30 DIY Bookshelf Ideas for Extra Space in Your Home


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4 months ago

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A bookshelf is a piece of furniture that consists of horizontally placed shelves in a cabinet. Typically, these shelves are made of wood. They can be found in workplaces, bookstores, public libraries, and private residences. 

They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common method of constructing a bookshelf is to build it into the wall.

It’s also a lot less difficult to decorate than you might think. Adding decorative items to your bookshelf will improve their appearance. You can style them with a variety of items. 

There are numerous types of bookshelves. A good bookshelf can be used to store items other than books. You can also complement the look with fancy baskets or vases. 

Every do-it-yourselfer understands the value of a good bookcase. They’re a great way to spruce up a room without breaking the bank. They are also very simple to make and can be used in a variety of settings. 

DIY Bookshelf Ideas for Extra Space

You can build a DIY bookshelf if you’ve always wanted a stylish and functional home office. However, you must first decide how much carpentry work you want to do. Then you must evaluate your skills, space, and tools. 

This will help you determine whether you’re up to the task. The materials and design that best suit your needs and budget can then be chosen. 

There are numerous advantages to making your own bookshelves. They are adaptable, allowing you to place them in any room. They can be small or large, and they can provide a lot of storage. They also enhance the visual appeal of any room. 

A DIY bookshelf, for example, can be narrow, making it easier to fit into a small space. You can also personalize your DIY bookshelf to match your existing decor. 

A DIY bookshelf can be built to fit any room in your house, with various heights, shapes, and materials. You can use them to display your favorite items in addition to holding your books. There are numerous ways to customize your DIY bookshelf.

1. White Crate Bookshelf


You can create a bookshelf from used crates. To create a DIY bookshelf with crates, you need to start by placing the bottom crate on the floor. Then, you should place the top slat on the corresponding slats. Once the crates have been stacked, you can arrange them vertically or horizontally. You can paint the crates white to match your home décor. White crate bookshelves are perfect for all types of homes.

2. Glided Bookshelf


You can also go for the glided bookshelf. Gliding DIY bookshelves have two sides, the free side, and the control side. Install the screws on either side of the cabinet’s base, and then lift the rear end of the shelf to slide over the cabinet’s wheels. Make sure that the slide and the cabinet are parallel and the shelves are level. Adjust the shelves accordingly. 

3. Hexagon Floating Bookshelf


A hexagon floating DIY bookshelf can be a unique and creative way to display your favorite books. It can hold many different items and can be a beautiful addition to any room. A simple hexagon shelf can be made of several different sizes of wood pieces, and you can also mix up the shelves by using alternating shapes.

4. Spine Bookshelf


If you’re looking for a way to create a modern look for your living room, a spine bookshelf is a perfect solution. This stylish bookcase is made from five wood boards and comes in a rustic black finish. It’s a great way to create a unique, modern decor that can easily blend with your home’s theme. If you’d like to make your own spine bookshelf, use floating wood shelves. 

5. Triangle Wooden Bookshelf


Triangle wooden DIY bookshelf is easy to build, and you can decorate any wall with it. It will take you just one day to finish. You’ll need a list of materials and tools to make the shelf, and you can purchase them at any home improvement store. Use the wood pieces to create a big triangle shape. After that, attach shelves in shape to store books. 

6. Wall Mounted Long Bookshelf


Building a wall-mounted long DIY bookshelf is an excellent way to make a unique and stylish bookcase in your home. Here, you can simply mount the shelves on the wall. This means that the bookcase’s legs don’t need to touch the floor or ceiling, but rather, they’re anchored to the wall itself. The bottom shelves are attached with wood screws. You can use it to keep many things.

7. Copper and Wood Freestanding Bookshelf


A copper and wood DIY bookshelf can be created from pipes and wood sheeting. These materials are inexpensive and easy to find. The design is rustic and can serve as a conversation piece. You can use the pipes and wood planks to create a freestanding shelf where you can store books. 

8. Rustic Wood Bookshelf 


A rustic wood bookshelf is a beautiful way to display your favorite books. Not only are these bookcases a decorative accent for any room, but they are also functional. These pieces will enhance the look of any home, from a den to a living room. They are the perfect solution for a room that lacks storage space. A rustic wood bookshelf will give your home a warm, welcoming feel.

9. Coffee Table Bookshelf


You can also prepare a coffee table bookshelf. First, prepare your wood and drill pocket holes for the shelf legs. Ensure that the outside edges of the four legs are flush. If you’re using MDF or particleboard, place the pockets on the outside edges of the backboard. Drill through the bottom board to attach the shelf legs. You can place the lower shelf on the other side of the bottom board if desired. After that, you can cover the shelves from the top to create a coffee table as well. 

10. Wine Crate Bookshelf


If you’re a home-improver, you can make your own wine crate DIY bookshelf. These unique shelves are made from empty wine boxes, wine racks, binder clips, and a little bit of glue. Depending on the size of the crates, you can use different colors or stains to create a unique look for your shelf. If you’d like to make it look more rustic, you can even use wooden crates that have been reclaimed. 

11. Rope Hanging Bookshelf


You can create your own rope-hanging DIY bookshelf with a few basic tools. You’ll need a board with at least three shelves and a drill. Measure the distance between each shelf and mark it with a pencil. You’ll also need wood and rope. Once you’ve decided on the materials, you can get to work. Tie the shelves with the rope to give the hanging effect.

12. Book Ledges


A DIY book ledge will keep your books close at hand while also serving as a stylish storage solution. A child’s room is the perfect place for one. It’s fun to create new spaces for your favorite books, and kids will love it too. A book ledge is a great way to encourage reading and to learn at the same time. It’s easy to make a book holder, so even a parent can build one. 

13. Distressed Wood Bookshelf


When you are ready to build a bookcase, a DIY distressed wood bookshelf may be the perfect solution. This simple project will not only add beauty to your home but will also increase the amount of storage space in your room. Moreover, you can sell your finished product at a higher price. You just need distressed wood and some tools to complete the project.

14. Dollhouse Bookshelf


A dollhouse DIY bookshelf is a fun project that will bring a creative element to a child’s bedroom. This is especially useful for a girl who needs more book storage space than a closet or drawer. The process is fairly simple, and you can follow along at your own pace. You just need to create and use the old dollhouse and add some shelves inside for book storage.

15. Side Table Bookshelf


If you have a side table at home, you can use it to create a bookshelf. Remove the drawers and add shelves in the cabinet where you can keep books. This project can be done with little more than a miter saw, table saw, and a few other common tools. With a bit of creativity, you can make a small bookshelf.

16. Leaning Ladder Bookshelf


If you’re looking for a way to give your home a new look, consider building a leaning ladder DIY bookshelf. This simple woodworking project is ideal for anyone who wants to add storage to a space without spending a lot of money. Not only will this shelf hold a lot of books and picture frames, but it will also provide additional storage for audio devices and knick-knacks. You just need to paint an old ladder and lean it on the wall. 

17. Pine Board Bookshelf


To make your pine board DIY bookshelf, you’ll need to start by cutting the wood. The first step is to cut the top shelf, which does not require pocket holes. Then, mark the positions of the shelves using a carpenter’s square and use wood glue to clamp it into position. Once you’ve cut the top, you’ll want to use a framing square to mark the bottom and sides of each shelf. 

18. Tree Bookshelf


This bookcase features a wooden tree design and is designed to fit into a corner. The shelves have varying levels and will allow your book collection to grow. The bookcase comes with hardware to mount the shelf on the tree trunk. It is a sturdy piece of furniture that will complement any home office, living room, or kid’s room. 

19. Full Wall Bookshelf


Creating a full wall DIY bookshelf requires a good amount of woodworking skills. You must cut a two 1/2-inch piece of plywood to match the depth of the bookcase. Once cut, prime and sand the wood. Use a pencil to mark the legs and bottom of each shelf. You can cover an entirely free wall with shelves to make a huge bookshelf. 

20. Wardrobe Bookshelf


When you are converting a wardrobe into a bookshelf, you need to make sure that the wardrobe is empty. Once you have removed all the items, you can add some shelves to them. After that, you simply paint it and use it as a bookshelf.

21. Cozy Corner Bookshelf


A cozy corner in the home is an excellent place to put a DIY bookshelf. You can make this shelf from salvaged wood. The idea is to maximize the use of space and add style to your room at the same time. The six-tiered wooden shelves are the perfect way to store your favorite books without taking up too much floor space. 

22. Painted Spice Rack Bookshelf


A painted spice rack can be used for more than just storing spices. It can also be used as a shelf to display books. It can be mounted on a wall to save floor space. You can install it anywhere in your home, and it is easy to clean and repurpose. In addition to serving as a bookshelf, it can also be used as a hanger for jewelry or other small items.

23. Wall Mounted Child’s Bookshelf


You can also make a small bookshelf for children. A simple bookcase will keep your child’s favorite books within easy reach. All you need to do is use wooden planks and install them on the wall. You can use floating shelves for this purpose.  

24. Small Tabletop Bookshelf


A small tabletop DIY bookshelf is a simple way to store books. This project is best suited for people who don’t have a lot of space. All that you need is some wood and some plywood. It will help you to create a small bookshelf and display it on the tabletop.

25. Ceiling to Floor Home Library


If you want to create a home library, you can build ceiling to floor bookshelf. For this purpose, you will need plenty of shelves. Mark the dimensions on the wall and install wood pieces to create your own library in the home. It will help you to store a huge collection of books. 

26. Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf


The best DIY bookshelves are made of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has its own unique patina, which gives the shelves a charming look. Reclaimed wood is not cheap, but it will give your shelf a great look. You can get this type of wood from scrap and then use the tools to make a shelf out of it.

27. Vertical White Bookshelf


Building a DIY bookshelf is easy and inexpensive. This project is a great idea for anyone who wants to add storage to their home. The vertical white DIY bookshelf is a great way to store all of your favorite books. You can easily construct these shelves, paint them white, and install them in a vertical line. 

28. A-Frame Ladder Shelf


A-Frame wooden ladders are a unique way to store books. You can use pieces of wood and cut them to make an A-frame. After that, you can put small shelves on the side to store books. You can choose from many colors to complement your home decor or opt for a more rustic look. 

29. Classic White Bookshelf


If you are looking for a simple way to display your collection of books, a classic white DIY bookshelf might be just the thing for you. This simple DIY bookshelf is easy to build and install, and once assembled, it looks great. If you want to keep more than a few books, it is best to get a more functional and portable option.

30. Rustic Brick and Wood Shelf


You can also build your own rustic brick and wood DIY bookshelf. It will be a great way to keep your books organized and within easy reach. You need to use bricks and wood panels. Support the panels using the brick and paint them to make the décor.


Whether you have limited space or need more book storage, DIY bookshelf ideas are a great way to maximize your available space. We have discussed 30 DIY bookshelf ideas in this article. You can use any of these ideas for some extra space in your home. It will help you to not only store books but also other useful and decorative items. 

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