5 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors


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4 months ago

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Hardwood flooring has become a staple of the most stylish interiors. Cleaning and upkeep are two important aspects of keeping the interior design beautiful for a long time. Cleaning supplies such as vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies are commonly used.

You should know about hardwood vacuuming that not all vacuum cleaners are suitable for hardwood floors. Let’s look at a simple example to help you understand. It doesn’t matter what sort of vacuum you use when your carpet is on the floor since the carpet/rug is already soft enough to lessen the frictional force on the wheels.

However, if the floor is bare, the wood will resist the wheels, making it significantly more difficult for you. Pulling the vacuum may not be difficult, but the resistance will leave unsightly scratch marks on your lovely floor. And it is this that will wreak havoc on your home’s interior attractiveness.

So, what are your options?

The only other choice is to choose the finest vacuums for hardwood cleaning. Don’t worry; we’ve already done the legwork for you.

Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

1. Miele Complete C3 Alize Powerline Vacuum

miele complete c3 alize powerline vacuum

This vacuum cleaner has an excellent body type. The body is made of plastic except for the telescopic part, which is stainless steel. It has a rubber bumper on its wheels. You’ll also have an attached LED light at the tip of the handle. It will help you to see in the dark areas.

The dirt compartment is easy to move with just one click. Marked arrows are there to guide you. In the back, you can find a pre-motor filter. The HEPA filter is located at the top. The HEPA and pre-motor filters prevent the dirt from getting into the inner parts. You can maintain those by changing once a week.

2. Miele Triflex HX1 is the first in the Miele Triflex HX1 series

miele triflex hx1 is the first in the miele triflex hx1 series

The Miele Triflex HX1 has a high build quality. The material, high-grade plastic, is employed to construct its body. The dirt chamber of this vacuum, unlike others, is composed of sturdy-feeling plastic, ensuring security.

Furthermore, the wheels are constructed of rubber, which prevents scratch marks on your hardwood flooring.
With an anticlockwise twist, the dirt compartment can be unlocked. Water and dish soap can be used to clean it.

Because this vacuum contains a fine dirt filter, you may wipe the fine dirt off the floor. With a single side click, the brush roll or the electro brush can be flipped.

3. ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum by Hoover

onepwr cordless hand vacuum by hoover

The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum is extremely small. It weighs between 2 and 3 kg. The entire body is made of strong plastic. The dirt compartment is larger in comparison to the size. There is a RELEASE button that allows you to easily empty the dirt compartment.

The screen assembly can be found at the front of the dirt compartment. The filters are present within that. The filter section can be accessed with a single click of RELEASE.


  • The design is extremely compact.
  • A high voltage adapter is included with the battery. It speeds up the charging of the battery.
  • The suction vacuum tube is capable of picking up the finest dirt particles from the bare hardwood floor.


  • Although the battery charges quickly, its life span is also very short. So, if you own a large house, you should be concerned.
  • It has the ability to extract the finest dirt and debris from the floor. However, the filter was not designed for that purpose. As a result, it may become stuck in the motor.

4. Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum No. 4

eureka whirlwind bagless canister vacuum no. 4

The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister vacuum is inexpensive. It has a sturdy plastic body and a telescopic metallic hand. Some body parts have rubber layers to improve grip and protect against external attacks. Rubber is also used on the wheels to prevent scratches on the floor.

The dirt compartment has a unique mechanism. You are not required to check whether it is Full or not. When it is full, the chamber will automatically open. The best thing about this vacuum is that it includes both premotor and post-motor filtration. A revolving brush at the end of the suction tube is an additional feature.


  • It is ideal for removing both small and large dirt particles from the floor. You can, of course, clean the pet hairs as well.
  • This vacuum is not only designed for hardwood floors, but it is also suitable for other types of floors. A revolving brush is also included to assist you in cleaning the hard floor and carpet.


  • The issue with this vacuum is that it only comes with a few brushes and tools.
  • The dirt compartment is extremely brittle.
  • The vacuum’s cable is too short. Adding a few inches will be ideal for cleaning a ten that includes many ftx10ft rooms.

5. iRobot Roomba 981 Vacuuming System

irobot roomba 981 vacuuming system

This vacuum is fantastic. The body is made of hard plastic, which ensures its durability. There are also glossy rubber layers to protect the floor from scratches. Red plastic is used to make the dirt compartment. You do not need to wipe the dirt down on a regular basis. It is equipped with sensors. When the dirtbag is full, it will indicate that it is time to clean.

The vacuum is connected to the dirt compartment. The dirt compartment will be accessible via a switch. To clean it, use a dry cloth. The brush roll is visible here. While working on hardwood floors, the brush roll can be unclipped with a single click. Even though the brush rolls are made of rubber, it is still best to avoid them.

There are two wheels on the brush roll. Those two wheels are rotating in opposite directions with respect to one another. Filters and a side brush are attached to the dirt compartment. The filter will aid in the separation of fine dirt particles. Sensors, WiFi, and charging indicator lights are all present to help you understand the vacuum’s status.


  • One thing is for sure: this product’s battery longevity is awesome. Moreover, it can give you contact performance within a short charging time.
  • It is perfect for picking up small and large dirt and pet hair from hardwood floors. Let the vacuum roam around your room, and it will detect the places where the cleaning is needed.


  • The main problem with the vacuum is the maintenance. The recurring cost of the product is quite high. You need to wash the inside regularly. In addition, the filtration system is not very strong to filter out the dirt from not getting in the motor parts.

What Characteristics Should be in Your Vacuums for the Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

“A vacuum is a vacuum.” let yourself get fooled by this myth. If you love to invest your money safely in the best products, we are ready to help you. First, let’s check the characteristics.

1. The Materials of Wheels

First, what is the most common mistake everybody makes with the vacuums? That’s the material of the wheel. The wheels are generally made of plastic. Some of those have a light rock sheer layer on the wheel. Those are good for ceramic floors and tiles.

In most cases, the wheels work on the dragging mechanism, not on the turning mechanism. That is because the floor materials like ceramic and tiles are so hard to bear the drag force. But the woods are comparatively soft. Those can’t take the drag force, and eventually, the floor gets ruined.

Instead of this, choose the vacuum with rubber wheels. These are made for hardwood floors. As a result, your floor won’t get any scratches, dings, or dents. So, while buying the vacuum for hardwood floors, checking the wheel must be your priority.

The Nature of the Brush

Revolving brush. That’s the brush most of the vacuums are using. But if you have a hardwood floor, you are not supposed to use that. Why? Because revolving brushes are designed for carpets. Those sharp teeth of the brush are good to unleash the dirt from the carpet. A carpet can absorb more dirt than a flat wood surface. So these brushes are being used to remove the dirt from the carpet.

However, wood will get affected by those sharp teeth brush. So, if you are searching for the best vacuum for hardwood cleaning, select where you can turn off the revolving brush system. One more thing is the quality of the brush. It must be soft enough to keep your floor safe from scratches.

The Suction Methods

The same concept of the brush is applicable here. But the only difference is the method of suction. Apart from the closed revolving brush mechanism, you can go with the suction methods. The suction with a nozzle system is the most common one. It’s attached at the lower position of the brush.

Another one is hard floor Genie. It is a system with an attached microfiber pad with the shark vacuum system. The soft texture of the vacuum pad cleans all the surroundings without any harm.

The last one is a parquet brush. The parquet brush is designed for wood floors. The soft texture of the brush comes with a head-like structure. While buying, checking the suction method will be your other priority if you use the vacuum for wood floors, select parquet brush, or nozzle suction vacuum.

The Weight and Size of The Vacuum

Last but not least, weight and size matter when it comes to hardwood floors. And no need to mention that a light weighted vacuum will deal minor damage to your woods in case of accidental drops.

Final Thoughts

You can see how important it is to choose the right vacuum for hardwood floors. Of course, the five vacuums we’ve chosen for you all have drawbacks. What you must do, however, is understand your requirements. If you intend to use the vacuum for commercial purposes, recurring costs will not be an issue. However, it is sufficient for domestic purposes.

Until now, we have chosen products with a longer life span. Before purchasing the product, we recommend that you read over all of the specifications. The following list is based on performance on bare hardwood floors. We hope that this information will assist you in selecting the best vacuum for your hardwood floors.

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