28 Best Small Laundry Room Design Ideas


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4 months ago

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It’s really easy for a laundry room to turn into a dark closet full of dirty clothes. Creating an inviting laundry room can make household chores more appealing. Even better having a nice space to clean clothes will also encourage everyone in the house to participate in chores. We’ve put together a list of the 28 Best Small Laundry Room Design Ideas, you’ll be able to find a way to revamp your laundry room or just spruce it up! These small living room design ideas will help you create your dream laundry room without feeling like the space is too cramped. You’re proud of the rest of your home, why not love your laundry room too?

1. Rustic Retro Laundry Room

small laundry room design idea - 1


This laundry room is both cheery and rustic. With its front-loading washer and dryer, you can take advantage of the space above the machines by running a shelf just wide enough to hold laundry items. To add a little bit of humor there are laundry instructions painted on the wall inspired by a laundromat.

2. Luxurious Space Saving Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 2


This laundry room may be luxurious but it’s also low-profile. It can be placed in a closet but don’t worry it still has style. The symmetry of the cabinets provides a decent amount of storage space, while the metallic backsplash brings in some glam. The shine that comes off of the backsplash perfectly complements the shiny finishes of the washer and dryer.

3. Let There Be Light Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 3


If you’re looking for an easy way to make a small laundry room with windows appear larger is to take advantage of the natural light. The washer and dryer in this room are front-loading which allows space above them for shelves. Add storage options like wicker baskets and jars for laundry products. If you would like you can follow the image and create a space to hang freshly laundered shirts.

4. A Beautiful Laundry Room Closet 

small laundry room design idea - 4


This laundry room was designed from a converted closet. This closet has just the perfect amount of space for a front loading washer and dryer, as well as open shelving for storage. It’s neatly contained behind wooden doors for an unassuming effect.

5. Country Laundry Room

small laundry room design idea - 5


The laundry room idea takes advantage of the warmth that wood offers. Shelves stretch over both the washer and dryer as well as the wall. There is enough space between the dryer and the wall to tuck in a sorting bin. Metal bins sit on the first shelf for a variety of items while the laundry supplies are on the second shelf for easy reach.

6. Simple Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 6


This laundry room doesn’t have any special features, it just has the basics. Don’t write this option off, it works great for some. Sometimes the simple things are best! 

7. Laundry Pocket That Doubles as an Accent Wall

small laundry room design idea - 7


Some homeowners find that the laundry room fits best in a long hall. While some don’t mind their laundry area being exposed, others would rather the area be hidden when it’s not in use. This idea utilizes a sliding barn door to hide the laundry room away when it’s not in use while doubling as an accent wall.

8. Chic French Laundry Room 

small laundry room idea - 8

This laundry room puts a spin on the country french style. The serene landscape painting, sage green cabinet, and greenery basket give the room a verdant feel that is further increased by ample natural light. The rustic wood paneling and natural stone tile get a modern twist thanks to the crisp color scheme.

9. Bright White Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 9


Laundry room ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money, for example, this bright white laundry room. All this laundry room has is shelving lined with gray storage boxes and a sign saying “Laundry”. The sign was cleverly used to mask most of the exposed wiring and plumbing. Since the dryer is front-loading, you can add some decorative objects to liven up the space. 

10. Organization-Focused Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 10


This laundry room focuses on organization, it has plenty of shelving giving you room to store detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener. The open space directly above the dryer provides the perfect area for you to hang up items that need to air dry or need to be ironed.

11. Space Age Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 11


This laundry area shines with the metallic wall tile that matches the rims of the front loading washer and dryer, giving it a space-age feel. Just like some of the other design ideas, since the tops of the machines are empty, you can install shelving for more working space. 

12. Laundry Room with Decorative Accents 

small laundry room idea - 12


The white subway tile and black grout accent each other very well and leave the room feeling like an urban laundromat. The black powder-coated sconce lights and a decorative sign do a great job at bringing in additional touches of character. The open shelves provide storage space that is both convenient and stylish.

13. Gray and White Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 13


Don’t forget to utilize a paint scheme! This room has a deep gray wall, two white cabinets connected by a shelf, and an engineered stone shelf that sits on top of the washer and dryer. It’s also gray and almost perfectly matches the dark gray on the front-loading machines.

14. Play with Proportions 

small laundry room idea - 14


If you have a long, narrow laundry room you can do some creative staging to make a spacious and stylish area. Open shelving is less imposing than cabinets and the indented folding counter helps break up the space.

15. Wood Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 15


Elegant cabinetry shouldn’t be confined to the kitchen! The floor and wall cabinets in this laundry room have recessed panels and the wall cabinets have crown moldings. There is space for wicker baskets to hold separate clothing along with a clothing rod and laundry items. 

16. Compact Appliances Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 16


If you don’t have the space for a laundry room with full-sized appliances try utilizing compact appliances and installing them under a counter in the corner of your kitchen. The countertop can double as a folding and food prep station. 

17. Clothes and Pet Cleaning Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 17


It can be a pain in the butt to wash your dog in the bathtub or outside. One of the more innovative laundry room ideas on this list is to use any extra space you have in your laundry room as a pet cleaning station. This laundry room has the washer and dryer stacked on to save space. This room features a cubby for a dog bed, most likely a drawer for grooming items, and a little shower area where you can wash your pet.

18. Stack the Washer and Dryer 

small laundry room idea - 18


If your washer and dryer allow, stack them! This will save you so much space that you can either leave it open or use it for other things. Please be sure to confirm before stacking the appliances that your model can safely be stacked. 

19. Old Fashioned Meets Modern Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 19


Yet another laundry room that uses wall shelves above the washer and dryer, and for good reason! It’s a very effective setup. On one side, shelves have wicker baskets filled with freshly laundered linen. On the other side, the room is decorated with old-fashioned laundry decor.

20. Industrial Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 20


Even though this room features an industrial-sized washer and dryer, this laundry room is surprisingly compact and chic! The white paint over the bricks makes the room feel fresh and modern while the multicolored mosaic floor tile gives off a vintage vibe. The open shelving made from pipes and reclaimed wood brings in a lot of character.

21. Beachy Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 21


Foldable drying racks are one of the best small laundry room ideas. They are permanently installed on the wall so they’re up and out of the way. The pure white laundry bags, chest, walls, and ceiling contrast well with the floor and rug.

22. Layer Textures 

small laundry room idea - 22


Layering textures is an excellent way to have an eye-catching space. The black grout in the white tile wall is brought out beautifully by the powder-coated light fixture and the black metal shelf brackets. The glossy wooden countertop piece that sits on top of the washer and dryer creates a functional yet attractive folding station.

23. Make Colors Pop

small laundry room idea - 23


Whether you’re a homeowner or renter the good news is you can buy a washer and dryer in a variety of colors. In this laundry room, you can see the designer chose a brash navy blue along with the usual silver of the washer and dryer window frames and control knobs. The color of these appliances complements the neutral colors found in the doors, the walls, and the elegant turned columns beside the washer and dryer.

24. Utilize Bold Patterned Tiles 

small laundry room idea - 24


This laundry room may be small but it’s huge when it comes to style. The sleek cabinets and a striking window frame solidly match the graphic black and white tile floor that serves as a focal point. To counteract the dark colors, the room has bamboo window shades and wicker baskets to add texture and warmth.

25. Add a Backsplash 

small laundry room idea - 25


Backsplashes are an easy way to spice up a room. As you can see in this design the washer and dryer are in their wooden box. The blond wood of the box matches perfectly with the edges of the wall cabinet that sits above the machines. It also pairs well with the white subway backsplash.

26. Black and White Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 26


The glossy gray floor tiles in this laundry room are the perfect midpoint between the sharp white cabinetry and the shiny black appliances. It will feel natural to separate your dark and light clothing in this sleek grayscale laundry room.

27. Aqua Accent Laundry Room

small laundry room idea - 27


Pastel colors are not commonly used but adding a pastel color to the laundry room is one of the more creative and bright laundry room ideas. This laundry room does a great job adding just enough color where it’s not overwhelming. It has pale blue wall cabinets that match with some of the decor pieces, like the plastic buckets that contain laundry items. Wicker baskets, rolls of paper towels, and apothecary jars are filled with laundry powder and clothespins that are neatly stored on the shelves.

28. Set Yourself Up for Success

small laundry room idea - 28


Doing laundry can be a time-intensive process especially if you have a family. One way to streamline the process is to fold batches of clothing straight out of the dryer. This laundry room design features a U-shaped counter that allows for extra folding space. The black and white color scheme prevents the space from feeling cramped.

28 Wonderful Small Laundry Room Design Ideas for Your Next Project

Who wouldn’t want to revamp or create a brand new laundry room? We spend quite a bit of time in this space so any way to make the room more inviting and make the washing process a little easier is a must. A design or idea to revamp a laundry room can leave a lasting impression on your home’s interior! It can elevate it to new levels, even more so if you feel like the room is just missing that one thing to pull everything together. What is even better is that there are plenty of ways you can decorate a small laundry room. This way, you can get exactly what you’re looking for whether you need more organization or a place to wash pets as well.

If you are unsure how to decorate your small laundry room and need a place to start, then the 28 best small laundry room design ideas laid out above should give you a good starting point! A lot of the designs and ideas are straightforward enough for beginners to tackle, while some require a bit more time and patience to complete. Let us know which design or idea was your favorite! Have you completed any of the things we listed before? Have a bigger laundry room? Here are some ideas.

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