16 DIY Craft Tables and Desks


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3 months ago

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Crafting is an enriching job or hobby to have, crafting allows you to stretch out your creativity skills. There’s nothing that you can’t do that’s one of the main reasons people get into this type of art. However, there’s a wide array of routes and possibilities that you can go down, which means that crafters probably have different needs when it comes to their craft table or craft desk setup. How much space do you need for all your crafting supplies? On top of that, how big do the work area and storage space need to be? Some crafters may find that less room is perfect for them, this is especially true if you are designing something to fit into a more minimalistic room or aesthetic. Others may need as much space as they can get.

Whether you need a little table or desk or a giant one, if you are a crafter, then a craft desk or table is an absolute must! Creating your own crafting station will make you pretty proud which is a huge benefit and also being able to meet your specific crafting needs is a huge deal. Of course, there are wonderful options out there to purchase but building one is ideal because you can make sure it will have absolutely everything you’re going to need. From the tables that offer sufficient storage for all your supplies to the stylish yet simple designs that save space, we’ve put together some craft table projects that we think are the best, keep reading to find 16 DIY Craft Tables and Desks!  

1. Wall-Mounted Craft Desk


Are you unsure of what kind of crafting workspace to build? This wall-mounted craft desk is a great route to go down because it oozes style and creativity. It’s a welcoming and unique-looking option. The desk makes great use of any open wall which can help tie a room together, there are a comfortable amount of shelves so you can store all of your crafting tools. We would like to add, this option will save you far more space than other options since you are utilizing the vertical space in your room. 

2. Saw Horse Crafting Table 


Believe it or not, the crafting table above only took an hour to make! Sounds pretty impossible, right? If you have the right materials and the proper tools for this DIY project you can create this simple yet perfect table in no time at all. The best part about this table is its versatility. Of course, it can be used as a crafting table but you can also even use it as a small breakfast nook!

3. Simple Built-In Craft Desk


You can build this simple craft desk right on the wall. Building the desk into the wall will help you save as much space as possible. Whether you have just a portion of a room that you can use or an entire crafting room, this is a wonderful way to ensure a dedicated place for crafting, and there will be a large amount of storage space for your craft supplies! As a bonus, the storage in this craft is underneath so it doesn’t take up more space.

4. Compact Concrete Crafting Table


Are you looking for a crafting station that is more minimalistic and modern? If so, then we can’t recommend this crafting table enough. Its space-saving, smaller design makes it useful for anyone who completes crafts that don’t require a lot of room. Its size allows you to easily tuck the desk in a corner or off to the side without it feeling uncomfortable and cramped. The concrete top offers an interesting and unique style. 

5. Filing Cabinets and Wood Plank Crafting Desk


Who would’ve thought that a giant plank of wood and filing cabinets would be all you need to create an awesome crafting desk that gives plenty of space to work! This is DIY desk is one that pretty much anyone can build and try. For even more flexibility and storage, combine this desk with wall-mounted shelves.

6. $50 Crafting Table 


If you have a place to do your crafting but are working with a tight budget, we have some good news for you. This DIY crafting table is extremely budget-friendly, it’s only $50 to make! That’s much less than what you would be paying if you were to purchase something similar from the store. This crafting table can be created by putting some shelving units together and then covering them with desktops. This will give you a lot of crafting space and storage!

7. Twin-Styled Crafting Desk


Do you live in a household where more than one person completed homemade crafts? If so, this crafting station may be perfect for you! With this desk you don’t have to have two different spaces, this desk is clean-looking, long, and bright meaning it’s both pleasing décor as well as a functional space. The drawers offer a good amount of storage so you’ll have everything you need within reach. Of course, if you don’t have two people creating crafts but instead you complete a variety of crafts you can use this desk to house different crafting stations so you won’t have to move far to complete various tasks.

8. Industrial Crafting Table Cart


If you’re looking for an industrial option then the charming crafting table on wheels is the perfect option for you. It’s both mobile and woodsy, the design has plenty of storage and even a couple of wire bins as well. This crafting table allows you to move around the room and comfortably work on all sides of a table. 

9. Colorful and Fun Crafting Table 

Crafting is always a fun and usually colorful experience, so your DIY crafting table should mimic that! You can make this crafting table easily with a thick piece of plywood and some bookshelves. If you would like, you can even make your own DIY bookshelves. The bookshelves give you a ton of room for storing canvas boxes and baskets. This allows you to keep your craft supplies organized. If you want to make things fun you can even decorate the table with colorful contact paper or wallpaper.

10. Ikea Art Studio Table


Arrange, store, and organize all of your supplies into one convenient area that offers plenty of room to work on with this amazing Ikea art studio table. This setup used open compartments, cabinets with doors, and slim drawers, this setup offers storage in different shapes and sizes meaning you can find a place for everything! The table is set on casters so it can be moved around the room relatively easily for your convenience.

11. Counter Height Crafting Table 


Are you someone who’s not the best at staying well organized? It’s okay, it happens. Crafting tables/desks with open shelving are not for everyone and they don’t look great when things are not organized. This counter height crafting table is pretty tall, as tall as your counters. The one above is made from a tabletop, a couple of shelves, and a few legs. Not only does it require simple materials but it’s also it’s super easy to put together. It has multiple bins and closed drawers that allow you to tuck away supplies, it’s ideal for those who don’t want to worry too much about keeping things tidy 24/7.

12. Hideaway Murphy Style Craft Desk


This hideaway murphy style craft desk is almost completely hidden thanks to the design which took inspiration from the murphy bed. This is the perfect crafting station for those who don’t have the room for the standard desk that takes up a good portion of a room. When this craft desk is not being used it just looks like a closed shelf on the wall. This is such an easy DIY project to complete. 

13. Wooden Top Crafting Table with Cube Base


Each end of this wooden top crafting table features a six-cube cabinet unit that makes grabbing and storing your supplies easy! You cna include some fabric foldable bins to add some splash of color to the table. Be sure to match the colors of the bins to your decor so everything ties together perfectly. By adding stain to the top of the table, the wood grain will make this piece a welcomed piece of furniture to your home. Make sure to use a large-sized top, this will make it easier to craft projects.

14. Four Station Crafting Desk


If you have friends over for crafting sessions or have more than one person in your home that loves to craft then we can’t recommend this four-station crafting desk more. This crafting station has room for everyone! It has storage on all sides so everyone can have all of their supplies at their own station. You definitely need this four-station crafting desk in your life! 

15. Sophisticated Craft Table


Here’s another IKEA DIY craft table idea, it uses a piece of furniture from IKEA as a functional and durable base. The crafting table above uses the Klimpen towers and turns them into storage space for all your crafting supplies. What’s so great about this design is that it looks so much more intricate than it actually is. Because of this, you end up with a sophisticated and contemporary crafting table that looks almost too nice to work at. You’ll most likely find that you’ll want to keep it as organized as possible, just to keep that sophisticated look. We would like to note that it also is an upcycling project since you’re supposed to use an old door for the top of the table. You can paint, stain, or decorate the top however you see fit to toe it into your décor.

16. Pallet Crafting Desk


If you’re looking for a crafting desk or table to fit into the farmhouse aesthetic of your home, this DIY pallet crafting desk is perfect. You make this desk with old pallets and you can create it to be as short or as long as you need it to be. If you want something simple, yet beautiful, this is definitely a worthy choice. The good news is pallets are really cheap and can sometimes even be found for free so this could be one of the cheapest craft tables or desks you could make.

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Whether crafting is your source of income or just a hobby, it’s helpful to have a space where you can comfortably complete your projects. However, we would like to note that there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start building your own craft desk or table. How much room do you have at your disposal? Is it the whole room or just a portion of it? Is your crafting space in an already used room in your home, such as the corner in the office? Where your setup will be will determine how you can set up. 

We’ve ensured that the ideas listed above have a good amount of adaptability so that you can weigh your options. There is everything from complete decked-out oversized crafting tables to compact and space-saving desks. The best thing about all of the ideas above is that they are all options that you can complete at home even if you’re just a beginner and have little DIY experience. Creating a custom craft table or desk allows you so much more freedom to make exactly what you need.

If you were unsure what kind of craft tables or desks to create and need a place to start, then the 26 DIY Craft tables and Desks we shared above should give you a good starting point! A lot of them are straightforward and shouldn’t be too hard to complete, but there are definitely some ideas and projects that are more time-consuming than others. Let us know which idea was your favorite! 

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