7 Best Storage Containers


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3 months ago

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Cleaning up, clearing out, and re-organizing your house can be difficult and time-consuming. The job can be made a little simpler with the right storage containers. Perhaps the hardest part of bringing order to your household is figuring out where to put things. Storage containers help you sort out your clothes, accessories, and other personal items. They give you the option of putting away things you do not need on a regular basis, and of better managing the items that you do use every day.

To get the most out of a storage container, you must choose the right one. Here are some of the best containers available on the market.

Best Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Roughneck

rubbermaid roughneck

This is the best storage container on the market. They are excellent if you prefer storage units that will fit in your closet. They can purchase online in six or eight packs, and they are also available at some hardware stores.

The Roughneck is compact and rugged. It seals completely against moisture and critters. The seal is both child proof and pet proof. Indeed, with new containers especially, you must put your back into it to open the unit. 

The container comes in a variety of sizes. The 18-inch version seems to fit especially well on garage shelving. 

You can use this container for storage and to ship things overseas. The handles and lids on this unit are great for keeping reasonable loads secure during a long transit. The Roughneck can be used for the storage of books, tools, and perishable supplies.

Sterilite Ultra Tote

sterilite ultra toteerilite ultra tote

This is a heavy-duty storage unit. If you want to store tools, old electronic gear, boots, and other such items, the Ultra Tote will suit your needs. The tub and lid of this unit are made of polyethylene resin. This is an important feature, as it means the container can be stored in spaces that are exposed to the cold. The material will not get brittle and crack like containers made of polypropylene. It will remain flexible and durable. 

Another great feature of the Ultra Tote is that the lids have latches. This makes them slightly easier to open and close. The latches are right over the handle grips, which makes the unit easier to carry as well. 

The Ultra Tote is waterproof. This makes them ideal for transporting items in the rain. You can also be sure that your precious property will be protected if you store the containers in your basement and it happens to get flooded. 

Ziploc WeatherShield

ziploc weathershield

This brand is a prime see-through storage container. If being able to see what is inside your storage unit without opening it is important to you, then you should consider the WeatherShield. They are made of polypropylene so they cannot withstand long exposures to the cold. 

However, the WeatherShield has other useful features. It is highly effective in keeping out moisture. It also stacks up very well. So, if you want to buy a bunch of these containers and stack them up in your garage, shed, or closet, they will do so neatly. The WeatherShield comes in a variety of useful combination sets and different sizes.

It comes with a latching tote that is easier to open and close than a tight-fitting lid. The lid is flexible enough for it to pop off when you go to open it. This is a useful feature if you plan to put things in the container that you will need regularly. 

This container is best used for the storage of clothes, accessories, and other light items. 

Rubbermaid Brute

rubbermaid brute

This is another heavy-duty storage unit. It is made of polyethylene that is resistant to cold and frost. The unit is made of plastic that is very dense and thick. It can be sealed against moisture and pests. In other words, it is the perfect container to store food. Indeed, the chemical composition of the plastic is such that it resists the impact of heat and cold. It will not become brittle and break owing to frost. Nor will it sag in the summer owing to heat.

Sterilite Gasket Box

sterilite gasket box

The Gasket Box is a waterproof storage container. It has a foam seal inside the lid to keep outside elements at bay. There are also fewer latches on this model than the ones listed above. This makes it easier to access them. 

The one downside is that Gasket Box units do not stack together securely. The bottom edges of the smaller containers are a little longer than the indent of the lids on the larger units, which makes them slide around when stacked up. 

One of the biggest draws of the Gasket Box is its value for money. It is one of the more inexpensive containers on the market.

Sterilite Ultra Under-Bed

sterilite ultra under-bed

As the name suggests, this storage container is perfect for those who want to store items under the bed. The container includes latches. If your desire is to store bulky items such as large pillows and blankets in the container, you will have nothing to worry about. The latches will prevent them from popping open the lids. 

There are also wheels molded into the tub. This will cost you a tiny amount of storage space but will not impact your ability to fit the units under the bed frame. The molded wheels make it easy to roll the container on carpet or hard wood floors. 

This is a see-through container that is made of polypropylene. As the container is made to fit in the warm and cosy environment of the bedroom, there should be no issues with exposure to the elements.

HDX Tough Storage Tote

hdx tough storage tote

These storage containers can be found online and in hardware stores such as Home Depot. They are reasonably priced. In fact, if you have decided to re-organize and clear out your messy garage or shed, and you are looking for the must rugged and least expensive storage bins, then these may be perfect for your cause.

The HDX is made of the relatively brittle polypropylene. They will not necessarily crack if you leave them in the shed throughout the winter months, but they will lose strength. That is why they are best used as storage containers you do not plan to move very often. 

One of the advantages of this brand of storage container is that it can be easily locked. The containers have six holes through the lid and lip, which allows them to be locked with padlock, wire, or zip ties. The downside to this feature is that it makes the container vulnerable to water leaks. If at any point rain water drips from the ceiling of your storage space, it will find its way into the container and probably ruin what every is inside.

The lids on the HDX snap on securely. In fact, a brand new HDX can be quite stiff and difficult to open and close. The HDX stacks up well. So, if you have already allocated a space in your shed or garage of the containers, you will be able to fit them neatly together. You can also purchase them in giant sizes.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Storage Container

When shopping for a storage container, there are some basic features you should look hard at. No matter what purpose you have in mind for your container, these are some of things that you ought to consider before you shell out any money for one.

1. Materials

Most storage containers are made of polyethylene or polypropylene. The former of these has a low density and is more flexible and less expensive than the latter. It will not crack as easily if dropped on a hard surface. Nor will it crack when exposed to low temperatures. 

Polypropylene has its advantages as well. It can be made into see-through plastic. It is much more heat resistant than polyethylene. It can, in fact, survive all the way up to boiling temperatures. This is something to keep in mind if your problem is not exposure to extreme cold but to extreme heat. In this instance, you will have to think about where you intend to store the containers: in the attic or in out in the garage or shed.

2. Latching lids

A latching lid is a useful feature on your container. They will hold it closed even if you overstuff it with bulky sweaters and blankets. If you put too much strain on the latches, they will give way and pop out.

3. Waterproof seal

If you intend to store your container in a dry space and leave them there, then they don’t need to be waterproof. If you intend to transport your household items in your container bins, then it is a good idea to buy units that are waterproof. This will protect them against rain and other contingencies involving water and the potential of ruining whatever you have inside.

4. Stackable designs

Most containers can stand on top of one another. However, you want to ensure that the design of your unit guarantees this. You should determine whether the container you intend to buy is designed to neatly mix and match small and large units to create a topple-resistant stack. This is the best way to keep your living space neat and tidy.

5. Single-size lids

If your plan it to put storage containers at the center of a re-organization plan for your entire life, then it may be a good idea to purchase units with same-size openings. This will allow you to stack different sizes and share lids between them.


Storage containers come in a variety of sizes and material compositions. They can be used to store household items and to transport them from one place to another. The storage containers listed in this article have all been tested, and have proven, on the whole, to be durable, spacious, secure, easy to use, easy to handle, and easy to store. 

Before you purchase a storage container, you should consider how you will use it and where you put it. You should also consider the relative price of each option and the warranty guarantees. Taking all of these factors into account will help you make the best choice.

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