Best Square Dining Tables for 8


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5 months ago

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Dining tables add functionality and style to your space. The right option makes your dining more welcoming while complementing the rest of your décor. While most people associate dining tables with a rectangular shape, a square dining table has also proven to be a more logical option for many reasons. First, they’re more space-efficient than rectangular tables. Secondly, they look better in square-shaped dining rooms. Third, they facilitate conversations as they keep everyone close by.

If you’re looking for a square table for a large household or informal gatherings, you might want to go for an 8 seater dining table or larger. However, with so many types of materials available, choosing the best dining table may suddenly feel daunting and overwhelming. If this is your problem, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we will help you choose the best dining table for eight people and learn some of the things to look out for when choosing a dining table. We will also answer all the questions you might have about square dining tables for 8.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Best Square Dining Tables

Viviana Extendable Pine Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

viviana extendable pine solid wood pedestal dining table

As its name suggests, the Viviana extendable dining table is a stylish and convenient dining table that can be extended to sit up to eight people. Featuring solid wood and reclaimed pine construction, this dining table is designed to add character to your dining area. It is also easy to assemble, clean, and move around. The functionality is excellent, and the design can match your overall décor while still meeting your dining needs. The collection includes counter height standards and occasional accents. That means you can use it to serve kids, adults, and visitors without worrying about height. The table measures 29.5″ L x 29.5″ and weighs 130 lbs.

Mercier Counter Height 53.5” Ash Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

mercier counter height 53.5'' ash solid wood pedestal dining table

If you’re looking to redefine your dining space, the Mercier Counter Ash Solid Wood Pedestal dining table is the option for you. This stylish 8 seat square dining table is made of solid wood with a jet black finish. You will like the base, which is made of solid black with irregular edges designed to add spatial and visual dimensions. You can use the table as your working desk or play board games with the kids when not dining. You will need to do a bit of assembling to get it standing, making transportation easier. The overall table measures 53.5” L x 53.5” D x 36” H and weighs 180.84 lbs.

Landgraf Counter Height 51.5” Pedestal Dining Table

landgraf counter height 51.5'' pedestal dining table

The Landgraf counter Pedestal dining table provides a vast amount of space for your family and guests. It also has a convenient wine bottle cabinet with stemware racks to store wine and other dining essentials. It is elegant for your casual dining and entertainment space. There is a built-in frosted glass lazy Suzan at the center for snacking. It also comes with a shelf above the cabinet for additional display that can also serve as temporary storage for things like phones, purses, and other items guests might have. The primary materials used to make the table are solid wood and glass. It measures 51.5″ L x 51.5″ W x 37.75″ H. and weighs 136.4 lbs.

Olaughlin Counter Height 54” Dining Table

olaughlin counter height 54'' dining table

With its rustic design and sturdy build, the Olaughlin Counter Height dining table is one of the best dining additions for any family. The stylish design offers lots of space for your living area, while the high-quality materials keep the table in position for a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. It is made of solid and manufactured wood. The Olaughlin is perfect for any space in your home, whether you want to keep it in your dining area, kitchen or use it for outdoor dining. If you’re looking for a strong, long-lasting dining table for 8, this is the perfect choice for you.The table’s dimensions are 54″ L x 54″ W x 36″ H and weigh 108 pounds.

Lovelady Counter Height 54” Dining Table

lovelady counter height 54'' dining table

The Lovelady pub table features a smooth marble top and tapered legs in a brown cherry finish. The elegant design is perfect for a family of 8, including young children, as it is easy to clean in case of spills. It is strong and durable to support all your family’s dining needs. It measures 54” L x 54” W x 36” H and weighs 200lbs. The main materials used are wood and marble. To preserve its beauty and style, avoid placing hot or cold items directly on the marble. Make sure to choose a specific permanent space for the table to avoid moving the table around, as marble tables tend to be quite heavy.

Palermo Counter Height Extendable Dining Table

palermo counter height extendable dining table

If you’re looking for a dining table that will match and complement your décor completely, the Palermo counter extendable dining table is a perfect choice for you. The table features a classic black finish with jazzy linen fabric to complete the rich design. It comes with a sliding storage base to keep your cutlery and other dining equipment. There is a 12-inch removable leaf, and the top material is made of solid and manufactured wood. The base is made of rubberwood. The table measures 60” L x 60” D x 36” H and measures 167lbs.

Andrew Counter Height 54” Solid Oak Dining Table

andrew counter height 54'' solid oak dining table

The Andrew counter dining table is the perfect definition of a minimalistic dining table. Manufacturers were keen on producing a less detailed yet elegant dining table for 8 people. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. The table is built in white and dark oak finish and a neat lean silhouette. It measures 54″ L x 54″ W x 36″ and weighs 129 lbs. The Andrew counter dining table is an excellent option if you absolutely like minimalistic furniture.

Edwardson Counter Height Walnut Solid Wood Dining Table

edwardson counter height walnut solid wood dining table

Featuring a nice dark finish, the Edwardson Counter Height Wood Dining Table adds style to your dining space and comfort for your family. The dark espresso and simple leatherette seating provide an enjoyable eating atmosphere. The square table fits eight people perfectly and features an expandable leaf that measures 36″ + 1 x 16″.” The table measures 52″ L x 52″ W x 37″ H. and weighs 250.28 lbs. The primary materials are solid wood and walnut. This dining table can add style and elegance to any family dining space, including yours.

Jake Dining Table

jake dining table

The Jake dining table is one of the most stylish dining tables you’ll come across. At a glance, you will mistake it for a luxury office table. It is an elegant addition to your naturally lit dining area as it allows plenty of space for seating and moving. The table features a clean-lined pedestal base composed of four squares and a tabletop. The simplistic style allows it to easily accent with colorful place settings while keeping your additions monochromatic. The best thing about this table is that it matches perfectly with any set of seats. The 8 seat table measures 59″ L x 59″ W. and weighs 156lbs.

Dornan Counter Height 53.75” Dining Table

dornan counter height 53.75'' dining table

Another minimalistic yet elegant 8 seat square dining table is the Dornan counter dining table. This pub height elevated table offers a contemporary style with its genuine marble tabletop. The corners are elegantly raised to keep the marble in place. The base is made of solid and manufactured wood, while the top is made from marble to add a regal touch to small dining spaces. This dining table is great for people looking for a casual dining experience with a contrasting color palette. The table measures 53.75” L x 53.75” D x 36” H and weighs 200lbs.

What to Look for in a Dining Table

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a dining table.


One of the factors you want to keep in mind when choosing a dining table is the size of your dining area. Get the correct measurements to help you find a dining table that fits your space. The space should be enough to place the table, walk around it and pull a chair out. If your space is small and you’re looking to get an 8 seater and above, go for a round or square table as they are space-saving.


Dining tables are made from many different materials, such as marble, wood, bamboo, and glass. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people choose dining tables with a solid wood base or top as it is warm for daily use. It also won’t show fingerprints and wear easily like glass tables. However, if you’re more focused on design and higher maintenance material, you can go for an MDF or glass material.


Dining tables come in four different shapes; rectangular, square, round, and oval. While rectangular-shaped dining tables are the most common and preferred, square stables and round tables are also great if you’re tight on space. Keep in mind that you can buy extendable tables or combine two or more tables. Square tables bring people together, especially in large families and big houses. The square table allows everyone to reach each other and pass items easily across the table. 


Once you know the size, materials, and shape of the table you want, your last step is choosing a style that fits your needs. For instance, if you want your dining table to go into the kitchen, you can choose a marble table that matches your kitchen countertop. You can also look for a table with cabinets to increase storage. Wooden tables are also great for naturally lit dining spaces They easily complement the décor around them, including the chairs.


1. How tall should a dining table be?

Depending on your space, you might want to focus on a counter-height dining table with a height ranging between 34 to 36 inches.

2. What is the difference between a round table and a square table?

Apart from design and shape, square tables have more elbow room compared to round tables. This is an important factor when finding 8 seat dining tables and above.

3. How do I decorate my dining table?

How you accessorize your dining table heavily depends on the space, how you use the table, the design and shape of the table.

4. How can I check the quality of a table? 

You can read reviews from previous buyers. Pay attention to negative reviews and check if there are common complaints. While there is always room for improvement, check how the manufacturer handles customer complaints before making your decision.

5. What kind of rugs can I use under the dining table?

Choose a color, material, and pattern that is easy to clean during spills and accidents. To know the size of rug to buy, measure the length of the table and add the length of the chair. 


Whether you’re looking for functionality, style, or durability, a square dining table has got all it takes to give you the dining experience you deserve every day. The type of table you choose heavily depends on your budget, style, space, and preference. We hope that this guide helps you find the best square dining table for 8.

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