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January 16, 2023

Few things are as impotent in your home like toilet paper, with another essential thing being comfortable toilet paper. Even though it might not be very expensive, getting a cheap roll doesn’t feel good to use. It rips easily, leaving behind residue. No one should have to go through that kind of feeling, which is why we’re here to offer a useful guide on how to buy toilet paper and which ones are the best to buy. And while some may be on the pricier side, remember that they all come with plenty of advantages as well. Therefore, their price very much justifies the quality. 

The Best Toilet Paper to Choose

Up & Up Soft and Strong 

up & up soft and strong

Up & Up soft and strong is Target’s brand of toilet paper. Featuring 2-ply sheets, it is fairly comfortable to use but is still fairly weak. When wiping on a coarse surface, the “Strong” part of its name did not hold up, as it would easily tear. But the sheets themselves are fairly soft to touch but were generally disappointing. 

It is quite affordable and does offer fairly good quality for its price. Therefore, you can get this toilet pair, if just to save money or because you prefer to buy Target products. But other than those two reasons, nothing is holding this particular brand up. 

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

angel soft toilet paper

Angel Soft Toilet Paper is another solid entry in the list, seeing how these rolls are very popular regardless of where you look. This 2-ply toilet roll is, unfortunately, a little too thin, which makes it feel more like a 1-ply. The bright side of these tissues being thin is that it is septic safe. So if you find yourself disposing of your used tissues down the drain, these tissues are a great option. 

But tearing easily in water also means that it is fairly weak. Even on slightly coarse surfaces, these sheets can rip easily. But they are cheap and septic friendly, making them a much better option for certain people.  

Great Value Ultra Strong 

great value ultra strong

Toilet paper brands that come from major retailers are always a gamble. They can either be good, passable, or terrible. So far, Target’s Up & UP has been average, but Walmart’s Great Value Ultra Strong has been a pleasant surprise. Not only is it comfortable enough to use, but it is also very sturdy, allowing you to wipe on coarse surfaces with tearing. For the most part, it was very durable and only left a little residue. 

Overall, its texture is also very similar to some of the best rolls you can find in the market. So you are getting a fairly competent roll at a low price that is also fairly septic friendly. 

Cottonelle Ultra Comfortcare

cottonelle ultra comfortcare

Cottonelle Ultra Comfortcare is a very nice toilet paper roll with a very velvety texture, making it very comfortable to use. It might easily be one of the best rolls on this list in terms of its comfort alone. It is also fairly sturdy, with it being easy to use on most surfaces, except ones that were too coarse. 

On coarse surfaces, not only would it tear, but it would also leave some residue. Granted, it did not tear as much as the tps on this list, but it is still something worth mentioning. Overall, a good roll if you’re looking for comfort.  

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

quilted northern ultra plush

The Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is a toilet paper that has lived up to its name because it is Ultra Plush. With three layers on each sheet, they offer a luxurious wiping experience. So if you’re looking for something very comfortable to use, then you can’t go wrong with the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush. 

However, this particular toilet paper is not perfect, as it does take a long time to dissolve. More specifically, it takes almost 2 minutes to dissolve in water, which makes it the opposite of septic friendly. But given that it’s a 3-ply, a slower dissolve time is just the price you pay. It is also a little weak, with coarse surfaces tearing it slightly. Regardless, it is very good toilet paper. 

Charmin Ultra Strong

charmin ultra strong

The Charmin Ultra Strong Is, as the name implies, very strong. In fact, it is easily the sturdiest toilet paper on this list, being able to work on any surface without leaving any residue or tearing. Even when rubbed against coarse surfaces, this toilet paper would tear slightly but leave no residue. 

 But with tp so durable, it does come with a very obvious issue, it is not as soft. It can be a little uncomfortable to use for more sensitive people, so be sure to keep that in mind. Other than this one issue, it is a very good choice.  

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong

quilted northern ultra soft & strong

While the Chairman Ultra Strong is easily the strongest tp on this list, the quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong is a pretty good middle ground. It is just comfortable enough to fulfill the needs of sensitive people while also being sturdy enough to wipe without leaving any residue. 

The only issue with this jack of all trades approach to this specific toilet paper is that it is the master of none. It is still too rough for most sensitive people, and when rubbed against coarse surfaces, it did leave some residue. And on repeated use, people have complained that it does tend to get a little uncomfortable.  

Cottonelle Ultra Cleancare

cottonelle ultra cleancare

The Cottonelle Ultra Cleancare is one of the few toilet papers that was a genuine surprise because it offered incredible comfort. Despite being a single-ply toilet paper roll, it was thick and soft. You almost can’t tell the difference between this and a triple-ply, but there is one major difference. 

Unlike the triple-ply, the Cottonelle Ultra Cleancare cannot handle coarse surfaces. It starts to tear and leaves behind a lot of residues. But even with that glaring flaw, there is still plenty to love about this specific toilet paper roll.   

Charmin Ultra Soft

charmin ultra soft

Charmin easily has the most variety of toilet paper you can find. But of all the tp they offer, the Ultra Soft is easily their best. Despite its name, it is very durable, working on coarse surfaces with minimal tears and only a little bit of residue. But keeping true to its name, this tp is very much softer than the 3-ply entry here, offering unparalleled comfort.

The best part about the ultra-soft is that it also easily dissolves in water, taking less than a minute to do so. Its comfort, durability, and septic-friendly material easily make it the best choice for anyone. And though it doesn’t hold up as well in terms of durability, it is a nitpick at best. 

How to Find the Best Toilet Paper 

The best toilet paper that you can find often depends on a few factors. These factors also relate to your specific needs, as you always want to get the toilet paper you feel comfortable using. Therefore, looking through these different considerations is important before you decide to buy one. These include:


The first step to choosing Toilet paper is first to choose a brand. Brands are often a symbol of quality, as they routinely offer a specific tier of products. You might know about some of the more popular brands, but some smaller ones are also worth checking out. People usually think that bigger brands are automatically worth your money, which is not always the case. So always be sure to consider your options before committing to a single brand. Because with the immense variety at your fingertips, you don’t want to limit yourself to a single brand. 

Green Features

Toilet paper does contribute a fair deal to global warming. And with the effects of climate change becoming more apparent, people are taking their responsibilities towards it more seriously. And one of the ways that you can contribute to slowing down the effects of climate is by choosing toilet paper that is “green.” That could mean toilet paper made from bamboo or recycled paper. Either way, if you’re climate-conscious, you want to certainly consider toilet paper that is greener and safer for the environment. 

Septic Safe 

Safely disposing of your toilet paper is also very important, as you don’t want to clog the toilet, making things worse. And the truth is that there are not a lot of toilet paper that is septic safe, especially ones that are super soft or ultra-plush. Despite what their packaging says, they have a very difficult time dissolving, making them a possible clogging hazard. On the other hand, tissues with a thinner ply have a better time dissolving, making them better. If you’re worried about clogs, you might want to skip thicker options, including ultra-plush toilet paper.  


You must consider just how much you are willing to spend on quality toilet paper. Fortunately, there is enough variety wherever you go that you can easily find toilet paper that can meet your specific needs without having to spend too much.

You should also remember that buying toilet paper in bulk is much cheaper. The more sheets per roll, and rolls per box, that you get, the less you will have to pay. So keep that in mind when you’re trying to save money while buying toilet paper.  


The price of toilet paper also depends on the plies of tissue that each roll features. These plies, also called layers, gives the toilet paper more rigidity, but it can also make it harder to dissolve. So you can find 2-ply toilet paper, which is the standard toilet paper you can find. But you can also find 1-ply tp, which is cheaper and dissolves faster, but is generally not as good quality. On the other hand, there are also 3-ply tissues, which give a more comfortable feel, but generally cost more. So if you’re looking for the most comfort, 3-ply is the way to go. But if you want the most utility, then 2-ply is better.  

Using Recycled Paper 

One of the greenways that companies can produce toilet paper is by using recycled paper. But unlike recycling regular paper, toilet paper is a little more complicated. The recycling process for toilet paper leaves trace amounts of BPA, which are harmful to the body. 

Now, these sounds don’t sound very good, but it isn’t as serious. Scientists believe that the trace amounts of BPA found in toilet paper are still much less than what people already encounter. Plastic containers and aluminum foil have a lot more BPA than toilet paper. Furthermore, the possible benefits of recycled toilet paper far outweigh the slight exposure to BPA. 

The Benefits of Using Recycled Toilet Paper 

One of the benefits of recycled toilet paper is that it uses old paper that would have otherwise gone into a landfill or would have been burnt. That is reason alone to use recycled toilet paper, as you will be able to help the environment greatly. In fact, the EPA believes that just by replacing a single roll of toilet paper with recycled toilet paper for every American, people can save 470,000 trees. They can also save 169 million gallons of water by using recycled tp.

Another benefit to using recycled toilet paper is that it makes use of safer chemicals to treat and bleach the sheets of paper. Therefore, they will be safer to use than traditional tp that uses chlorine dioxide or chlorine gas, making them toxic. These bleaching agents are one of the main reasons people get rashes or feel uncomfortable after using toilet paper. So not only is recycled toilet paper better for the environment, but it’s also better for you.    

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