5 Best Steam Cleaners for Sofas and Upholstery


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5 months ago

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Are you looking for a new upholstery steam cleaner? Unfortunately, many people are yet to realize the number of benefits this machine can provide, including saving you precious time and money. It also increases the likelihood that your furniture stays looking good and clean.

You often find that your indoor air quality has a crisper scent to it once all the dust and dander particles are sucked away. But how do you make it happen and choose the right gadget for you and your home? Decide which features you need in your cleaner, your budget, and you’ll be ready to choose your best steam cleaner by the end of this article.

Best Upholstery Steam Cleaners

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and fabric Cleaner, 1400B

bissell multi-purpose portable carpet and fabric cleaner, 1400b

If you’re scouting for a budget-friendly cleaner, go for Bissell’s portable steam cleaner. It might look small, but it does a thorough job cleaning and eliminating spots and stains without digging deep into your pocket.

It is small in size, which makes up for its powerful suction and spraying ability. With its 3-inch nozzle, it can assist you in cleaning your upholstery, car interiors, rugs, and stairs in a short while.

Because of its light weight, it is very easy to transport it around. The portability fastens its cleaning and is more accessible for storage. Unlike bulkysteam cleaners, you can keep this device in a closet or under the sink.

Despite its compact size, it has a tank capacity of 48 ounces. While this suggests more refilling breaks, the tank is straightforward to get rid of and top up. This compact little cleaner is ideal for apartments or smaller spaces. A 1-year warranty also covers it for your peace of mind.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System

vapamore mr-100 primo steam cleaning system

The Vapamore MR-100 might be a little pricey, but it’s a validation that sometimes you get what you pay for. It comes with a 54-ounce tank that will heat water up to 220F. While it has a slower heating time (11 minutes), you’ll use it for a straight hour. 

The MR-100 is used everywhere, including cleaning the grout on your bathroom tiles. It also comes full of accessories to hide all scenarios, making it extremely versatile. In addition, Vapamore offers a lifetime guarantee when you buy from authorized sellers, unlike other upholstery steam brands. 

Wagner Spraytech 0282014915 On-demand steam Cleaner and Wallpaper Removal

wagner spraytech 0282014915 on-demand steam cleaner and wallpaper removal

Every pet owner understands how hard it is to maintain a spotless couch while having an active dog. This steam cleaner is an all-natural machine that only uses steam to clean countless spots around your home and with the ability to delay to 48 ounces of water.

It has a long steam hose that allows the person cleaning to work in large spaces. It is also relatively portable and runs up to 45 minutes before refilling.

It also comes with 11 attachments; the wallpaper steam plate, jet nozzle, brass utility brush, nylon utility brush, cup, extension tube, filling funnel, window/tile squeegee, floor cleaning head, and a floor cleaning pad.

Hoover Spotless GO Cordless Carpet and Fabric Spot Cleaner

hoover spotless go cordless carpet and fabric spot cleaner

This 7.3-pound cordless handheld steam cleaner is straightforward to use and features impeccable suction power. It is highly recommended for cleaning up after your pet. The cleaner comes with a rechargeable battery (which is also removable) and is compatible with all ONE PWR products, giving it an expansive cord-free range. 

In addition, its lightweight and compact design make it easy to use and store. This steamer cleans anything, from hard floors and carpets to upholstery and chairs.

COSTWAY 2000W Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

costway 2000w multipurpose steam cleaner

This is also an eco-friendly steam cleaner since it can remove stains with just water. The 2000W steam cleaner features a high steam temperature of up to 226°F for deep cleaning. It is highly recommended for cleaning different surfaces because of its impressive cleaning power. 

Accompanied by a 1.5 liter water tank, the steam cleaner can work for 30 to 45 minutes according to the steam rate. Once it senses a water shortage, its LED light blinks to alert the person using it. 

What Is An Upholstery Steam Cleaner?

What happens when a stain won’t budge? That’s where an upholstery steam cleaner saves the day. Resembling a vacuum cleaner, an upholstery steam cleaner is attached to a stick or is handheld. Using steam, it cleans deeply and sanitizes all fabric-covered items. It is also able to clean non-upholstery objects like appliances, tiles and floors.

Depending on your specific needs, you will have the opportunity to choose between high-end models and their budget-friendly counterparts. 

What Should you Have in Mind When Looking For an Upholstery Steam Cleaner?


Lugging a heavy device up and down your stairs is the last thing you want. If you use your machine regularly, you will find it important that it is fully portable.

The water tank’s capacity

Just like its cord length, if it has a small water tank capacity, it will force you to keep refilling as you wait for the temperature to rise. However, a 25 to 35-ounce tank should do the job, especially if you are cleaning certain spots and not the entire room. However, if you are cleaning large spaces, opt for a tank with a higher capacity.


When buying a steam cleaner, you want it to function well. Therefore, ensure that you pay attention to the machine’s specifications and what other customers say. It matters a lot and will save you inconvenience.


You will need your upholstery vacuum cleaner to have all the necessary accessories for the specific need you have it for. For example, if you need it to clean hard-to-reach areas, ensure that it has all the necessary accessories to execute its role properly.

Length of cord

Ensure that you go for a cord that is long enough to reach even the hardest-to-reach areas. If you buy a steam cleaner with a short cord, you will be limiting yourself since it can’t reach many places.

Does Using An Upholstery Steam Cleaner Have Any Benefits?

Yes, it has. An upholstery steam cleaner is a lifesaver for homeowners with pets and children.

Below are the main benefits that every homeowner enjoys with an upholstery steam cleaner:

  • Saves you money and time: Suppose your schedule and pay for a professional cleaning service every time you need to deep clean your home? An upholstery steam cleaner takes care of this and ensures you save time and money. While at it, you will also feel nice when you do the thorough cleaning yourself. 
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas and cracks: An upholstery steam cleaner does an extremely good job on cracks and crevices. It is designed to reach places that would otherwise prove too hard to reach in normal circumstances. 
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your upholstery: When you clean furniture, mattresses and car seats with an upholstery cleaner, you prolong their lifespan. This is because steam cleaning can clean and kill all stains without causing any harm on the surface of the item being cleaned.
  • It kills tiny germs and creatures: Steam cleaners not only tackle fungi and bacteria, they can also get rid of mold, pollen, dust, mildew, and even fleas. So, if someone in your family suffers from allergies or you live in a humid climate, steam cleaning will help them a big deal. 
  • Eco-friendliness: Steam cleaners are eco-friendly because they do not use chemicals and harmful cleaning agents. Given that you’re only using water here, you don’t have to inhale any toxic chemicals, nor will they be floating around in the air afterward.
  • Air quality: Once a steam cleaner is used in a room, it improves the air quality around it and makes the room more habitable.

Frequently Asked Question About Steam Cleaners

Do steam cleaners clean upholstered furniture?

Yes, they do. Steam cleaners are designed to clean different surfaces and achieve magnificent results.

How often should you clean upholstery surfaces with a steam cleaner?

Weekly vacuuming is suggested to minimize dust and remove crumbs, hair, and other debris from the material fibers. However, if you notice stains and discoloration in one area or when liquid spills onto the fabric, address it as soon as possible with a spot treatment.

Is there any fabric that should not be cleaned with an upholstery cleaner?

If you have leather, suede, velvet, microfiber furniture at home, you’ll want to be careful about the products you use to clean it. For example, liquid formulas with bleach might cause discoloration or affect the material’s texture.

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