The Best Round Glass Dining Tables (Small & Large)


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5 months ago

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Finding the best round glass dining table for your space can be the secret to completing and amplifying the theme and aesthetic of your dining setup. 

Dining tables go beyond just the primary use of a surface to eat from. Sometimes they become our work desk. And every so often, they are our ideal spot for just having conversations with our loved ones and guests. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find the perfect one to meet all these functions but also be aesthetically pleasing? 

Well, round glass dining tables are the best mix of sophistication and functionality. They can accommodate your entire family plus guests while being the center of attention in your dining room. Our selection below highlights the three best round glass dining tables in each category.

Best Large Round Glass Dining Tables

Large round glass dining tables are ideal for families and lovers of hosting. The beauty of round glass dining tables is that, even when large, they will never make your dining room feel crowded or too full. This is because they tend to brighten up spaces and have them appear bigger than they are. 

So have no fear; if a large dining table is what you need, let our picks of the three best large round glass dining tables influence your decision.

1. 72” Ariana Riviera Dining Table

72” ariana riviera dining table

The Ariana Riviera dining table by Lexington is a charming round glass dining table perfect for any large formal dining room. Designed as an hourglass, the base offers sturdy support for the round glass top and presents an elegant look for the dining table. 

Besides, to complete the contemporary look of your dining space, the base of the Ariana Riviera dining table is made of stainless steel that is coated with a custom platinum finish for a bright and reflective sparkle.

The 72” option of this round glass dining table can comfortably sit between 6 – 10 people.

2. Brayden Studios Didymos Round Dining Table

brayden studios didymos round dining table

At 59” wide, Brayden Studios’s Didymos round glass dining table is large enough to comfortably accommodate at most 6 people while not filling up your entire dining space. This dining table effortlessly exudes luxury with a uniquely crafted faceted walnut veneer finished wood base that takes after the irregular shape of rocks and round tempered smoked glass top. 

The Didymos easily complements and blends with any modern and contemporary style-themed living space. 

3. Maklaine 72″ Round Glass Dining Table

maklaine 72" round glass dining table

If you want a large round glass dining table that can accommodate more than 6 but still appeal to the minimalist vibe, then the 72” Maklaine Round Glass Dining Table is perfect for you. 

Uniquely designed with a thick 3-legged metal base that mimics two triangular pyramids, this round glass dining table has an aesthetic appeal that will blend with any minimalist theme. The gold finishing for the base coupled with the round glass top will add a touch of modern glam to your home. 

Best Round Glass Dining Tables That Make a Statement

Who can turn down the opportunity to have a statement furniture piece, especially if it is a functional one such as a dining table? Our three picks of the best round glass dining tables that make a statement below will have you eager to host and showcase your marvelous round glass dining table.

1. Zuri Mambo Glass Round Dining Table

zuri mambo glass round dining table

Where do we even begin with this artistic masterpiece of a round dining table by Zuri furniture? Available in 59”, this round dining table can comfortably sit 5 – 7 persons. Featuring an eye-catching base made up of several matte white powder-coated steel ribbons uniquely sculpted into an orb, the Mambo glass round dining table is simply stunning. The clear tempered round glass top is 15 mm thick to ensure the sturdiness and stability of the entire piece of furniture.

The Zuri Mambo Glass Round Dining is an example of the outcome when art meets functionality.

2. Lodia Counter Height Dining Table

lodia counter height dining table

With the growing love for high dining tables, it would be very unfair not to share an option in our selection. The Lodia counter height dining table by Furniture of America is every bit ultra-modern and refreshing to stand out in your dining setup. It features a sturdy O-shaped oval base with a high gloss lacquer coating that gives it a brilliant sheen and a thick 10 mm tempered glass top to complete the sophisticated look. 

The Lodia dining table is available in both black and white. It also comes in counter height and standard height. What’s more, you can purchase this impressive round glass dining table as a standalone or as a full dining set with its respective color padded leatherette chairs with lustrous chrome legs.

3. Ashley Madanere Dining Table

ashley madanere dining table

The Ashley Madanere Dining Table is the perfect combination of artsy and simple in equal measure. It features an open hexagonal base made up of several X-shaped metal frames in a chrome tone finish and a beveled edge clear round glass top. 

With a width of 47 inches, this round glass dining table comfortably seats 4 persons. Even better, it is the only one on our list that comes fully assembled and ready for use on delivery. 

This chic dining table will easily blend in any ultra-contemporary style while still providing a wow factor with its striking design by Ashley Furniture. 

Best Round Glass Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Having an intimate living space is no excuse to miss out on having a dining table. Round glass dining tables easily fit in corners, making them perfect for your kitchen or dining nook. What’s more, our choice of the three best round glass dining tables for small spaces will take up very little space. You deserve a great and stylish surface to have your meals, whether alone or with someone else.

1. HAYOSNFO Round Dining Table

hayosnfo round dining table

The HAYOSNFO round dining table, thanks to its mid-century-inspired style and Eiffel design, complements several styles from classic to contemporary. Although it’s small, at 31.5” in diameter, this round glass dining table is quite sturdy with four beech table legs that also have wear-resistant footpads to prevent floor scratches and noise.

The HAYOSNFO round dining table is great for a two-person dining setup but can accommodate up to a maximum of four persons.

2. Coaster Chrome Round Glass Bar Table

coaster chrome round glass bar table

The Coaster Chrome round glass Bar Table screams sophisticated and modern at first sight. This bar-style 35” in diameter dining table features sturdy angular metal legs that form a bold X shape for the base and have a shining chrome finish to complete the modern and striking appeal. 

At 41.25 inches tall, the Coaster Chrome round glass bar table will go well with your preferred style of bar stools or chairs for a compact dining setup.

3. Tango Glass Dining Table

tango glass dining table

Our final recommendation for the best round glass dining tables for small spaces is the smallest on our list. At 28” wide, the Tango glass dining table by sohoConcept is the ultimate solution for a small dining setup. 

With only one sturdy central leg, this dining table is designed to give as much room as possible for seating. The clear-cut glass top and stainless steel base come together to present a simple yet sleek and extremely functional dining table perfect for your intimate home.

Round Glass Dining Tables FAQs

1. Are glass dining tables safe?

Yes, they are. We understand the worry that glass dining tables can be a safety hazard as glass is easier to break and, once broken, can cause injury. However, if not broken they are perfectly safe. If you have children or just want extra assurance of safety, then we advise you to go for tempered glass as it is much stronger than annealed glass. 

Also, if you want a large round glass dining table or one that will handle a lot of weight, the tempered glass option is the best. 

2. Do round dining tables take up less space?

This is not a marketing gimmick but a fact. Round dining tables have a smaller surface area compared to the same number of seating for rectangular or square dining tables. What’s more, round dining tables easily fit into tighter spaces due to the shape and lack of angular corners, making them the best option for setups where you are space conscious. 

Did you know glass round dining tables give a room the illusion of being bigger than it is? This is because glass reflects and distributes lights, thus brightening up a room.

3. Do glass dining tables scratch easily?

Glass dining table tops are more delicate than wood or stone table tops. But this does not mean they scratch easily. Ensuring the use of coasters and placemats when placing crockery on the table, especially hot dishes will have your round glass dining table looking as good as new for longer.

Although glass dining tables do not scratch easily, they are more prone to smudges by fingerprints — leftovers and spills are also more noticeable. This means regular cleaning is necessary to keep a glass dining table looking presentable. We suggest constantly wiping down your round glass dining table with warm water mixed with a little baking soda often to keep that clear shine for long.

4. Is a round glass dining table better than a round wooden dining table?

When weighing the pros and cons of glass and wood, the arguments should not be based on material but rather on context and circumstances. Think about your space and your vision for your dining room setup. Which of the two materials would complement your décor more? 

5. How can I guarantee the quality of the round glass dining table I’m purchasing?

In all honesty, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that what you order online will be exactly what you expected until it arrives at your doorstep and the quality holds up when in use. But what you can perform due diligence when shopping online. 

Get all the information you can on the materials. Read the reviews, both the positive and the negative. Look for other images other than just what the seller provides, especially from customers, to get an idea of what to expect of the actual furniture. 

We hope our feature on the best round glass dining tables has opened your eyes to a world of possibilities when it comes to designing your dining space. And just like we stated in the beginning, finding the best round glass dining table is the secret to completing and amplifying your space.

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