The 8 Best Water Bottle Slings for Hydration in 2022


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September 28, 2022

While staying hydrated is important, carrying a water bottle can be a pain. Fortunately, sling bags can securely hold your water bottle to free your hands to do other things. To help you find your own water bottle bag, we’ve collected eight of the best water bottle slings, ranging in color, style, size, and capability.

Choosing the right water bottle sling can be difficult, as it comes in a wide range of options. Probably one of the most important things you can do before buying is to know your purpose and expectation from a sling bag.

Are you going to use it for outdoor activities, errands, or work?

Are you going to use it almost everyday or on occasion?

Answering these questions will help you filter out the unnecessary products and narrow down your options. It becomes clearer what design, material, and other features that are more important to you.

For instance, if you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll look for slings that are made from recycled materials, such as recycled polyester, usually called rPet. Or, if you have sensitive skin or plan to carry your water bottle for long periods of time, a water bottle with a wide and padded shoulder strap is definitely something you’d want to get.

Note: Always check the dimensions of the water bottle sling bag you want to buy to make sure it fits your water bottle. If possible, buy one that already comes with a water bottle to save you from frustration.

The Best Water Bottle Slings for Hydration in 2022

Herschel Insulated Bottle Sling

herschel insulated bottle sling

The Herschel Insulated Bottle Sling is designed for water bottles with a diameter of up to 8.5 centimeters. Since it’s padded—and with a leakproof lining—it keeps your drink at the right temperature on every journey.

It’s comfortable and convenient, too. The shoulder strap is adjustable to ensure perfect fit and decrease pressure on your shoulders. It has a drawstring closure, which lets you quickly lock or loosen the pouch with just one hand.

Hydro Flask Medium Tag Along Bottle Sling

hydro flask medium tag along bottle sling

Hydro Flask is one of the most popular brands for insulated water bottles, so you can expect quality even from their water bottle bags. The Medium Tag Along Bottle Sling fits most of Hydro Flask’s 32-ounce and 40-ounce bottles. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap is long enough to fit most body types, including a plus size body.

The back is flat to ensure your water bottle doesn’t wobble while you’re moving. The back also has MOLLE clips, so you have the option to attach the bag to your belt or other compatible gear.

It even has a stretch pocket on the front. This simple storage offers enough space for your hand sanitizer, keys, phone, or other small items.

YETI Bottle Sling for Rambler Bottles

yeti bottle sling for rambler bottles

The YETI Bottle Sling for Rambler Bottles securely holds Rambler Bottle (26 oz. or 36 oz.), while you hike, take your pet for a walk, or eat your snacks. Like the Hydro Flask Medium Tag Along Bottle Sling, it has a flat-back design with removable clips, an adjustable shoulder strap (30-15 inches long), and a front stretch pocket.

Note: Although there’s foam inside the bottom and walls, the YETI Bottle Sling for Rambler Bottles is not insulated.

United By Blue Deadstock Water Bottle Sling

united by blue deadstock water bottle sling

The Deadstock Water Bottle Sling is designed for a 32-ounce bottle. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, a drawstring closure, and an additional pocket for your small essential items.

By buying the Deadstock Water Bottle Sling, the United By Blue claims you can save at least three plastic bottles from the landfill. Whether that’s true or not, you’d still be helping save the Earth from pollution because this tear-resistant water bottle sling bag is cut from fabric made from recycled plastic, also known as (R)evolution™ fabric.

Lululemon Water Bottle Crossbody Bag

lululemon water bottle crossbody bag

Measuring at 1.5cm x 23.5cm (4.5″ x 9.3″), the Lululemon Water Bottle Crossbody Bag fits most water bottles. The exterior is made from tear-resistant nylon, while the interior is made from easy-to-clean polyester. On the front, there’s a zippered pocket for storing your valuables, like your phone and cards.

Eden Power Corp Fremen Bag

eden power corp fremen bag

Are you looking for a cute and eco-friendly way to carry your water bottle? Try the Fremen Bag by the Eden Power Corp, a Canada-based brand. It measures at 2ocm x 12cm (height x width). It’s crafted from hemp yarn, which is incredibly durable and sustainable.

Béis The Water Bottle Sling

béis the water bottle sling

The Béis The Water Bottle Sling is perfect for different types of activities—biking, hiking, running, skating, walking, and whatnot. It’s designed to securely fit most water bottles with a capacity of up to 32 ounces. The exterior U-zip cargo pocket has enough space to hold your iPhone 12, keys, and credit card.

You can carry the Béis The Water Bottle Sling in two ways:

  • You can slung the adjustable strap over your shoulder.
  • Or, use the side handle to carry it by hand.

“This Thing” the Nalgene Bottle Bag

this thing the nalgene bottle bag

“This Thing” is the Nalgene Bottle Bag that’s specifically designed to carry your trusty Nalgene water bottle (not included). This is cut from heavy-duty and recycled Cordura and ripstop nylon, complete with top-notch hardware, including a small aluminum carabiner and molle-style straps.

You don’t need to stash away the Nalgene Bottle Bag when you’re not using your water bottle. It has just the right size to be your go-to everyday carry bag.

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