5 Best Ultrasonic Gun & Case Cleaners


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January 16, 2023

The firearms you buy can be expensive, especially when you are buying ones with limited edition skins and decals. So if you are looking for a more efficient way to maintain and clean your weapons and spent casings, then an ultrasonic gun and case cleaner might be the right investment. These machines can be a better alternative to tumbler drying your casings or cleaning your gun parts by hand. 

The Best Ultrasonic Cleaners to Get

The cleaners we will mention here are some of the best in terms of their features and price to utility ratio. You may even see some very familiar brands like Hornady here.

Rio & Dio 30L Ultrasonic

rio & dio 30l ultrasonic

The Rio & Dio Ultrasonic is easily one of the best in the business, especially when it comes to its sheer size. With 30L worth of space at your disposal, you will be able to fit most gun parts and plenty of casings to start cleaning. The LED display with digital controls offers plenty of versatility and is generally easy to use. 

The stainless steel basket ensures longevity and does not react with any solvents. And considering its stronger cleaning power, you will need that stainless steel basket. The only downside to having this cleaning basket is that it does make the entire machine a little noisy when it is running at full capacity. It is also the priciest option on the list, but that is still a fair price to pay for what you are getting. 

Lyman Turbo Sonic 

lyman turbo sonic

Lyman is another popular name in ultrasonic cleaners, especially thanks to its Turbo Sonic 115V cleaner. The heated tank can offer the most effective performance, being able to clean bullets in and out. In fact, it can thoroughly clean out bullets, even the primer pockets. Its powerful cleaning tank is also able to clean out fairly quickly. 

However, despite offering incredible performance, it does come with the downside of not having enough space. This is a machine built for cartridge casings and not much else. It further solidifies this point with only having a timer of eight minutes. 

iSonic P4810

isonic p4810

The iSonic manages to address some of the complaints that we have with the Lyman Turbo. It offers greater capacity to fit in more casings while also being big enough to support various gun parts. It also comes with a square tank than a rectangle one, allowing for more parts. It also features plastic housing that is especially quiet compared to other cleaners that come with a stainless steel basket. 

Given its smaller size and generally low load capacity, this is very much the cleaner you will be using at home more than anything else.

DK Sonic 6L Cleaner

dk sonic 6l cleaner

Unlike some other cleaners present on this list, the DK Sonic is for people who want to take gun and casing cleaning to the next level. These high-quality transducers can generate high ultrasonic power, which is leagues ahead of the other mentions in this list. The tank also comes with sound insulation, which allows this cleaner to use a dedicated stainless steel basket without any extra noise. It also comes with a digital timer and heater. 

Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner

hornady lock n load sonic cleaner

Hornady is easily the most recognizable brand for ammunition, so it makes sense that they would have an ultrasonic cleaner as well. Their Lock N Load cleaner thoroughly cleans casings inside and out, along with their primer pockets. It also comes with a De-gas function and hanging cords that allow you to add the larger object to the tray. It also comes with five temperature settings, each for different types of guns and ammunition. 

However, the main concern that comes with this machine is that it does remove all lubrication from the weapon. Therefore, you will need to oil your weapon if you clean it with this ultrasonic cleaner.  

Considerations to Make Before Buying One 

It is safe to say that you will find a plethora of ultrasonic cleaners for your guns in the market. However, you should always make a few considerations before you can actually invest in the right one. Here are a few factors you should consider first:


Price is often the most important factor determining the purchase of an ultrasonic gun and case cleaner. You may have already decided on the best machine for your operations, but it does not align with your budget. Therefore, you will have to find a variety of alternatives to your choices that offer the same features as the most expensive model. So even though the DK Sonic is arguably the best in the business, it might be out of your range. So maybe consider other alternatives like the Hornady Lock N Load or the iSonic P4810. 


When buying an ultrasonic cleaner, it is best to consider the size of the guns that you will be cleaning in it. Will you be cleaning rifles like an AR-15, or will you be cleaning a short-barreled revolver? It does come down to personal preference and the type of guns you own. 

And in terms of casings, be sure to consider the number of casings that you will be cleaning out. Do you go out plinking often, or do you occasionally go out to the range to practice?


Some ultrasonic cleaners can be a little noisy, especially the pricier ones. The Rio and Dio ultrasonic 30L machine, for example, is very good but can be a little noisy. But if you are willing to give up on the large capacity for less sound, you can choose the Lyman Turbo, for example. It does come down to what you need on an individual level. 

Timer Settings 

Some of the machines that we will mention here have a short-timer. For example, the Lyman Turbo offers great utility but only has a timer for eight minutes. Now, if you are cleaning out brass casings that have very light contaminants, then eight minutes is more than enough. But if you are deep cleaning parts of an AR-15 with heavy lead deposits, then you will be making more trips to the machine every eight minutes. 

Temperature Settings 

Most machines that you can find on the market offer different temperature settings or allow you to add a custom temperature as well. The Hornady Lock N Load has five different temperature settings for different items that you add to it. On the other hand, other high-end versions will allow you to set the temperature in a range. 

Are Ultrasonic Cleaners for you?

While it can be tempting to get an ultrasonic cleaner just because your friend might have one, the truth of the matter is that they are a niche tool. Furthermore, this tool also happens to be used by most professional cleaners when reloading their empty casings. 

If you are a beginner who is just starting your journey in reloading, then you should consider a tumbler dryer instead of a supersonic. But if you want to take reloading and maintaining your weapons seriously, then you can consider ultrasonic cleaners. 

The main difference between tumbler driers and ultrasonic cleaners is how meticulously the latter cleans casings. Ultrasonic also comes with the added benefit of not throwing lead into the air when cleaning the cases out. All of the contaminants stay within the solvents, separate from the casings. 

Ultrasonic cleaners are great for people who want to take their gun maintenance seriously or who do not want to deal with the many problems with a tumbler drier. So with that out of the way, here are some of the best Ultrasonic cleaners you can get. 


A good ultrasonic cleaner will be able to easily clean your casings and save you the trouble of having to tumble dry them. And if you get one that is big enough, you will be able to clean out your guns as well, which can save you from having to clean them by hand. Each cleaner mentioned above specializes in a specific field and is some of the market’s best. Consider all of your options and choose one that best suits your needs. 

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