7 Best Small Recliners


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2 months ago

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The recliner seat is the most versatile furniture in any living space. You can lie down, put your legs up, and laze off after a long day. However, its bulky construction makes living areas crowded, causing many homeowners to shy away from buying the recliner seat. 

Luckily, technological advancements have transformed recliner seats into small manageable pieces of furniture without losing the comfort factor. 

Here’s a roundup of the best small recliners.

The Best Small Recliners 

Macedonia Mid-century Tufted Recliner

macedonia mid-century tufted recliner

If you’re big on the retro decor style, this Macedonia Mid-century recliner seat is an excellent buy. It features a simple construction with clean lines that give it an understated look. Macedonia uses modern materials to reinvent the traditional recliner seat design, which echoes the characteristic retro style. 

The button-tufted stitching adds a touch of sophistication, and its unique pattern adds texture without sacrificing comfort. It’s easy to assume that its small construction won’t provide the comfort of a bulky recliner seat. 

On the contrary, the seat reclines easily. Push it back and lock it in place when watching your favorite show. It’s also easy to assemble as it comes with two large pieces — the back and the seat- and four legs. However, if you’re tall, say 5’ 11, the seat might not support your head adequately when reclined.

GDF Studio Tufted Recliner Arm Chair

gdf studio tufted recliner arm chair

This seat is perfect for buyers looking for a push-back recliner. That’s because it isn’t equipped with a handle; rather, you push it backward for it to recline. The footrest also reclines quickly, allowing you to assume a comfortable position. 

With a length, width, and height of 34.75 x 28. 5 x 41’’, it has the most compact design — you can set it up in the smallest spaces. It’s also simple to put together as you only need to screw the legs and the wings into position. 

You might notice a small gap between the reclining back and the arm of the chair, which hardly affects the chair’s performance, but it might be uncomfortable for people with smaller bodies. It also comes in one color (charcoal), which is pretty limiting if you have a different color scheme on your living space.

Great Deal Waldo Leather Recliner Chair

great deal waldo leather recliner chair

If you’re looking for a recliner seat made from leather, this one from Great Deal is a good buy. Whether you want to fit it in your bedroom, living area, or outdoor patio, its compact design makes it easy to fit in any of these spaces. 

The reclining mechanism feels a little steep, but the three reclining positions — backward, upright, and downwards — make it easy to find a comfortable sitting position. The seat also has a half-recline position, allowing you to work from a laptop stand. You might need to add a pillow after some time because its back support isn’t firm, but overall, it’s pretty comfortable. What’s more, the leather upholstery makes it easy to wipe spills and fur off. 

Homall Recliner Chair

homall recliner chair

This recliner seat is a good pick for the price. Typically, leather recliner seats cost over five hundred bucks, so finding one for less than two hundred is a steal. Its beauty is that it doesn’t compromise on function or comfort. 

The reclining feature supports up to three positions between 90 and 180 degrees, allowing you to watch movies, play games, and take a nap in the most comfortable position. It’s also equipped with a footrest made from a high-quality steel frame and thick foam padding so you can stretch your legs for the longest time without getting tired. 

The footrest is also adjustable, so you don’t have to set it up when you don’t want to stretch your legs. It takes less than five minutes to assemble, including screwing in all four legs. 

Lane Home Furnishings Hi Leg Recliner

lane home furnishings hi leg recliner

This seat is a perfect example of a power lift recliner seat. It mimics the typical La-Z-Boy recliner, except it has a smaller form ideal for tiny living spaces. The company equips it with a push-back reclining mechanism providing up to three different seating positions for maximum comfort. 

The recliner feels a little steep at first but eases off after some time. It’s easy to push the chair with your body while your hands hold onto the armrests and get in and out of the chair. Its overall construction is also attractive. 

The upholstery features a good quality tapestry, while the gorgeous combination of tans and browns makes it easy to blend in with a neutral color scheme. The seat height is also pretty comfortable, as is the distance from the front to the rear of the seat, allowing your feet to touch the floor. 

Chistopher Knight Home Recliner Seat

chistopher knight home recliner seat

Are you big on minimalism but still want to enjoy the comforts of a recliner seat? This seat from Christopher Knight is an excellent buy. It has a simple yet elegant design featuring smooth upholstery and high-quality finishing. 

The manufacturer equips the seat with a push-back mechanism, allowing you to assume a reclining position by pushing it backward. To bring it back up, tilt your body forward and upward. 

The wingback design adds to its uniqueness as the two wings protect the body from drafts while the backrest enhances comfort. Its deep red color tops it all as it allows you to create a contrast to your decor or use it as a focal point in your living space.

Dorel Living Slim Recliner

dorel living slim recliner

This seat is perfect for tall people, thanks to its towering construction. Its seat height measures 17.35 inches, allowing tall people to rest their backs and heads comfortably. The seat also features thick padding on the seating area, arms, and backrest, making it cozy enough to take a nap, watch TV, and play games for long hours. 

When fully reclined, your feet hang over the edge, but if you’re tall enough, they should rest on the floor. While it’s designed to take up a smaller footprint than regular recliners, its width (31 inches) might be slightly restricting for curvier bodies. The reclining feature also takes some time to get used to because you must push it back with force. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Small Recliners 

With so many recliner options on the market, finding the right fit for your needs and space can be challenging. To that end, we’ve prepared a guide highlighting essential features to look out for when buying one. 


This is the most important feature to consider when buying a recliner seat. It’s best to measure the space before setting out to purchase one because it determines the seat’s style and size. 

Be sure to account for the doorways, windows, and the fireplace, because most pieces in the showroom may be too large for your home. Bring the measurements to the store to allow the salesperson to help you find a good fit. 


Like other furnishings, recliner seats have standard sizes that manufacturers follow during mass production. For small recliners, the width, height, and length are within a range of 29-30 inches, 39 inches, and 33.5-37.5 inches, respectively. 

Since most buyers purchase their products online, it’s best to look at the chair’s dimensions before ordering one. Be sure to compare them with top-rated recliners too to narrow down your options, because there’s a pretty vast range of seats in the category of small recliners.


Recliner seats have different designs, so you want to identify the most popular to ensure you choose one that suits your lifestyle best:

  • Two-position recliner: This is the most common type, but it has the most limiting reclining options — upright and a complete reclining position. Once you release the foot lever, the chair flattens along with the weight of the body
  • The rocker: This type can rock when upright and flatten out completely. It’s ideal for buyers looking for a recliner seat that lulls them to sleep
  • Push-back recliner: If you don’t like reaching for the lever to make the seat recline, this push-back recliner makes a great buy. It flattens out with a mere push from your back. However, this type hardly comes with a footrest
  • The wall hugger: This type is perfect for small apartments because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of a recliner without crowding a space
  • Power lift recliner: This kind is completely motorized, pushing you out of the seat and helping you to stand up. It’s ideal for people with disabilities, injuries, and those struggling to stand on their own


Check the recliner’s overall construction. Some seats have deep crevices between the armchair and the seating area, creating a space for some items to get lost. Also, check the seat’s height. Is it long enough to support your head and back? And if it has a manual recline option, is it easy to operate? Some reclining mechanisms are quite stiff, making it challenging to achieve the desired seating or sleeping position.


Leather recliners are the most popular because of their luxurious and stylish aura. The material is also durable and easy to clean. However, many other materials are now used to make recliner seats. 

Fabric upholstery is also pretty common with materials like cotton, velvet, and chenille, making excellent alternatives to leather. The fabrics are breathable and make it easy to pair with the existing décor.


A good recliner seat reclines to the desired angle and contours to your body to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue. It should also provide adequate back, leg, and head support.


What are the ideal dimensions of a small lazy boy recliner?

Their dimensions are slightly different from regular small recliners because they’re designed for taller people, i.e., 5’5 to 5’9. Small lazy boy recliners are 32-35 inches wide, 39-41 inches high, and 36-39 inches deep.

What is the difference between a wall-hugger recliner and a small recliner?

Wall-hugger recliners don’t recline backward; rather, the whole seat moves forward, making it easy to place it near a wall. On the other hand, small recliners look like chairs when not reclined, taking up a smaller space than regular recliners.

Which features enhance comfort in a small recliner?

Check if the seat has built-in lumber support and headrest. Independent support for the lower back, neck, and head allows you to have many relaxing positions. You also maintain the correct viewing angle when watching TV, reading, sleeping, or having conversations.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to look for when buying a small recliner. It’s not just about the size or style, but looking for one that enhances your comfort. The Macedonia Mid-century Tufted Recliner is a perfect example of an all-around reclining seat. The dimensions are perfect for tiny living spaces, and it’s stylish enough to complement modern decor. Also, if you’re curvier or taller, the seat height and width should guide you when picking a seat.

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