30 Best Toy Storage Ideas to Organize Children’s Room


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3 months ago

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Toy storage can help you organize your home while also keeping it looking nice. Shelves, bins, baskets, and rolling carts are just a few of the toy storage options. 

We’ll go over some great toy organization ideas that aren’t limited to traditional toy boxes. Shelving is a popular storage option for large toys. 

The toy storage solution is a great excuse to redecorate and spruce up your home. A toy organizer does not have to be dull or unappealing. Toy storage units that can easily accommodate toys are the best. 

Toy organizers are a great option for small spaces and can be an inexpensive addition to your home. You can also add some extra comfort to your child’s play space by purchasing inexpensive storage baskets. 

Parents frequently use these boxes to store their children’s toys. You can even buy a few boxes at a time and add to them as your child grows if you can afford it. 

Best Toy Storage Ideas

While you may not think you’ll need extra storage for your child’s toys, they tend to accumulate over time. Many toys end up in toy bins, making cleanup and organization difficult. 

To avoid this, consider purchasing separate storage bins for different types of toys. 

1. Toy Basket with Labels


Using a basket with labels for toy storage is a great way to simplify toy organization. The first step is to find all of the toys in the toy storage basket and label them. This will make cleanup easier and prevent confusion. To make your child’s toy box look neat, you can download free toy labels from the internet. The labels have a colorful design and photo icons to help your child identify what toy they are looking for.

2. Cube Toy Bin


Another toy storage idea is cube-style organizers, which are great for families with multiple children. These units feature smaller bins at the bottom of the unit, while larger bins are kept on the top. Besides being practical, these units are also eye-catching, giving a unique style to a child’s bedroom. You don’t have to worry about the room looking cluttered or mismatched because the kids won’t be able to reach their toys.

3. Lego Boxes


If you want to organize your children’s Lego sets, you can buy Lego boxes for toy storage. These containers can be stacked and connected to create large, colorful storage space. Plus, they can be used as portable play areas. In addition, they help your child learn to keep their toys in order and look neat. 

4. Dollhouse Storage


Dollhouses are a great way to store toys. You can buy a narrow dollhouse and install it in the corner of your child’s room. There are different shelves on the dollhouse where you can store your toys. It is perfect for storing all your dolls as well as other small toys. 

5. Craft Caddy


If you have little ones, you may want to consider buying a craft caddy for toy storage. It’s a great way to organize craft items. This way, your kids can easily find their craft items. The items will not get misplaced as you have a designated way to store them.

6. Leaning Ladder Tower


Whether you’re storing toys, books, or other items, a leaning ladder for toy storage is a great solution. Its slanted design, increasing shelf depth, and open shelves are convenient for storing various items. It’s made of high. This piece of furniture is perfect for kids’ playrooms. And it doesn’t just provide storage.

7. Mesh Hangers


Mesh hangers are a convenient and inexpensive way to store toys. Your child can play with his or her toys and then put them in the mesh storage bin. Then, your child can pick up the bin and put it away. These hangers are inexpensive and will save you a lot of space. These hangers are also great for keeping stuffed animals.

8. Over-the-Door Hanger


Over-the-door hangers for toys is a great way to organize kids’ rooms. It’s sturdy and easy to clean. It has many large storage pockets for storing a variety of toys. It comes in various colors and patterns. This product is made from soft fabric, making it perfect for kids’ rooms.

9. Wire Baskets


Another option for storing toys is to use wire baskets. These units hang on the wall and can be removed for playtime. These baskets have a label on the bottom that allows you to sort the toys. Most parents choose this option because they can control which baskets their children can play with at a time. 

10. Wall Garage for Cars


If your child loves playing with a car, you can go with a wall garage. A wall garage will keep your collection protected from the elements. Kids will love having their own storage space, and they will have the toys to show off for hours. These garages are cheap to build and can serve as great eye-catching displays on a blank wall. 

11. Under-the-Bed Storage


You can also use an under-bed toy storage unit for storing toys. You can either use built-in drawers to store toys under the bed or use baskets. Once you store the toys in the basket, you can put them under the bed. It will help you to avoid the mess of toys. 

12. Stuffed Animal Zoo


Stuffed animals can quickly take over a room and overflow the closet or even the floor. But with the right storage solution, you get rid of the clutter once and for all. A stuffed animal zoo is a perfect place to store all stuffed animals. It is a small zoo-like structure where you can keep all the toys. 

13. Colorful Toy Sack


A colorful sack for toy storage is a must-have for any child’s playroom. This tote is easy to use, so your child can collect toys from every room in the house. It is also durable and portable, so it will keep toys tidy. The bag is embroidered with rainbows and other natural colors, so your child will love it. A sack made of these materials will add a playful touch to your children’s play area.

14. Chest Box for Toys


A chest box for toy storage can be a convenient and versatile storage option. They are usually made from cloth or plastic and have handles that can help children carry and open them. Lightweight boxes are more portable and easy to use, especially if a child is playing in the room. A plastic chest is best for stationary use as it is easier for young children to open it.

15. Baskets for Toys


There are several reasons to use baskets for toy storage. Aside from keeping the toys out of sight, open containers can help you organize and keep the toys organized. These containers don’t have heavy lids or drawers, so they are easy to access. If you’d like to add style to your room, consider using hanging closet organizers. 

16. Beach Bags for Storage


Toys can be tricky to store in regular plastic toy bags. A beach bag, on the other hand, has a number of advantages. Its small size means it can be easily stored in a handbag, drawer, or car trunk. And, it comes in various colors, making it ideal for any occasion. This bag can hold up to a dozen toys and can be used for multiple purposes. 

17. Colorful Toy Net


Using a colorful toy net for toy storage is an excellent option for your child’s room. Not only will it provide a place for toys to be kept out of sight, but it will give your child a great display. You can even use it to store stuffed animals. These toy hammocks are made of netting and durable elastic bands. 

18. Bench Boxes


Bench boxes for toy storage are an attractive, functional way to store toys. They blend in well with your decor and can be used in any room. They are also a great option for summer homes and guest rooms. These toy boxes are designed to keep toys off the floor and are built with scaled top rails to prevent items from falling out. 

19. Ball Storage Unit


When storing balls, a ball storage unit is a great solution. The storage unit is a durable and affordable storage option for kids’ toys. If your kids love to play with balls, you can buy this unit and put all the balls in it.

20. Barbie Box Storage


For young children, you might think that a toy box is a perfect solution for storing Barbies. However, it’s actually better to have a Barbie box for storing all the dolls. This way, you can easily find and retrieve the toys as needed. This way, you can keep the area in which your children play tidy and organized.

21. Toy Storage Cubbies


A good way to keep toy storage simple is to add cubbies. A child’s room doesn’t need a fancy storage system, but a few basic cubbies can help a family stay organized. Some parents even have a special room just for toy boxes. 

22. Personalized Toy Box


A personalized toy box is a great way to teach your child the importance of tidying up after playing. This piece of furniture is designed to blend in with the rest of the room’s furnishings and has a nameplate that can be personalized by the child.

23. Doll Clothes Closet


Setting up a doll clothes closet is easy if you know how to make the right containers. These containers are perfect for outfits, shoes, and all other doll accessories. They are inexpensive, too. You can also get larger containers for larger pieces of doll clothing.   

24. Pegboard for Small Toys


A pegboard is a great way to organize small toys, such as stuffed animals and Lego blocks. You can even hang costumes and Nerf guns on the pegboard. The best part is that it’s fun to redecorate your space with pegboards. You can use it for storing caps as well.

25. Wall-Mounted Toy Shelves


Another thing you can do is use wall-mounted shelves to store toys. You can use floating shelves and install them in your child’s room. This way, you can easily organize all the toys on the shelves and keep the room tidy.

26. Toy Storage Buckets


If you have young kids or special needs kids, you may want to consider investing in a toy storage unit. These containers are great for holding toys and other small items. The best thing about these storage units is that they are very easy to clean. There are many benefits to using a toy storage bucket.

27. Toy Crates


Toy crates are a great way to organize a kid’s playroom. Kids love zoo animals, and if you have a large collection, you can put your toys in themed crates. They’ll love the visual cues. Using themed trays and crates will help your child keep track of his or her toys. 

28. Desk with Toy Storage


The best toy storage solution is a desk that has a built-in storage option. You can even use this space for books and other items. A hinged ottoman with a drawer underneath serves as a storage and sitting area for toddlers. If you have a toy storage option, you can make it double as a bookshelf. 

29. Hanging Toy Baskets


A great solution to the storage problem is to use hanging toy baskets. These storage containers are suspended from the ceiling and provide a low-profile organizational solution. They allow for easier access to small kids’ toys. You can also crochet colorful hammocks for stuffed animals or house cleaning towels.

30. Simple Toy Organizer


Having an organized toy storage setup can make life easier for you and your kids. Whether you have a large or small toy collection, it is never easy to keep track of them. It is easy to lose track of toys if there are no designated places to put them. Having a proper toy organization setup can help your child learn where to put their toys when they are finished playing.


If you are tired of picking up toys from your child’s room, you can use storage solutions. It will help you to properly store all the toys to avoid mess and clutter. We have discussed the 30 best toy storage ideas in this article. You can use any of the ideas to store your child’s toys in a proper manner. 

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