The 10 Best Thermal Monoculars in 2022 [Durable & Reliable]


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October 26, 2022

If you’re looking for a high-quality device with lots of features, you’ll need to be willing to spend a little more money. However, if all you want is something simple and straightforward, there are plenty of options available at a lower price point.

The best thermal monoculars will allow you to see in the dark and detect the temperature differences between objects. They can also provide other useful information such as the distance between two objects and whether they are moving or stationary.

If you want a high-performance device with lots of features, then expect to pay more money for it. For example, some models have built-in GPS tracking capabilities or even an integrated laser range finder to help determine distances between objects more accurately. The best thermal monoculars have a high resolution, large field of view (FOV), and long battery life. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions and rough handling.

The Best Thermal Monoculars


atn ots lt

ATN OTS LT Thermal Monoculars are perfect for hunting, hiking, and camping. They are also ideal for observing wildlife at night. The ATN OTS LT thermal monoculars are equipped with a high-quality lens that is made from FMC-coated glass. This lens helps to reduce the amount of light entering the device and provides a sharp image.

The ATN OTS LT features a high-resolution 640×480 pixel thermal camera that allows you to see up to 1000 yards away in complete darkness. You can even see objects up to 30 degrees below zero degrees Fahrenheit or -22 degrees Celsius.

These thermal monoculars have an internal digital compass as well as an external digital compass that can be used if you want better accuracy. An external compass will also allow you to measure distances between objects like trees, animals, or buildings. They have an integrated GPS functionality so you can track your waypoints and make sure you’re always heading in the right direction.


flir ls-x 60hz

The FLIR LS-X 60Hz is the most advanced thermal monocular on the market. It is a lightweight, handheld device that can be used for a variety of applications from hunting to hiking, and much more. It features a new and improved resolution of 640 x 480 as well as an enhanced chipset for greater sensitivity and image quality. 

The thermal imager has an integrated laser pointer and illuminator so you can easily locate your target at night or in low-light conditions. The new design also features improved ergonomics, including adjustable eyecups for comfort and support when viewing the screen for extended periods of time. 

This model includes a rechargeable battery pack that can be recharged using either its USB port or AC adapter (sold separately). Connecting via Bluetooth allows you to connect it to your smartphone or tablet so you can share live video feeds with friends while out in the field or on the range.


atn ots-xlt 160

The ATN OTS-XLT 160 is a rugged and compact thermal monocular with a wide 160-degree field of view.

The thermal imager allows you to detect human heat signatures as well as animals and vehicles. It can also be used in complete darkness because it does not require any external light source to operate. The OTS-XLT 160 has an adjustable focus feature that allows you to get the best possible night vision picture, even in low-light conditions.

AGM Taipan TM15-384

agm taipan tm15-384

The AGM Taipan TM15-384 are designed for a wide range of applications, including hunting, bird watching, and wildlife observation. The thermal monocular is lightweight, easy to use, and provides clear images with exceptional clarity.

The TM15-384 are capable of operating in any weather conditions and are waterproof to IPX7 standards. This means that they can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes without being damaged.

The thermal monocular features a 3x magnification lens and a 384 x 288-pixel image sensor which allows you to see clearly even in low light conditions or at night time. The device also has an internal laser pointer which is useful for directing people’s attention to specific areas or objects.

The device can be used both hands-free or with one hand by simply attaching it to your belt using the included belt clip accessory or strap point on the top of the unit. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts up to 12 hours when fully charged depending on usage conditions (bright viewing conditions/low viewing conditions).

AGM Asp-Micro TM160

agm asp-micro tm160

The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 Thermal Monocular is a serious piece of kit. It is designed for professional use – be it hunters, security personnel, or any other professional who need to see in the dark. The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 offers high resolution and a wide field of view. It has an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold in the hand.

It has a 640×480 resolution and weighs only 400g, so it can easily be carried around with you wherever you go. It comes with two different lenses – one for long-distance viewing and one for close-up viewing – so you can switch between them depending on what you are looking at. The focus wheel allows you to adjust the image quality precisely as well as focus on objects at different distances from you.

The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 uses a Peltier cooling system which allows it to function continuously without overheating. This means that this thermal monocular can be used in all weather conditions without any problems or limitations whatsoever.

Infiray DV DP09

infiray dv dp09

The Infiray is a compact, lightweight non-magnified thermal monocular featuring a built-in laser rangefinder that displays the distance in meters and yards. The Infiray’s digital display is easy to operate; there are only two buttons on the device. The large display screen makes it easy to see what you’re looking at without having to squint or strain your eyes. The Infiray gives you a wide field of view so you can see more than with other models. To focus simply twist the front lens ring for near and far targets.

The Infiray DV DP09 also has a built-in laser rangefinder that displays the distance in meters and yards on an easy-to-read digital display. It has a 4x high-resolution magnification for long-distance viewing and includes an infrared illuminator for low-light conditions. It also has an auto shut-off feature after 2 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery power. A long eye relief design makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time without causing eye strain or fatigue.

ATN Odin LT 320 2-4x

atn odin lt 320 2-4x

The ATN Odin LT 320 is a compact, lightweight, and rugged day/night thermal monocular with a 320×240 resolution. Designed for military and law enforcement applications, the Odin LT 320 is ideal for long-range surveillance and target acquisition. With an objective lens diameter of 30mm, the Odin LT 320 provides a large exit pupil of 8mm which aids in viewing through darkening conditions such as low light or night. 

It displays thermal images in black and white while displaying video in color. The unit comes equipped with an infrared illuminator with 8 different intensity settings which can be programmed to switch on automatically when needed at the push of a button. The LT 320 also comes equipped with an integrated laser pointer that can be used to mark targets at distances up to 100 meters away.

This thermal Monocular features a rugged design that is made from high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy housing and an anodized finish for increased durability under harsh conditions such as extreme weather conditions or rough handling during transport or deployment operations.

FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Monocular

flir breach ptq136 thermal monocular

FLIR is a leading developer and manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and handheld monoculars, designed to help you see in the dark with unmatched clarity.

The FLIR Breach PTQ136 thermal monocular gives you the ability to identify targets at night or during low-light conditions. This compact device features a 56mm objective lens that provides an eye-relief distance of 18mm, making it easy to use with glasses. It has an 8x magnification that allows you to see distant objects clearly, while the 640×480 resolution provides a clear view of your surroundings.

This  thermal monocular offers several features that make it ideal for law enforcement professionals and military personnel. The housing is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it durable enough to withstand harsh environments. The housing also keeps out dust and debris, which can degrade performance over time.

The Breach PTQ136 has adjustable focus controls so you can adjust your focus quickly whenever necessary. You can also adjust brightness levels so images appear more clearly on screen.


leica calonox view

The LEICA CALONOX View is a thermal monocular with a powerful magnification of 8x. It has a high-quality image and a long-range view. The monocular is light and easy to carry. A tripod mount allows you to install it on your camera or another device. The device uses thermal imaging technology and displays the temperature of objects in its field of view as color gradations on the screen.

The camera has an ergonomic design, so it’s easy to hold in one hand while you use the other hand to manipulate it. There is also a rubberized coating on the outer surface, which makes it easier to grip the device when you’re wearing gloves or other protective clothing.

These thermal monoculars use an innovative design that allows you to zoom in up to 8x without using any kind of mechanical adjustment mechanisms, such as an adjustment knob or slider button. This means that once you’ve set up your viewing distance and magnification level, then you can leave it alone without worrying about losing any settings due to mishandling by accident or by accident (such as bumping into something).

ATN OTS-XLT 2.5-10x

atn ots-xlt 2.5-10x

The ATN OTS-XLT is a compact, lightweight, and portable thermal monocular that provides users with a large field of view and a clear image in any light conditions. It is designed to be used by the military, law enforcement, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The 2.5-10x thermal monocular is the ideal tool for surveillance and observation tasks in any weather or lighting conditions.

They offer quick target acquisition and easy viewing of objects at long ranges. This device allows you to see through smoke, fog, dust, and haze to clearly identify targets up to 1000 yards away during daylight or darkness with its high resolution 640 x 480 sensor resolution that allows you to zoom in up to 10x magnification without losing any clarity of your target image.

With an impressive 4 milliwatts per square centimeter sensitivity rating, our ATN OTS-XLt is capable of detecting even the smallest heat signatures from long distances away.

Final thoughts

The best thermal monoculars have high resolution and image quality, so they are easy to use in low-light conditions like dawn or dusk. They also have a wide field of view so that you can see more with a single scan rather than having to pan around continuously throughout your line of sight.

Thermal vision is an exciting technology that allows you to see heat signatures from animals through walls and other obstacles. This makes it possible to hunt at night or in foggy conditions without disturbing the animal. It can also be used for security purposes if someone tries to break into your house at night.

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