and made with a strong fabric that is comfy and squashy.

4 Sofa Slipcover

4 sofa slipcover

If you have pets or children running and playing on every corner of the house, this is the ideal seat cover for you. It has a snug fit that works well for leather couches and is uniquely designed for each cushion to have its own cover piece, which means that it will stay firmly in place when compared to a one-piece cover. 

It is made of velvet and, therefore, suitable for homes with big pets. It is advisable to take the exact measurements when buying, since it is not designed to fit all seats.

RHF Anti-slip Sofa Cover

rhf anti-slip sofa cover

The RHS anti-slip sofa cover is the best slipcover for homes with pets. It is designed to protect the seats against the playful nature of pets and their fur.

It has four neutral colors and will go with most home decor types. It has an anti-slip grip that goes below the cushions and comes with laces pegged on the couches’ legs for security. It has a variety of sizes for both large and small sofas and can also be used on recliners. 

TAOCOCO Sectional Slipcover 

taococo sectional slipcover

If you are having difficulty finding a slipcover for your sectional sofa, the TAOCOCO sectional slipcover is your perfect choice. It is among the softest and stretchy slipcovers on the market and is designed to give your sectional seats the perfect fit.

It is also waterproof and machine washable and useful for all kinds of seats. The cover is made from premium spandex, which makes it very breathable. It is also elastic, strong, and durable, ensuring you get value for money and years of service.

It has a universal set of a two-piece cover and, is therefore, ideal for different couch styles. In addition, the slipcover has 88 % polyester and 12 % spandex, making it stretchable and flexible.

Armless Futon Cover Stretch

armless futon cover stretch

Also known as the sofa bed slipcover, this is the best sofa cover for an armless couch. It is also a soft cover made from 15 % spandex and 85 % polyester. 

The material combination makes the cover durable and a perfect fit for most armless sofas. It also has a jacquard material that ensures it recovers quickly from a stretch. This sofa cover also comes accompanied by elastic bands that enable a firm, secure fit and, therefore, ensure that it is always in place. This futon cover can also be put on a folding sofa bed with a low armrest. 

Flamingo Slipcover

flamingo slipcover

This couch cover is made from jacquard knitted material. It is also soft and comfy and offers durability since it does not get wrinkled and can fit different designs and shapes. The flamingo slipcover offers a one-piece construction, meaning that the body and cushion area are joined. The cover will fit couches from 72 to 88 inches in width. There are three size options for this cover and an array of colors to choose from. 

It also comes in a jacquard design, which makes it unique and appealing to the eye. Installing the cover is effortless, and it is also machine washable. In addition, its elastic slug ensures that it fits different sofa sizes and shapes perfectly.

What is a sofa slipcover?

Sofa slipcovers are made from different fabrics and are used to cover furniture by ensuring that they do not lose the original lining. In addition, slipcovers protect couches from any form of threat like dirt, stains, animal hair or any form of damage. Simply put, they enhance the seat’s lifespan and enhance the sitting room’s decor. 

Important factors to consider when buying slipcovers

Our guide has pointed out slipcovers that we think you should consider buying. Some covers have similar features, and it may be challenging to make the right choice between the different options available. Before making the ultimate slipcover choice, you should consider the following:

The fabric

You should consider how long its fabric will last. The fabric should be resistant to stains, easy to clean, and comfortable. If you are looking for extra comfort, ensure that you go for padded fabric. 

Choosing a fabric that will protect your precious seat from liquid spills is also highly advisable. If the material is layered, it is better for you since it will last longer. However, if you have pets, make sure to go for a fabric with a thin cover. 

Design of the slipcover

As much as you are looking for a durable slipcover, a stylish seat cover will be a great addition to your home décor. Many slipcovers come in an array of colors and designs, and settling for one that is appealing should be taken into serious consideration.

Make sure the color and style you settle for matches with the décor of your home. Covers that come in dual tones also help break the monotony of a single color. They are also advantageous, since they offer more value for money. 

Your furniture type

Slipcovers are designed to fit different types of sofas and couches, and therefore, going for the best style for your furniture type is highly recommended. Although many slipcovers fit different sofa types, it is important to get the right measurements for your specific seat to avoid instances where the cover hangs loosely.


Comfort is also an important factor to take into serious consideration. Different fabric types offer different comfort levels, with velvet offering the highest degree of comfort. Other layered fabrics also provide a high level of comfort.

In all instances, the material combination brings about comfort in a cover. However, there are thin but smooth fabrics that are also comfortable despite the thinness of the material.


There are many reasons why people cover their sofas. Some are hiding their seats from wear and tear, while others simply prevent the seats from being damaged. Some homeowners cover their seats because of their kids and pets.

Whatever the reason is, it is advisable to buy a slipcover that is stylish and goes in sync with the specific purpose at hand. A slipcover might be too good, but because of serving the wrong purpose, it might end up failing to offer the needed support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sofa Slipcovers

How many slipcover pieces are required for a seat?

When you have more slipcover pieces, it means more sofas are being covered. Most slipcovers are designed to have less than three pieces, and you will require a 2-piece set to put on a three-seater or a sectional sofa, while smaller seats require one-piece covers.

Tuck grips vs. foam inserts. Which offers the best snug fit?

Most of the slipcovers on the market are made with foam inserts, with a few exceptions having tuck grips. For the best snug fit, you should use both.

What type of cover is best for my sofa?

Nothing gets harder than removing stains from leather sofa seats. A water-resistant fabric should be your top option when it comes to your cover’s material. The material should also have the right thickness so as to serve your purpose efficiently. 

For your leather sofa, go for a slipcover with a non-skid backing. The non-skid cover will ensure the slipcover does not constantly slide over the leather seat.

How do I ensure a snug fit?

Having an elastic grip on the underside of the cover and proper tucking ensures that your cover has a proper fit. To ensure that you do not get any loose ends, you might need foam inserts and tuckers. 


In conclusion, you require a strong, durable, appealing, non-skid, and stain-resistant slipcover that will ensure maximum protection of your seat. The cover should offer comfort and be easy to set up. 

For it to be considered efficient, it should also be able to serve its purpose without strain and, while at it, give you a considerable lifespan. Once you achieve that, you will be sure that you have gotten yourself the best seat cover that will not only give you value for money but also light up your living room area and give it more life.

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