The 7 Best Square G-Shocks


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January 16, 2023

For more than 35 years, Casio G-Shock watches have led the world in producing the toughest wristwatches. 

The square-shaped G-shock watches are manufactured by a variety of facilities based in Japan, Thailand, and China. 

These Casio watches are popular with everyone such as hikers, the military, and police officers due to their traditional appearance, harking back to the original watches produced in 1983. 

The modern series has been modified to incorporate new technologies and functions but still has that old-school look. 

G-Shock watches are considered among the hardiest ever produced. It boasts 200-meter water resistance, a Bezel molded using two layers of different colors, utilitarian color schemes that work well with street fashions, electro-luminescent backlight, and flash alert. 

Best Square-shaped G-Shocks

1. G-Shock: GBD200RD-4

This is one of the very latest and greatest models produced by G-Shock. 

With the sporty GBD200RD-4 newest functions, you can take your training to a whole new level. 

It’s produced in a vibrant red amongst other colors, offering both function and style. You’ll look good during your workout as well as in the boardroom. 

You can easily access the precision accelerometer measurement when tracking running distance, speed, pace, and calories burned by using your smartphone’s GPS. 

This timepiece comes in a variety of vibrant colors and while it is a more costly investment, its high quality is well worth it. 

The watch includes an auto-light switch and a selectable illumination duration of 1.5- or 3-seconds afterglow. 

The training function specs offer a display of distance, speed, pace, and other calculated values based on the accelerometer. The GBD200RD-4 comes with a Bluetooth smartphone link that allows the watch to update when connected as well as to track and plan your workouts. 

It’s a great option for health-conscious buyers, especially runners. It supports training programs and tracks your training.

2. G-Shock: DW5600NASA20

g-shock: dw5600nasa20

This newly created model is based on a NASA and Space Shuttle design to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the First Space Shuttle Launch. 

It comes in a black and white case as well as a band combination to create the aesthetic of the OV-102 Space Shuttle. 

In terms of the design, the watch has a minimalist white dial with a red NASA logo and a stainless-steel case with the engraved silhouette of the shuttle. 

The American flag is printed on the band loop and the black ion-plated buckle. 

The packaging includes a case that represents the STS-1 Mission statistics as well as an inner tin that depicts the mission’s 2-day orbit around the earth. 

The timepiece features a one-of-a-kind EL backlight graphic that displays the shuttle’s silhouette and the years 1981-2021 when it is illuminated. 

Shock resistance, 200m water resistance, a multi-function alarm add to the collectability and brilliance of this limited edition. 

It retains the original G-Shock Square look and comes with more functions than a regular DW-5600. For a limited-edition timepiece, it is very affordable with the added benefit of being extremely durable.

This is an heirloom watch that you will hand down to your grandchildren one day.

Though the case is compact, the resin strap is a little stiff. This, unfortunately, invites additional wear and tear. Some might also feel the watch is a little too gimmicky to wear on formal occasions.

3. G-Shock: GMWB5000GD-4

g-shock: gmwb5000gd-4

For anyone who has a taste for gold, G-Shock has just released their first-ever rose gold ion-plated full metal timepiece. 

It is designed with a tough yet fashionable exterior and features a rose gold stainless steel case and a band that encompasses the look of the original G-SHOCK DW5000C. The classic square case and digital display leave little doubt that this is a classic Casio. 

The GMWB5000GD-4 features premium touches like the screw back with a diamond-like carbon finish for outstanding wear resistance. 

The timepiece comes with technical features, which include Bluetooth Connectivity through the G-Shock Connected App, and Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping for self-adjusting and accurate hour/date display virtually anywhere on the planet. 

The high contrast STN-LCD digital display allows for ease of reading from any angle, as well as Tough Solar Technology, making it capable of self-charging through low sun exposure. 

You can order this timepiece that comes in any one of a variety of colors to satisfy any taste. 

Should you decide on this watch, you’ll enjoy the east configuration of alarms and time zones with the added benefit of never needing batteries ever again.

4. G-Shock: GMWB5000

g-shock: gmwb5000

Part of the “Full Metal” series, the GMWB5000RD-4 comes in a sleek, red stainless-steel case. 

This model carries on the tradition of the original G-SHOCK DW-5000C with its classic square case and digital display. 

The new Full Metal timepieces are equipped with several of G-Shock’s new and more premium technical features, such as Bluetooth Connectivity via the connected app. 

The timepiece is self-charging, even with low sun exposure. You also get 200m water resistance and a full-auto super illuminator LED light. 

This upgraded original boasts a modern, lustrous, colorway while maintaining a vintage aesthetic. 

One of the first and most iconic G-Shock case designs, featuring a vintage, square-shaped case, and a bezel with a brick pattern on the face has been incorporated into the latest model. 

Special features include a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, a mobile link function, and tough solar power. 

The approximate recharged battery time is 10 months when in normal use, without any exposure to light after it has been fully charged. 

When stored in total darkness with the power save function on after a full charge, the operation period is 22 months.

5. G-Shock: DW5600RM21-1

g-shock: dw5600rm21-1

Inspired by the famous series of Rick and Morty. G-Shock proudly presents a new limited-edition timepiece for its introductory collaboration with Warner Bros. consumer products and adult swimwear. 

The design features a black band with neon drawings of the title characters and includes the “Rick and Morty” logo prominently displayed on the watch face and band loop. 

This collaborative timepiece is based on the DW5600’s iconic case shape and features custom detailing with nods to “Rick and Morty” including a bright green and yellow dial that replicates the show’s signature green portal. 

The series logo and drawings of Rick and Morty are engraved on the watch’s case-back. The DW5600RM21-1 highlights the custom EL Backlight that features Rick and Morty’s faces. 

You’ll enjoy the smart features via G-Shock connected app, 5 daily alarms, perfect accuracy, and Bluetooth functions. 

Those of you with smaller wrists may find that the fit is a little uncomfortable.

6. G-Shock: GM-5600MF-2

g-shock: gm-5600mf-2

This timepiece has metal components that are honed and finished in color ion plating for a rich matte feel. 

The band and case-wear offer complementary color tones to add a touch of balanced contrast. The translucent bands in muted neutral shades fade to near colorlessness, which evokes the ethereal quality of night fog. 

The GM-5600MF-2 has a shock-resistant construction that protects against impact and vibration. It is great for extreme sports and its beautifully polished metal using oil allows it to fit in with both casual and formal style. 

The 20-bar water resistance allows for consistent wet weather and aquatic use, whether it be swimming, showering, or scuba diving. 

Our only concern is the virtually inaudible alarm volume.

7. G-Shock: GMWB5000-1

g-shock: gmwb5000-1

G-Shock has unveiled a full metal timepiece with a premium laser-cut grid design, creating a futuristic and innovative feel to the watch. 

This new timepiece displays an evolved exterior with full metal construction and a Grid Tunnel pattern that connects the past with the future. 

After a black IP finish is applied to the metal, the grid pattern is engraved by laser, which adds a modern feel to the classic design. 

It comes in various colors and designs for various tastes. 

Two-way time sync is possible through Bluetooth connectivity using the G-Shock app. This provides an accurate way to keep track of time. It does so virtually anywhere via radio signals from up to six different transmitters worldwide. 

This well-constructed watch doesn’t need batteries, features an LED backlight, is solar-powered, and looks fantastic. 

What Makes a G-Shock the Ultimate Watch?

G-Shock is the abbreviated term for Gravitational Shock. The watches are designed mainly for sports, military, and outdoors-oriented activities. 

Most of the G-Shocks are chronographs. This means that they will either have a digital display or both analog and digital options. 

What makes these watches special is the ability of their shockproof construction to withstand the toughest conditions on the planet. 

They are rugged, reliable, perform well consistently, and have an unassailable reputation for quality. 

It is for this reason that soldiers, law enforcement officers as well as outdoorsmen choose the G-Shock watch range above all others. 

The square-shaped G-Shock is one of the more appealing watch types and is perfect for those who are looking for a practical style. 

It is aesthetically pleasing and flexible, fitting into any comb9ination of attire, from formal to casual, and even sportswear. 

If you want to mix function and fashion, the Square Shaped G-Shock is the perfect way to do so. 

First released back in the 1980s, G-Shock is one of the more modern timepieces designed by Casio. 

They took the timepiece market by storm with the large, digital display and vibrant color schemes. 

In a market dominated by tradition, the G-Shock was both a shock to the system and a breath of fresh air. 

It led the way into a new age of stylish, rugged timepieces.

G-Shock was able to grow and evolve through adaptation and experimentation. With eye-catching aesthetics and a sense of complexity, its style contributed a layer of flair to the G-Shock in a traditional sense that does not apply to modern round watches.


Q: If it doesn’t come in a tin container, is it a fake G-Shock?

A: Not necessarily. Depending on where the watch came from (the source), it can come in a small black Casio box with the watch on a clear plastic holder and a manual tucked underneath. The packaging can either be tin or plastic, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a legitimate Casio G-Shock.

Q: Are G-Shocks on Amazon real?

A: Amazon is an authorized dealer for G-Shock. Therefore, all their products are 100% authentic, brand new, or guaranteed-used. 

Q: Are the Straps replaceable?

A: Casio India has released a line of timepieces with freely interchangeable bands and bezels. The latest models from the 5600 series come with three types of replaceable bands and two bezels. 

Q: How do they test Shock Resistance?

A: The crystal oscillator and other critical parts inside the module are guarded individually by cushioning material. A heavy shock to the watch will cause the material to distort, cushioning the module inside and preventing contact failure or malfunction.

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