30 Best Small Bedroom Designs and Ideas


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4 months ago

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Small bedrooms can be both a blessing and a curse. They’re not easy to decorate but they’re great for creating a cozy atmosphere. However, decorating a small bedroom requires a little bit of extra thought and creativity. You’ll have to consider smart storage options for books, clothes, and shoes, how to arrange items and furniture in a tight space, and even deciding what to keep and what goes.

We’ve put together a list of the Best Small Bedroom Designs and Ideas, you’ll find something that everyone will love! These small bedroom designs and ideas will help you create your ideal aesthetic without feeling like you’re living in a cramped closet.

30 Amazing Small Bedroom Designs and Ideas for Your Next Project

1. Make It Colorful 

best small bedroom ideas 01

Source: thecraftedlife.com

You don’t want a room to be too busy but add some flare and keep it unique with a few bold pieces. From the vibrant pillows to the graphic rug and modern bed frame, this bedroom feels crisp and concise, However, there’s still tons of personality and character packed into it! Everything ties together nicely as all pieces nod to each other.

2. Turn Your Headboard into a Bookcase 

best small bedroom ideas 02

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Ditch your regular headboard and replace it with a bookcase. This will save you space and allow you to have as many storage units as possible. You can stack everything from books to knick-knacks, to even succulents. The possibilities are endless! 

3. Make a Murphy Bed Sophisticated and Stylish

best small bedroom ideas 03

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Murphy beds no longer have to be basic, you can easily personalize one of these fold-out beds and make it your own! Utilize the bed’s framework and treat it like a regular wall. Add photos, posters, paintings, mirrors, or whatever you can think of behind the bed. 

4. Combine Your Dresser and Nightstands

best small bedroom ideas 04

Source: decorpad.com

A great way to save space is to combine your dresser and nightstands. Replace one of both of your nightstands with dressers so you can store what you need and have a bedside area without compromising the amount of space you have. 

5. Add an Accent Wall

best small bedroom ideas 05

Source: squareinchhome.com

An accent wall behind your bed, not only adds a burst of color, but it can actually make a small space seem larger! This works best when you use a darker color. Dark colors read as receding to whoever is viewing the room, so a darker accent wall will visually enlarge the space.

6. Add Floating Shelves 

best small bedroom ideas 06

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

You can turn the tightest bedroom corner into a storage display with just a few wall-mounted floating shelves. There are so many unique floating shelf options out there, so don’t be afraid to be bold and try out something a little more unique! 

7. Use All The Surface Space You Can

best small bedroom ideas 07

Source: designcorral.com

One of the biggest problems with small bedrooms is finding places to put all your stuff. Especially when the bed takes up most of the space. This is where you’ll want to put your thinking cap on and be resourceful. Something like a windowsill, which you may not think of, can provide extra storage space for when there’s no space for an extra cabinet or table.

8. Don’t Overlook the Foot of Your Bed

best small bedroom ideas 08

Source: hgtv.com

Putting baskets, a storage bench, or even some crates at the foot of your bed is a great way to incorporate more storage options. This usually only takes up a foot of space but trust me the payoff is invaluable! 

9. Go Crazy with Some Wallpaper 

best small bedroom ideas 09

Source: wallsneedlove.com

Bold wallpaper may seem like too much for a small space, but a bright, bold wallpaper can really add some flare. You can cover the entire wall if you want to but you don’t have to. Just choose a small nook or a single wall to cover in a fun print, don’t worry this will still make a statement! 

10. Accessorize Away

best small bedroom ideas 10

Source: decoist.com

When it comes to small bedrooms you don’t have the room to large-scale bedroom furnishings that can give the room character, but don’t fret you can go big with your decor! Think: loud throw pillows, layered textiles, and colorful pieces of art.

11. Layer Linens 

best small bedroom ideas 11

Source: westelm.com

Layering linens is always a great thing to do no matter what kind of space you have but if you have a bed that takes up the entire space, layering allows the space to look like a stylish fluffy cloud. The trick here is to add tons of throw pillows and plush materials. Also note that a neutral color palette looks best.

12. Use a Floating Desk

best small bedroom ideas 12

Source: buzzfeed.com

Who says you need a big room to create your own workspace? A wall-mounted desk is the perfect personal desk that allows you to save space. You can use the space underneath te desk to store some things or you can leave the space open for more floor space. 

13. Add a Daybed 

best small bedroom ideas 13

Source: pinterest.com

Incorporate a daybed instead of a traditional bed and watch the amount of space you had double in size! If you don’t have an official guest room, adding a day bed in your home office or family room could come in handy. Daybed’s pull out into a trundle bed for any guests staying over.

14. Add House Plants

best small bedroom ideas 14

Source: thedailycrisp.com

You don’t always need two nightstands if you sleep alone. Consider adding plants instead of furniture. It’ll quickly bring a stylish look to your bedroom, no need for bulky pieces of furniture, plants are also great for cleaning the air in your room. It’s a win, win!

15. Downsize Your Bed 

best small bedroom ideas 15

Source: pinterest.com

If you have to sacrifice your double or queen size bed or would just like to for more floor space, don’t fret! You can make a twin bed your dream spot. 

16. Hang Lights 

best small bedroom ideas 16

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Are you looking for a great way to bring more lighting into your bedroom without compromising the space? A pendant light, or any hanging light really, will instantly brighten a room and what makes them ideal for small bedrooms doesn’t require an inch of floor or table space! 

17. Put Your Things on the Floor

best small bedroom ideas 17

Source: hopscotchdetriot.com

Stay grounded, literally. Ditch the bed frame and furniture. This allows you to have as much space as possible. Bedrooms like this offer a modern and simple look and it encourages rest, wellness, and inner peace.

18. Add/Create Vertical Storage

best small bedroom ideas 18

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Ask any small space inhabitant how they add in more storage space in their tiny apartments or homes, they’ll all say the same thing: think vertically. Whether you add wall-mounted shelves or hanging lights, you can always go up when you run out of storage room.

19. Put Stuff Under Your Bed 

best small bedroom ideas 19

Source: thespruce.com

​​There’s so much real estate under your bed, most forget that space is there. It can be maximized by using vacuum-sealed bags for clothes, shoes, books, and whatever else you’re not using them at the time. Be sure to place the vacuum-sealed bags in organized, stackable boxes.

20. Bare White Walls

best small bedroom ideas 20

Source: mydomaine.com

Paint the walls and ceiling with your choice of white paint to visually open up the space. This not only opens up the space but it also allows you to usethe colors and patterns you want elsewhere. Let colourful fabrics and furniture take center stage.

21. Lean a Mirror 

best small bedroom ideas 21

Source: havenly.com

Mirrors are crucial design elements. Not only do they let you check your reflection but they can also transform your home’s interior. They allow light to bounce around and create the illusion of a larger space. Floor mirrors and other large mirrors can be used in a wide variety of ways. They can be mounted over a vanity, placed to stand proudly in an entryway, or even incorporated into a gallery wall. Full length mirrors come in various shapes and sizes so you can find an option to fit into even the smallest spaces. 

22. Add Leaning Ladders

best small bedroom ideas 22

Source: pinterest.com

Leaning ladders are a storage option that is a great way to add wall shelving without committing to securing something to the wall. With leaning ladders you have the flexibility to move it when you want to rearrange things. They perfectly suit the tight space that’s often found in small bedrooms. 

23. Place Your Bed In Front of a Window

best small bedroom ideas 23

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

In a small bedroom, wall space is precious as I’m sure you know, so don’t be afraid to put your bed by the window. However, do keep in mind what kind of headboard is like. If you have a large headboard placing your bed in front of a window can block the much needed light. 

24. Bunkbeds 

best small bedroom ideas 24

Source: bobvila.com

Bunkbeds are commonly found in children’s bedrooms, but they’re not juse for kids! These beds are a great piece of furniture, they save a lot of space! They work great for a guest room and can free up extra floor space you otherwise wouldn’t have if a traditional bed was used.

25. Add Mirrors 

best small bedroom ideas 25

Source: decoratedlife.com

Strategic styling is key when it comes to decorating a smaller bedroom. Adding mirrors is a smart way to reflect light. Reflecting light will make any small bedroom a brighter feel and make it feel much bigger than it is. Don’t be afraid to toy around with what kind of mirrors you choose as well as how many. This could be floor-length styles or small rounded ones, the more you opt for the brighter the room will feel.

26. Mix and Match

best small bedroom ideas 26

Source: pinterest.com

Why settle for one pattern when you can enjoy a few? Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Just be sure that you’re sticking to a consistent color palette. 

27. Keep the Layout Simple

best small bedroom ideas 27

Source: idealhome.co.uk

There isn’t a 100% perfect way to setup a small bedroom. It’s suggested that you place the bed in the center of the main wall of the room. Having room to walk on either side of the bed is important not only for the room to flow but also to give you space to make your bed.

28. Add Some Bold Stripes

best small bedroom ideas 28

Source: thepennydrawerblog.com

If you’re interested in incorporating an accent wall but want more than just a solid color adding a bold stripe accent wall may be the perfect choice for you. The stripes can be vertical, horizontal, jagged stripes, colorful stripes, etc.

29. Wall-Mounted Tables 

best small bedroom ideas 29

Source: countryliving.com

Wall-mounted bedside tables makes sure every square inch is used, allowing a little extra room for more floorspace or the headboard. Wall-mounted tables are also great for curbing visual clutter. They’re about as out of the way as a piece of furniture can get, they leave room for you to stow things underneath like baskets, a chair, or even a pet bed!

30. Add a Peg Rail

best small bedroom ideas 30

Source: remodelista.com

Adding a simple peg rail to a bedroom will take yourl storage to the next level. You can hang mirrors, pictures, or even clothing items to keep things off the floor. The pegs allow for flexible storage which ensures every inch of space is used.

Small Bedroom Designs and Ideas

Who wants to settle for a regular old bedroom when you can be bold and add some character? A deisgn or idea to revamp a bedroom, whether it be big or small, can leave a lasting impression on your home’s interior! It can elevate it to new levels, even more so if you feel like the room is just missing that one things to pull everything together. What is even better is that there are plenty of ways you can decorate a small bedroom. This way, you are able to get exactly what you’re looking for whether you need just a small piece of furniture or to makeover the room completely.

If you are unsure how to decorate your small bedroom and need a place to start, then the 30 best small bedroom designs and ideas laid out above should give you a good starting point. Many of the designs and ideas are straightforward enough for beginners to handle, while some require a bit more time and patience to complete. Let us know which design or idea was your favorite! Have you completed any of the things we listed before?

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