5 Best Solar Hanging Lanterns


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3 months ago

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Solar lanterns are an eco-friendly solution for everyone. You can use them to illuminate your garden, the pathways, for camping, and you can even consider them as a decoration at parties, both indoors and outdoors.

They are available in many different shapes, sizes, and sparkling intensities, so choosing this kind of product can be a little overwhelming. What are the best solar hanging lanterns? This question is tricky, and you should consider many factors. 

We examined the market and came up with five products that fit all of the factors listed in our beginner’s guide, such as charging time or charging options.

Best Solar Hanging Lanterns



The first product that is the overall best in the market is the TomCare solar hanging lantern with flickering metal flame. This product has the best features and comes at the best prices, and on top of that, it has the best rating on Amazon, which is 4.8 out of 5 stars from 5,690 ratings worldwide.


Some of the variations of this product depict the vintage look. So, if you like to create a place that will look like the old movies, then choose their Vintage White or Vintage Silver option. Apart from this option, they also offer black and bronze, for a more sophisticated look.

Maybe the lanterns are not really vintage, but their quality is a real match to the vintage kinds of products, as they are constructed from great quality metal that has a rust-proof finish, plus they are 100% waterproof. So you really don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. The only difference will be in the duration of the light that the lantern will provide. That is why they last ten hours in summer and five hours in winter.

These lanterns are equipped with flickering flames, which look like real flames, making the lanterns more attractive.

You won’t even need a battery with this product, as they are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that’s solar-powered. Before first use, charge the lantern for two sunny days. If battery capacity reduces over time, simply switch the light off for 3-5 sunny days to boost the batteries.

Please make sure you turn on the light of the lantern before charging. You should know that the bulb of TomCare is ‎LED. They provide a 45-day money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty. If you have decided to buy it or just want to know more, visit the link below.



The second product that doesn’t fall far behind is the GIGALUMI hanging lantern with 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 1,897 ratings. Customers have shared their satisfaction, and you can always check their opinions. Let us see why this product made our list.


This product can be a nice addition to your Christmas decoration in your garden or your home. With its white light and candle-like design, it will bring a sense of warmth, and it will lift up your mood.

If you charge the batteries fully, you will have light for up to 8 hours. Although they can be perfect for home parties as a decoration, they are also suitable for outdoor use. So, you do not have to worry when it is raining, snowing, or frosting. Install the batteries by simply turning the switch on and putting it somewhere without shade.

They are quite cheap if you consider that you only pay once and then they use the light of the sun to function. No wiring is needed; they just use energy from the sun. Don’t worry; they do not flicker. However, we won’t recommend this lantern for dinner in the dark as the lantern light is not that strong. If unsatisfied, you get a 90-day replacement policy and risk-free refund warranty. Order them on the link below!


yinuo light

Did someone mention retro? Do you need a flourish-like design? The third product on our list is the retro lanterns that will provide a flourish-like light in your garden, which is just the thing you need for a perfect romantic night. They have 4.6 out of 5 stars at Amazon, from 1,162 global ratings. Let’s see the highlights!


Just as the others mentioned above, these lanterns will light your pathway for eight to ten full hours. They are durable and weather resistant. So you can hang them on porches, trees, and pergolas with the hanging ring. They are made from ‎stainless steel ‎and Halogen bulbs. They will change the mood in the room.

When choosing the best place for them, make sure the solar panel is exposed to sunshine directly. They can even be placed on weaker tree limbs without issue. They can come in different colors, which is not stated when you buy them, so make sure to console about this matter before purchasing the lanterns.

Don’t hesitate about this product; these lanterns can also help you take your kids into a world of wonder. You can use them to improve the ambiance for your storytelling which will help your mood, and your delivery of the story will be better, and so will the effects from the story.



The fourth brand that made our list is the SHYMERY solar lantern, which can be great for camping or a chic, sustainable and beautiful way of decorating your roads, lawns, tables, etc. Their Amazon rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars from a 2,414 global ratings, which indicates the product’s quality.


SHYMERY solar lantern is another product available worldwide and that people have been purchasing for many reasons and occasions. 

It needs six hours to be fully charged on a sunny day, and the light will last from eight to ten hours. Unlike other solar lanterns, their solar lantern panels are made of polysilicon. This material is used as the melting point of polysilicon is higher than metal, which is perfect for a product that needs to be exposed to the sun to provide light.

It has an antique look, which can take you back in time if you are from the older generation, or it can make you feel like you live in ancient times if you are a millennial. It can help you build a time capsule in your yard, just like with the lantern of TomCare, as both products have a vintage touch.

Apart from the many latent secondary benefits, it is a cheap solution for everyone that wants to have a chic light pathway, which is the primary purpose of this product.

They use a LED light bulb, and this product is waterproof, plus it comes with an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Order this product on the link below!



The last product that we found to be worth the price is ROSHWEY. Their unique gnome lanterns can be a perfect Easter decoration, or you can also use them to create a romantic atmosphere. With the 12 led lights arranged inside (on a thin wire), it looks like there are fireflies (that don’t twinkle) trapped in a gnome ball. Their rating on Amazon is 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1,520 global ratings.


You can count on this product light for about 6-10 hours in the summer, and 3-6 hours in the winter, after an average day of charging. Turn on the switch button and let the sun do its trick and charge them. 

They are waterproof, but it is not advisable to dip them intentionally in water. Also, keep in mind to ensure the solar panel gets enough sunlight while keeping it clean on the surface. Unlike the other brands of this list, the solar lantern is made of glass, and they are breakable, so pay attention to that factor. You can’t hang them on weaker tree limbs like the YINUO solar lantern.

They provide a 45-day money-back guarantee, plus they give you a 12-month warranty. So, purchase worry-free on the link below!

Buying Guide

What is the purpose of a solar lantern?

Some of the major purposes of lanterns include:

  • Indoor or outdoor décor
  • Emergency backup for a power outage
  • Camping
  • Lighting solution for gardens or patios

For camping, it is recommended to use lightweight and durable solar lanterns. Then for emergencies, we recommend going for a collapsible and long-lasting option. If you are looking for a solar lantern for your garden area, a decorative option is the right choice. 

What to look for when choosing the best solar hanging lanterns?


If you are purchasing solar lanterns, one must have a waterproof feature, as usually they are intended for outdoors. However, you can always use them indoors if needed; they just need to be charged outside through the day.

Charging Time

We recommend going after a solar lantern that can be fully charged within 5 hours, or else the lanterns won’t provide enough lighting.

If you have an option that takes a long time to charge, we advise you to get a backup lighting option because the last thing you want is to be out of light in an emergency. 


Runtime is another essential factor to consider; it represents how long the light will illuminate on a complete charge. While analyzing the options, the best solar lanterns usually last for 12 hours. 

Charging Options

If you love to hike or backpack, you have to consider choosing a solar lantern. Solar lanterns use the sun’s energy and convert it into usable power. However, some options can also support other charging types, including USB ports or a DC socket. 


Another thing to consider is if there is a warranty. If the brands offer a warranty, then it is proof that your lantern will last longer. For example, a solar lantern with a 1.5-year warranty will last much longer than one with a 1-year long warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar lanterns lose their ability to charge when not used for a longer period of time?

Yes. Unfortunately, this can happen however the damage is minimal. For example, if you store a solar lantern with a 100% charge, it can be reduced to 95%.

Are there any things to avoid while using a solar lantern?

Heat! While they can be exposed to the sun, you should not put them in enclosed spaces where temperatures exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is considered the average lifespan of a solar lantern?

Several years. Usually, most solar lanterns last an average of 2 years. With proper patience and regular maintenance, you can even prolong the life of your lantern. On the other hand, these LED bulbs have a 30 years lifespan, so replace the lantern if it starts to malfunction, but keep the bulb.

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