8 Best Spyderco Knives


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August 18, 2022

Spyderco stands as one of the absolute knife manufacturers in the world, as they have been to produce some of the best knives in the space. And with a company that has a selection as varied as Spyderco, there are plenty of knives that stand out. Here, we will list all of the best the Spyderco knives that you can buy. Whether you’re just a dedicated collector or are looking to invest in a knife, you will find the best knife here regardless. 

Best Spyderco Knives



The Spyderco Miltary stands as one of the company’s most popular and important model, as it was the foundation of other knives like the Serve and Save. In fact, the knife stays true to its name, as it was designed for use in harsh conditions where individuals would need a reliable blade with a sturdy design.

The simple drop point blade is quite big, with 4-inches of this knife dedicated to the blade alone. Crafted from S30V, the blade is able to retain its edge very well and is remarkably sharp. It is also fairly easy to sharpen, allowing individuals to have it combat ready quickly. 

Finally, the handle for the military set the standard for the rest of their knives, which remains unchanged almost 30 years later. It features very comfortable ergonomic grooves for a powerful grip, with the top of the handle also coming with a thumb rest. It also features a very plain and minimalistic design, which works in its favor for the most part.  

Para 3 LW

para 3 lw

The Para 3 made a huge splash in the community, being an instant fan favorite for almost everyone. And while it did do very well critically, the Para 3 did have a few rough patches as well as some smaller issues. But with the Para 3 LW, they went on to fix most of these issues in a single swing. 

The bulky exterior of the blade was shaved down significantly, with the Para 3 LW coming with a very sleek design.  the textured handle ensured a very good and tight grip, which was impressive for such a thin knife. Textured grip s were further complemented by the ergonomic handle grooves and the signature Spyderco handle design. 

The blade was also a pleasant surprise, given that it was only made from BD1N material, which would allow it to retain a fairly good edge, but was not as sharp. It was also easier to sharpen for beginners and intermediates. It also comes with a pocket clip, which will allow you to easily place it in your pocket. 



The name for this knife is an interesting choice, as Chaparral refers to a bush in Western United States. Its special property is that it is able to easily regenerate or revive despite being destroyed. And throughout Spyderco’s collection of Chaparral knives, each knife has seen diverse use of materials with unique handles. 

The blade is just 0.08 inches thick and features a wonderful drop point design. It’s thickness, or lack thereof, makes it the thinnest knife in the entire market. It also gives it slicing performance unlike any other. Made from CTS-XHP steel, it’s very sharp and resistant to corrosion or rust. but with just a 2.81” long blade, it is obvious where they have made their concessions.  

As for the handles, they are very nice and thin, perfectly complimenting the knife’s thickness and its overall performance. It also comes with a back lock to hold the blade in place, with plenty of ergonomic grooves to make gripping it much easier. 



The native series of knives have never been made under the impression that they will top the charts. Instead, they were only initially making it as a cheaper alternative to some of their other models, with an emphasis that it would go to retail stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy. 

The blade features a simple drop spear tipped design, which is also good for a variety of simpler, everyday tasks. The Native, as the name might imply, is also crafted locally, which was not easy in the slightest. It is also made of CPM S35VN steel, allowing for a good balance between sharpness and edge retention. 

Handles on the Native is where it is able to shave off a lot of weight, making use of linerless construction. Compared to similar native knives that use G10, linerless construction was at least 2 ounces lighter. So with just a weight of 2.45 ounces, it is the perfect EDC blade.



The Dragonfly has a lot of things that average knife enthusiasts would not like. It has a very small size the of just 5.5 inches, with a blade that is just 2.25 inches. It doesn’t even have any exotic materials in it. Yet, it remains one of the most beloved knives in the community, simply for the fact that it is able to do so much with so little.     

The blade has the classic Spyderco shape, with a slight edge on the spine as well, making it very sharp when slicing or cutting. And with the materials that it uses, it is able to retain an edge faril well, while resisting corrosion. 

The handles have a noticeable curve to them, with a textured grip throughout the handle. With its unique shape and design, you can get a very tight grip on the knife. The knife also come in a lot of variations, allowing people to choose their preferred version.



The Delica has a rich history of use dating back to the 1990s. since then, the knife has seen a number of improvements, reaching its fourth iteration in 2006. It is easily one of the best pocket knives that anyone can have on them. It is incredibly effective in most tactical situations, and is also good for everyday use. 

It has a good blade around 2.9” long, with the entire knife rounding out to 7.125”. The drop point blade is also a; good choice, with its distinctive edge giving it the ability to easily puncture as well. And while the VG-10 material is not the most premium, it does work well with this blade. 

With a long handle, the Delica is able to give users expert control of the knife, with people who even have larger hands.  

Manix 2 

manix 2

The Manix 2 is one of Spyderco’s flagship titles, with each of its entries drumming up plenty of excitement within the community. The thing that really sets this version apart from its counterparts is that it was built for EDC use. It also comes with two other versions, which includes the Lightweight and XL editions. 

The standard version comes with a very robust 3.375” blade that is perfect for most everyday tasks. Manufactured from CPM S30V, the blade has very good edge retention and can get very sharp. 

The Manix 2 has very good handles which feature G10 scales, giving the knife a bulkier feel. Due to the bulkier materials, it is able to reach a weight of 5 ounces. But if you want a lighter version with the same blade and design, then the Lightweight version is the best choice, coming in at just 3 ounces.  

Paramilitary 2 

paramilitary 2

The Paramilitary 2 is Spiderco’s magnum opus. Everything that they add to all of their other knives exists here in some capacity. It has the drop point blade with oversized thumb hole, along with and ergonomic handle that gives an incredible feel. In fact, it is hard to talk about this knife without diving too deep into what many have already said about it. 

The blade is 3.5” long, giving plenty of room to cut and slice. The larger blade brings the entire package to 8.3”, giving it a very nice feel. At the back you can find the compression lock to keep the blade in place.

Finally, the handle also features G10 scales, without getting too bulky. It still remains a fairly manageable weight, with its clip allowing you to carry it however you wish. Complimenting the grip are the ergonomic grooves, which give you a very steady grip.  

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